Monday, October 26, 2009

Skinny Jeans

If you're not thin and willowy, then welcome to the club! I'm not one of those girls either.

When the trend for jeans changed into the skinny jeans sometime back, I was aghast! How on earth can someone who has a butt wear skinny jeans without making it look humongous! (Unless you have an hour-glass figure to die for). Hence, I've been staying away those pencil shaped jeans.
So when I stumbled upon the comic strip, Cathy, I had to share it with you. (I haven't read this comics for many years and am surprised Cathy is married! Back then, she was single with all the single ladies woes!) Ohh.. she just got married in 2005! Good for her! ;)
Skinny jeans entry...

And the old way of twitter.... Lol..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zero-Sized World

First, we have zero-sized models like Kate Moss walking down the catwalks; sprouting bulimic, anorexic, diet and exercise fanatics. These so-called “healthy” programmes are the “in” thing among young ladies who wish to be the next top model. They have to shed off fat, weight, muscle, water-retention to look like flat boards for designer’s clothes to look good on them. *rolling eyes*
Sony Vaio X the lightest laptop to date

Now the battle as the thinnest laptop has given me the impression that the world is heading towards an era of anorexic.

Manufacturers are vying to invent the thinnest laptop after MacBook Air d├ębuted in the market. In fact, small laptop i.e. netbook are pretty portable and light (minus many capacities whereby someone called them “anorexic”). Take a look at the “pocket” netbook by Sony Vaio P which is advertised as small as a lady purse; small trendy and chic.
Coloured laptops are portrayed as candies to attract the bold instead of the plain old black or the white-trend by Mac. Laptop skins with graphics spread through the market.

Then, how can the non-zero sized people live in this world? Do we tolerate this? Or let us embrace the old trusty desktop in its original full size and glory. Lol (I am still using my trusty desktop pc which people might call ancient soon. I only got my LCD monitor very recently.)

I must admit that it’s unevitable. The “thinnest” fad is here – the thinnest structure, thinnest/smallest chip, the slimmist multi-functional handphone, smallest puppies (teacup yorkies), etc.

In fact, there's this video in youtube showing the multifunctional handphone cum translator cum coffeemaker cum projector called Pomegrante Phone. I can't help laughing when I saw it making coffee. Have to give it credit for doing so much with the advertisement, website...

I’ll never say this is the era of minimalism. To me, this is the dawn of the anorexic era – so beware! The world is implying, “Shed some pounds before all the furniture, transportation, houses are designed for stick-thin people and their gadgets.” :P

Meanwhile, bak kut teh (pork ribs in herbal soup) anyone? lol

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dell Inspiron - Lollipop Ad

Another cute advertisement with a catchy song. I was captivated by the ad but unfortunately I'm not a fan of Dell products. I've finally bought my first netbook (not Dell)! I have never bought any IT stuff before so this is a first! Can't wait for it to arrive.. Yippee! Enjoy the ad!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cut already? Sudah potong?

P1 wimax is busy advertising their cut charges over the radio and television with a parade of people asking "Cut already? I cut already". (Not intending to advertise because heard the connection is not very good around Bt Jalil area.)

It reminds me of this video, "Potong Saga" which talks about male circumcision. Lol.

This video was shot by our notorious Malaysian, namawee who made the video Negarakuku.

ELF Spree

I've never really used make-up except for lipstick and eyebrow pencil before. Somehow, this year, it was a crash-course into makeup and I have spent a substantial amount on it (which shall not be disclosed.. sighh)

Therefore, I've been getting makeup recently. I've stumbled upon good reviews and people raving about USD1 products from E.L.F. (eyes lips face). I've bought the infamous USD1 eye shadow brush and so far have no complaints about it.

I've got it through Mandy's spree from an efficient (in terms of query) and reliable spree I found in Do take note, it is a spree from US - so you have to be patient about the delivery. Just order and don't bother about it for about a month. The order for the spree closes at the end of every month.

Hence after a hiatus from makeup shopping for 2 months, I'm back again. ELF is having 50% off its mineral and studio line. Therefore I wanted to try the "higher end product" of ELF which ranges from USD3-5.

Here is my wishlist: I think I should cut down on some items but it is on discount now - best time to try products! ;) If any of you have bought any of these items before and encountered problems, please leave a comment for me to stop my order. Thanks! :)

ELF Studio Line

1. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
I'm getting this as my blush should be thrown by now after a few years? How long should you keep it? Actually I just used it for 1 year plus after buying it 2 years' back. This item is highly recommended as the blush is very much a dupe for NARS Orgasm and the bronzer is a dupe for Laguna.

I'm getting this because I'm just curious about eyebrow stencils. Unless anyone can recommend a good one around here? IMHO, I'm fine drawing my own eyebrows but I wanted to use this with the eyebrow kit. :P
3.Eyebrow Kit
This item is highly recommended except for the brush it comes with (which people have said is flimsy). I'm getting the medium shade (anyone tried this shade?) I have the Stila's brow set but I wanted a compact one to carry around.

4.Complexion perfection
I'm ordering this because it is highly recommended and I've never tried any concealer to even out the colour tones before. Many recommended this for oily skin and says it's not suitable for dry skin. I'm having a combination skin now - hence I'm on the fence on this item. Curiosity or thrifty? Any thoughts?

5. Hollywood Eyelashes Kit
This kit included a lash applicator, lash stand, false lashes and adhesive glue. I find this kit useful to place the fake eyelashes (last time I just chuck aside the eyelashes I got from a makeup session). Perhaps it'll help me to use fake eyelashes which I haven't tried applying it before. I have seen a cheaper eyelash stand/applicator around but it doesn't look this nice. Anyway, this kit is 50% off too! :)

6. Studio- Powder Brush
I know someone will tell me why buy brushes when I have managed to get some Stila brushes. Well, I'm just curious to compare the brushes in terms of application! USD3 brush vs.. u know how much during the Stila clearance sale.

7. Eye Transformer
Another highly raved item - which I thought would be good to change your eyeshadow shade by layering it below or above your eyeshadow.. I must try to learn to use my eyeshadow to be able to play around with this more.
Did I miss anything worth getting? Recommend me before the end of this month. Thanks! :) Or discourage me.. either or.. lol

Friday, October 16, 2009

RIP - "Money" 12.10.09

This is a tribute to a little hamster I will not get to know but hope she is in a better place. "Money" - rest in peace!

Money, you will be fondly remembered,
As the hamster who amazing lived after so long, (3 years, according to your owner)
When you were hungry, you fret not,
For C would always fill up your bowl.

Money, you will be missed,
As your cage is empty and lonely,
A doesn't need to look out for you,
And report to SY any longer.

Money, money, money,
Why did you have to leave so soon?
C bought a packet of sunflower seeds for you,
Alas, it lies untouched by your bowl.

Money, A misses you so,
She says, "I guess she just keeled over from old age: no signs of trauma and food untouched. Sigh. :( but most low maintenance pet, ever!"

Money, SY misses you too,
She says, "She was small,
bit n peed on me a lot,
very picky with food".

Oh Money, we hope you will be at a better place now,
After a long happy life with our dear friends, SY, A & C!

On a side note, dear F - J did not babysit Money and sat on her!! :p

Calvin and Hobbes

The Complete Collection of Calvin and Hobbes - 3 volumes

I've been eyeing this little heavy collection for few years. It used to be sold in MPH, Kinokuniya at RM499 and then it increased to RM599 (latest) if I'm not mistaken.

Now there is only one "damaged" copy left in MPH Midvalley which only has 10% discount. So it's still not cheap.

Hence, when I saw Amazon selling it at a 37% off.. meaning after conversion it's about RM350... I am so tempted. But after seeing the real thing in MPH, I realised it is rather heavy (almost 10kf) and not nice to get a friend to buy it.. unless of course, she doesn't mind. *ahem*

Ha ha ha.. so what's the big deal about Calvin and Hobbes comic strip?

I used to not "get it" when I was younger (in fact, I find the strips appeal to a little older group). Anyway, my favourite strips are the snowman scenes with Calvin making gory mutilated snowman scenes. ;)

There used to be a website which explains in detail the origins of the name of each character - I have to look for it again. Meanwhile, enjoy this strip! :)

Dad runs over a snowman

Monster snowman creating havoc

Snowdog having a pee

Snowsharks after a snowman

Execution of the snowmen

Don't you just love creativity? :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Interplay of Shadow and Light

Brief highlights of buildings that interest me. Do google them up if they interest you too.

Student days: Koshino House, Japan

In my 2nd year of my diploma, we were asked to explore a software by remodeling a real building. I chose Tadao Ando's Koshino House to show the interplay of natural light and shadow. It was a good exercise to ensure the students learn the software to aid our presentation in future.

I remember getting frustrated by not achieving the shadows I wanted at different intervals of the day. This is the original image of what I wanted to achieve (I only have a hardcopy of my presentation as digital was not so convenient as it is now plus I might have misplaced the file after so many years.)
I learn about the interplay of shadow and light through slits and openings in solid forms like this house which was built in 1984.

Working days

In the 1990's to 2000's, I noticed buildings became more transparent and "high-tech". Glass and transparency equals to class and elegance. Selected group applaud the recreation of glass boxes residence to include even the bathroom. (Of course, these buildings were built in the nature to allow the occupants to be part of the nature). Not literally referring to Philip Johnson's Glass House, mind you.
However, in this 20th century, these kind of simplicity in form is more commonplace. In fact, some designs have became more daring with organic shapes as the technology of construction advances.

There were a few interesting buildings which caught my attention that I would like to highlight. I know there are many more buildings but unfortunately, I'm not widely read or traveled enough to have "seen" all.

Jubilee Church, Rome
This design by Richard Meier intrigued me by its simplicity and beauty in the 3 arches which happen to symbolised the Holy Trinity. I liked that the church buildings have evolved into a more symbolic ambience. An excerpt to describe the function of these concrete shells.

"The perceptual volume of the Church is directly influenced by natural light since the zenith light and the glazed skylights between the successive shells are continually responsive to the changing pattern of light and shadow as the sun moves across its trajectory. According to the season, the weather, and the time of day, light is variously graduated down the inner surface of the shells thereby imparting to the Church, the Chapel and the Baptismal Fount a particular character."

This is a link to an interview by Meier.

Jewish Museum, Berlin
This museum was designed by Daniel Libeskind. There is one thing about this museum that left a lasting memory to me was the experience through it. I find this a good example of a building not only being a shell to encase display items but giving you a journey on its own. Here's the final highlight...

The Holocaust Tower is a symbolic dark narrow tall empty space with an opening at the top; bringing natural lighting into the dark space. There is nothing in it. It is a space for you to reflect on the feelings of the victims in the concentration camp during the Holocaust. It attempts to evoke the feeling of being trapped and not being able to escape; the hopelessness of the victims who could only look out from a tiny opening in the camp.

I sincerely hope the future generation remembers how cruel human beings are to each other. Try watching the Schindler's List. It shows the setting of the Auschwitz concentration camp plus it has a very good soundtrack by John Williams.

Buildings in progress
I saw this in my e-mail from the World Architecture News.

Manfredi Nicoletti has presented this dramatic design for a church to act as the central structure in the new 2000 home satellite district of Segrate Santamonica, located in the north east axis of Milan, due for completion in 2013.

The structures of the church rise like the petals of a flower opening towards the sky and create an envelope which encloses an internal void for meditation and prayer.

Contemporary church architecture is all about the dramatic play of light and shadow, and creating spaces that speak to the landscapes and skylines they occupy. The perceptual volume of the church is directly influenced by natural light since the zenith light and the glazed skylights between the successive shells are continually responsive to the changing pattern of light and shadow as the sun moves across its trajectory. According to the season, the weather, and the time of day, light is variously graduated down the inner surface of the shells thereby imparting to the church, the chapel and the baptismal fount a particular character.

The interior of the church was intended to symbolize the arched vault of the heavens. The complex has a strong abstract image alluding to the transcendent message that will be realized through architecture. As a result finishing materials have been chosen to ensure the achievement of smooth surfaces, glass and white concrete have been used to this effect.

Yes, transparent buildings look modern and elegant but take a look of some of the examples I have shown, doesn't an interplay of solid and void evokes interesting images and feelings? The interplay of natural light and shadow are exploited in these buildings to convey the right message.

In other words, women, don't just strip nude or dress transparent; be mysterious with a little slit here and there.. lol!

What Miss Singapore World Champion Ms. Ris Low and Phua Chu Kang Have in Common

I had to share this here as I am a Phua Chu Kang fan!

But anyway, this also speaks about Ris Low who was crowned Miss Singapore 2009 but stepped down because of her credit card fraud. I heard about it in the radio but didn't really bothered about it till my friend posted this video in Facebook.

I'm quite surprised with the command of English shown here but then, I don't know the whole story to comment much. I just liked the way this video was edited as a comparison with Phua Chu Kang.

Follow your instincts

I haven't been checking my car for sometime now. I think I haven't pumped air into the tyres for sometime too. Hence, yesterday, I had a feeling I should pump air into the car's tyres.

After work, I drove home (feeling too tired to go for lessons) and stopped at Petronas petrol station to check my tyres.

I pumped air into the front right tyres successfully.

Then I moved on the the rear right tyres and tried to pump the air. Nothing happen.

It was only then I noticed the tyre was partially deflated. (Aiks? When did that happen? Must be too tired from work.. ) I had some bad experience with the air pump machine in Petronas being faulty so I was confused... was it my tyre or the machine?

An attendant was walking towards me and I asked him to check for me..
He helped to pump my deflated tyre and the rest of the tyres, enough for me to drive home. I thought I needed his help to change to my spare tyre but I wasn't sure if it was punctured or not. (I wished I had a smaller change to give to the attendant as a token of appreciation... oh well, thank you so much for helping a damsel in distress)

I reached home safely and got my dad to check my tyre for me. He suspected it was punctured. The next day at the workshop, we found a 2 inch long nail embedded to that tyre.

Thank God, my instincts and the Holy Spirit prompted me to check my tyres. Thank you, Lord! :)

Lesson to share with you: When you feel you need to do something, just do it! Don't question it. There is a reason for it. So please follow your instincts!

As a side note, I would like to say I feel very blessed and thankful that God sent me a guardian angel everytime I drive on the road. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Movie Review: Roman Holiday (spoiler alert)

I just watched this classic movie, Roman Holiday, after eyeing it in the shops for sometime. I’m told Astro sometimes air classic movies but I have yet to catch the right time.

Hence, I got to watch Audrey Hepburn with Gregory Peck in black-and-white restored film. (According to the special features, it was tough to restore this 50 year old movie as it was very dirty – grainy) A scene in the special feature of the restoring this movies shows a whole room with racks of Mac processing the restoration.

Anyhow, Ann (Audrey Hepburn) looked elegant and sweet as the princess who ran away from her official duties to be a normal lady enjoying herself in Rome. Fortunately, she meets Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck), an expatriate American reporter, who pities her and let her have a roof over her head to sleep (when she was heavily drugged because she couldn’t sleep earlier)

Ann & Joe on the Spanish Steps

In was only later, he realizes who she was and what a boon it was for him to have her sleeping in his room so he could get his exclusive story on the princess. He arranged a day out with her and his friend (who secretly photographs her) as they do whatever is it she wanted like: drinking al-fresco style, riding a scooter (vespa), dancing on a boat and escaping from her bodyguards.
Ann riding the vespa

Ann in a fight

Alas, reality sinks and she has to go back to her duties. The ending scene at the delayed press conference with the princess makes me hope she would run to him when Gregory slowly leaves the place. Somehow, that was not.(disappointed)
Ann greeting the press people

My bf who was watching it with me, commented that the fairy tale of the princess running off with a commoner or vice versa only happens after Princess Diana and Prince Charles wed.

I guess people then still believe in uplifting honour and your duties. These times, freedom of speech, love and going against the authorities, are looked upon highly and respected.

Time changes, style changes but whatever happens, Audrey and Gregory remained in this timeless classic of a “what-if”story and I do hope I get to visit Rome and the highlight spots in this movie as shown in this blog! :) Someday, I will visit Rome! Right, my dear? ;)

How are they now? (Images and info taken from Wikipedia)

On June 12, 2003, Peck died in his sleep from bronchial pneumonia, at the age of 87, at Torrance Memorial Medical Center in Torrance, California. Peck is entombed in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels mausoleum in Los Angeles, California. His eulogy was read by Brock Peters, whose character Tom Robinson was defended by Peck's Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird.

In 1992, when Hepburn returned to Switzerland from her visit to Somalia (she was appointed a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations Children's Fund), she began to feel abdominal pains. Hepburn died of cancer on 20 January 1993, in Tolochenaz, Vaud, Switzerland, and was interred there.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I find myself at a crossroad again.

Not satisfied...

But sadly, again, at a loss...

I ask myself, "Do I turn left? Or do I turn right? Or should I just follow along this same road?"

I wonder, pondered, and never moving more than a step forward or to any direction.

Then I look around and find myself still at the crossroad; not willing to make the decision to move on.

Lotion Bath

Since I don't eat enough vegies and fruits, my skin is kind of dry. I have resorted to lathering myself with body lotion after my shower.

Hence, I have 2 HG for body lotion during the past few years. During the day, I use any of the Nivea Body range like Intensive Milk - I will stock up on this during sales in either Watsons or Guardian Pharmacy. I find that it is not too sticky and not too thick.

Then during the evening, I would use something of a thicker texture which is my favourite St. Ives Advance Body Moisturisers. I prefer products with aloe but somehow I just like the scent of the Collagen Elastin range.

Imagine to my delight when I saw Guardians' 7 day special: RM8.88 for a bottle of 532mL St. Ives Advanced Body Moisturizer!! (Its normally priced around RM21.90 with RM16.90 - the cheapest I got).

So this is what I have stocked up so far. I'm telling myself it is enough but imagine that, you can buy 2 and a half bottle now versus 1 bottle when there is no sales! How? Is these enough? Should I buy somemore? :)
But I wonder why is it so cheap? Sometimes, it means they are clearing stock (no more??) Or there is new packaging or new products? Hmm...

Friday, October 09, 2009

Teacup Piggies

When I first read about teacup puppies, I find them very adorable. The dogs are supposed to be the size of teacups? *shrug* Sounds like adorable miniature puppies like poodle, maltese, yorkies as shown in website like this.
Is it really true? If one googles further, there seem to be some bad affect of breeding such puppies to obtain such a size.

Anyway, today I spotted a juicier news in MSN News (excerpt take from link):

Adorable ‘teacup pigs’ are latest hit with Brits
In England, they’re porking over up to $1,100 each for 14-inch-tall oinkers

These little piggies went to market — and became so popular that Brits such as “Harry Potter” actor Rupert Grint are porking over up to $1,100 apiece for adorable “teacup pigs” that grow to just 14 inches tall. “They make fantastic pets,” said breeder Jane Croft.

Teacup for two Tiny pigs the size of teacups, as this photo demonstrates, are the latest pet craze sweeping Great Britain. These little piggies are named Simon (left) and Cheryl.

"They make fantastic pets," says breeder Jane Croft of her micro pigs. "They’re highly intelligent and just love to be loved. They give so much back to you.”

Micro pigs have become so popular in England that they are almost impossible to get hold of. They are going for as much as $1,1000 a piece.

At birth, micro pigs are smaller than kittens, weighing about 9 oz.
Micro pigs like these were bred by mixing potbellied pigs with the Tamworth, Kune Kune and Gloucester Old Spot breeds. Story Adorable ‘teacup pigs’ are latest hit with Brits

My take?

Imagine these teacup piggies reaching the shores of Malaysia (I know it will not happen, but I said imagine!)

These 1,100 pounds (RM 6000) piggies might end up looking like this:
Chinese Roast Pork

Roast Pork

Bak Kut Teh

You know us, Malaysians love our food: so we will welcome all sorts of creatures to our bellies! Lol.

Imagine the stalls banner saying "Harry Potter's friend's Bah Kut Teh" or
"Bak Kut Teh from RM6k little piggy" or "Imported UK miniature roast piglet" (small portion but pay in pounds!). Hah!

Well, my tagline would be like this:
"Teacup Piggies anyone? You can have a plate of roast mini-piglet in a teacup (the teacup is complimentary gift) Any takers? " :p