Friday, October 16, 2009

Calvin and Hobbes

The Complete Collection of Calvin and Hobbes - 3 volumes

I've been eyeing this little heavy collection for few years. It used to be sold in MPH, Kinokuniya at RM499 and then it increased to RM599 (latest) if I'm not mistaken.

Now there is only one "damaged" copy left in MPH Midvalley which only has 10% discount. So it's still not cheap.

Hence, when I saw Amazon selling it at a 37% off.. meaning after conversion it's about RM350... I am so tempted. But after seeing the real thing in MPH, I realised it is rather heavy (almost 10kf) and not nice to get a friend to buy it.. unless of course, she doesn't mind. *ahem*

Ha ha ha.. so what's the big deal about Calvin and Hobbes comic strip?

I used to not "get it" when I was younger (in fact, I find the strips appeal to a little older group). Anyway, my favourite strips are the snowman scenes with Calvin making gory mutilated snowman scenes. ;)

There used to be a website which explains in detail the origins of the name of each character - I have to look for it again. Meanwhile, enjoy this strip! :)

Dad runs over a snowman

Monster snowman creating havoc

Snowdog having a pee

Snowsharks after a snowman

Execution of the snowmen

Don't you just love creativity? :)


SL said...

*ahem*... was that a hint for me?

PiggiYing said...

no la.. thinking outloud.. :P
would u want to carry 10kg? I willing to pay for your extra baggage.. heard it's not too much if you book it earlier.. Is it?