Friday, October 16, 2009

RIP - "Money" 12.10.09

This is a tribute to a little hamster I will not get to know but hope she is in a better place. "Money" - rest in peace!

Money, you will be fondly remembered,
As the hamster who amazing lived after so long, (3 years, according to your owner)
When you were hungry, you fret not,
For C would always fill up your bowl.

Money, you will be missed,
As your cage is empty and lonely,
A doesn't need to look out for you,
And report to SY any longer.

Money, money, money,
Why did you have to leave so soon?
C bought a packet of sunflower seeds for you,
Alas, it lies untouched by your bowl.

Money, A misses you so,
She says, "I guess she just keeled over from old age: no signs of trauma and food untouched. Sigh. :( but most low maintenance pet, ever!"

Money, SY misses you too,
She says, "She was small,
bit n peed on me a lot,
very picky with food".

Oh Money, we hope you will be at a better place now,
After a long happy life with our dear friends, SY, A & C!

On a side note, dear F - J did not babysit Money and sat on her!! :p

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