Monday, October 05, 2009

Online Shopping: Review of Tiny Tapir

I have been shopping "online" through trust since early this year. Basically what happens is you bank/ transfer the money to the seller. Then, he/she will post the item you immediately after that (or if it is a spree, when the item finally arrives from overseas - so it can be as long as month).

Hence, after a few successful "buys" and "sales" from through the same concept, I tried venturing the other "online shops".

I came to know about Tiny Tapir when I read the review on cloth pad by MyWomenStuff and got very interested in the idea of something more environmental friendly (to myself and the environment)

After looking at it few months back, I decided to order from Tiny Tapir when there were the patterns I wanted. Well, here's a summary of the transaction.

25 Sept - Ordered online
1) Sugar Monkey Liners - Petite - 1. Pantyliners Fabric: P9 - Cherries
2) Saffa Pantyliner - 1. Pantyliners Fabric: P7 - Red Daisy
3) Moonbow - Small Fleece - 2. Light Day Pad color:Raspberry4) Cyclez AIO - Regular - 3. Day Pad Color:Mustard

(Yes, I was getting red tones pattern to camouflage the obvious.. haha)

28 Sept - I banked in the money to their account after receiving the banking details on the 26 Sept.

The email states: "Your order will be sent out latest within 48 hours of payment via the shipping method of your choice"

28 Sept - I received an email stating this:
Regret to inform you that we're out of stock for Saffa Pantyliner & Cyclez as you requested. Kindly make a substitute below :

Saffa Pantyliner:
Red rose
Blue Rose
Pink Mushroom
Purple Mushroom

As for Cyclez AIO - only denim Blue left.

Sorry for the inconvenienced caused.

Sigh ..disappointed that I had to change 2 patterns of what I have to order.
(I presumed this was the denim blue as this was the only picture online and when I query in the email, they did not supply any image or even bother to reply)

30 Sept - I received a phone call when I was driving to inform me that Cherries fabric for the Sugar Monkey Liners (Petite) Pantyliners is unavailable. I should take the owl pattern instead. Since, I couldn't refer to any picture I inquired on the suitability and the lady told me that was the better looking from the lot. Disappointed again, I agreed. (So from memory, I recalled this one)

1 Oct - Received an email stating that my items have been delivered with the tracking number.

2 Oct - The parcel arrived at my house but I was not around to collect it. So I have only managed to get the items today.

6 Oct - In the end, this is how the items I ordered look like. I had to change 3 patterns out of 4 of the one I selected. :(
I am quite ok with the change except the last one (Sugar Monkeys Liners) I thought it was the blue owl pattern. I don't like the brown. Sigh.

Hence, I have to give the thumbs- own to Tiny Tapir for not giving me the patterns I ordered few days AFTER my online order. I wonder if they sold it in their shop and later realised I ordered it which is not fair since I placed my order on the 25 Sept. They only called me 5 days later to tell me it is no longer available.

I am tempted to go to the shop to change the pattern but the main thing about online shopping is that it is inconvenient for me to go all the way to Ampang Park to visit the shop. Sigh.. Why must I be troubled over something which is not my fault? They might say I agreed on the phone but I really had no choice when I was driving. I didn't had time to check.

I hate the sight of it.. so any of you want to get it off my hands?

Don't even feel like trying clothpad now.. Sigh..

When a shopping mood fails you, the items no longer enthralls you till it makes you feel like using the normal disposable pad altogether so you don't have to encounter such troublesome retailers in future. Why must my desire to go green be hampered so early? *sniff*


Jessying said...

oh there is such thing cotton panty liner, the initial online pic looks so pretty, but end result not as pretty as expected oh, how much it rougly cost.. haha. u should try weear see if comfortable or not

PiggiYing said...

hehe not really cheap.. The pantyliner costs RM10 (local made one) to RM26 (the imported one)
Planning to try soon after I wash it.

At first look and touch, just like normal fabric sewn to shape like a "pad".

But the cyclez looks safer as a pad with its waterproof fabric layer (the dark blue floral pattern one)

The other raspberry coloured makes me a bit dubious to use it as a pad.. coz it doesn't look like a waterproof layer.

Will review once I get a chance to try it.

Tiny Tapir said...

hi there.

Sorry you had a bad experience. I admit it's very difficult for us to keep track of the stock of the cloth pads because we have so many different patterns and the numbers move almost daily due to sales in the shop which have to be manually updated in the online store. It seems that elves come and play with our stock in the middle of the night, no matter how many times I try to make it match, 3 days later it's wrong again...

Unfortunately we do not confirm any order as completed until payment is received. We have an order failure rate of 30% - meaning people order and then we never hear from them again. We used to put the orders aside once people ordered, but after a lot of work extracting orders, holding it for 3 weeks, and then no sale, then putting the orders back into the store... we just changed the policy that orders aren't packed until paid, unless it's for those items we only have 1 or 2 of.

Sorry in your case it has badly affected your purchase.

Please do email me tinytapir at and we will arrange with you to substitute. We'll pay for shipping both ways as we usually do for unhappy customers. I think we only have a few sugar monkey pads left because the maker went on holiday so we can't reorder, but I will personally go and take out what we have and let you choose a substitute. If you're not keen on those designs, you can choose from our other pads...

Tiny Tapir said...

oh, and incidentally on the raspberry color pad - the Moonbow, the water resistant layer is the wool backing. Wool is a good pad layer because it helps prevent leaking, but at the same time is more breathable than PUL backed pads. Moonbows are big favorites in the cloth pad world, very trim and absorbent, it's my personal favorite.

PiggiYing said...

Hi tinytapir,

I have given a timeline of my orders (25/9 -friday night), payment details on 26/9 -sat, payment (28/9- Monday) and confirmation items (28/9)- then told that additional item was not available on the 30/9 (wed).

The idea of online shopping is to allow people who cannot go to your retail to obtain your products.

Please do not put a disclaimer that you will sent out latest withint 48 hours of payment. Do put the disclaimer of holding the items for the specific time frame.

Even AFTER my payment, you FAILED to keep the orders for me and that is why I have shared my dissatisfaction over here. To disconvenient me to try to get a replacement is not the point of online shopping.

I sincerely hope you can upgrade your online shopping because I sincerely wish to order more products from you in future.
If there is other shoppers who did not pay

Tiny Tapir said...

Hi again,

Just a note - we didn't fail to keep your order for you, by the time you paid, the items were already OOS - it's just that we spent some extra time searching for the stock in Ampang Park and our Damai office to be sure we could not fulfill your order before calling you.

I would like to make it up to you by shipping you a another pad, which I would have done if I had known the full story if you'd emailed me to let me know. We ship so many packages out there's bound to be a few mistakes because we're all human and we make errors, the key is rectifying it so you are satisfied with your experience with us.

We did send your package out within 48 hours of payment, it was just not the items as originally ordered. Unfortunately we have to manually update our systems - we're a small company with a LOT of products in a lot of brands, and we sell both online and offline which is where the discrepancies come from.

We maintain the online option in our store specifically to cater for the convenience of those customers who wouldn't be able to get niche products that we stock if we were only an offline store because they live outside KL.

Until the time Tiny Tapir is large enough (right now we are a tiny TINY company), we can't afford to fully automate and integrate our offline / online sales system electronically. The only option we have other than doing it the way we are now is to take the online store offline and maintain it as an informational site only like most physical retail stores do.

PiggiYing said...

I'm merely sharing my experience in a chronological event (with emails to prove) and u are still denying your mistake and trying to justify your shortcomings in dealing with online purchases.

Purchasers only need to know they receive their items as per order and on time as promised *as stated in your e-mails*. They do not need a long list of excuses.

You are a purchaser yourself...For example; you waited extra 2 hours for your pizza delivery. Do u need to know the pizza outlet is out of stock of ingredients and sent you other items instead of what you ordered? Then explain other excuses for the delay that they have to go to other branches to look for the ingredients? When during the 2 hours, your children are hungry and crying?

I have not mentioned even that you promised to refund the extra postage in your email but forgot about it for few weeks till I send a reminder.

I can recommend many other individuals who have blogshops and are personal individuals who sell online items who are more competent in selling online.

My advice is merely to ask u to upgrade your system and not start a debate with you on my blog. Please respect my personal opinion and prove to me you can better your delivery and online sales instead of merely making such a big hoo-ha on my blog. Thank you.