Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lotion Bath

Since I don't eat enough vegies and fruits, my skin is kind of dry. I have resorted to lathering myself with body lotion after my shower.

Hence, I have 2 HG for body lotion during the past few years. During the day, I use any of the Nivea Body range like Intensive Milk - I will stock up on this during sales in either Watsons or Guardian Pharmacy. I find that it is not too sticky and not too thick.

Then during the evening, I would use something of a thicker texture which is my favourite St. Ives Advance Body Moisturisers. I prefer products with aloe but somehow I just like the scent of the Collagen Elastin range.

Imagine to my delight when I saw Guardians' 7 day special: RM8.88 for a bottle of 532mL St. Ives Advanced Body Moisturizer!! (Its normally priced around RM21.90 with RM16.90 - the cheapest I got).

So this is what I have stocked up so far. I'm telling myself it is enough but imagine that, you can buy 2 and a half bottle now versus 1 bottle when there is no sales! How? Is these enough? Should I buy somemore? :)
But I wonder why is it so cheap? Sometimes, it means they are clearing stock (no more??) Or there is new packaging or new products? Hmm...

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