Sunday, October 18, 2009

ELF Spree

I've never really used make-up except for lipstick and eyebrow pencil before. Somehow, this year, it was a crash-course into makeup and I have spent a substantial amount on it (which shall not be disclosed.. sighh)

Therefore, I've been getting makeup recently. I've stumbled upon good reviews and people raving about USD1 products from E.L.F. (eyes lips face). I've bought the infamous USD1 eye shadow brush and so far have no complaints about it.

I've got it through Mandy's spree from an efficient (in terms of query) and reliable spree I found in Do take note, it is a spree from US - so you have to be patient about the delivery. Just order and don't bother about it for about a month. The order for the spree closes at the end of every month.

Hence after a hiatus from makeup shopping for 2 months, I'm back again. ELF is having 50% off its mineral and studio line. Therefore I wanted to try the "higher end product" of ELF which ranges from USD3-5.

Here is my wishlist: I think I should cut down on some items but it is on discount now - best time to try products! ;) If any of you have bought any of these items before and encountered problems, please leave a comment for me to stop my order. Thanks! :)

ELF Studio Line

1. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
I'm getting this as my blush should be thrown by now after a few years? How long should you keep it? Actually I just used it for 1 year plus after buying it 2 years' back. This item is highly recommended as the blush is very much a dupe for NARS Orgasm and the bronzer is a dupe for Laguna.

I'm getting this because I'm just curious about eyebrow stencils. Unless anyone can recommend a good one around here? IMHO, I'm fine drawing my own eyebrows but I wanted to use this with the eyebrow kit. :P
3.Eyebrow Kit
This item is highly recommended except for the brush it comes with (which people have said is flimsy). I'm getting the medium shade (anyone tried this shade?) I have the Stila's brow set but I wanted a compact one to carry around.

4.Complexion perfection
I'm ordering this because it is highly recommended and I've never tried any concealer to even out the colour tones before. Many recommended this for oily skin and says it's not suitable for dry skin. I'm having a combination skin now - hence I'm on the fence on this item. Curiosity or thrifty? Any thoughts?

5. Hollywood Eyelashes Kit
This kit included a lash applicator, lash stand, false lashes and adhesive glue. I find this kit useful to place the fake eyelashes (last time I just chuck aside the eyelashes I got from a makeup session). Perhaps it'll help me to use fake eyelashes which I haven't tried applying it before. I have seen a cheaper eyelash stand/applicator around but it doesn't look this nice. Anyway, this kit is 50% off too! :)

6. Studio- Powder Brush
I know someone will tell me why buy brushes when I have managed to get some Stila brushes. Well, I'm just curious to compare the brushes in terms of application! USD3 brush vs.. u know how much during the Stila clearance sale.

7. Eye Transformer
Another highly raved item - which I thought would be good to change your eyeshadow shade by layering it below or above your eyeshadow.. I must try to learn to use my eyeshadow to be able to play around with this more.
Did I miss anything worth getting? Recommend me before the end of this month. Thanks! :) Or discourage me.. either or.. lol


Daphne said...

So did you get the ELF brushes?

PiggiYing said...

yup yup... Loving the complexion brush... very soft... powder brush is very compact.