Thursday, October 08, 2009

Freebies Mania: Starbucks,, A Cut Above Launch

Morning Freebie

I'm not kiasu.. but I happened to read this entry by miu on the free Starbucks Coffee today in conjunction with Starbucks Shared Planet Day.
So here's the first Freebie I had today! Mmm... coffee... I managed to grab it about 11am and the queue was still reasonable. :)

Afternoon Freebie

I spotted the road cruisers and wondered if they were giving anything out. After lunch, I saw they were nearby and decided to drop by. They were giving isotonic drinks, bread, t-shirt, Cleo magazine and pens. I managed to get a canned drink,a pen and after asking them for the promised gift for staying on, a small shopping bag.

I noticed they were not as generous as or Lite.FM with freebies. The guys took out a few magazines for the few girls who asked and I didn't managed to get one. :( (There were only like 12 of us there!)

I didn't even get the bread because the guy quickly kept it back into the trunk. Everything was hidden back in the truck. Last few months back, I remember seeing Lite.FM road cruisers generously giving everyone bread, pizza, drinks and making sure everyone got something.

Hmph.. wasted my effort of staying in the hot sun and not even getting a magazine. Oh well.. I'll stick to and then! :), you still have to work on your people's skills.

(Didn't even feel like taking pictures! Sorry!)

Night freebie: invites to A Cut Above: BSC Grand Launch

I received a call on Tuesday evening to attend the launch in Bangsar Shopping Complex. I was like.. "wow".. because I smsed to a week or so back. I won 2 invites to the event and wondered what was the programme like.
Since we arrived early (6.30pm) to collect the invites, we had Chillis for dinner before the official launch at 8pm. I ordered "mini burgers" It was okay.. with a side fried onion rings.

C's favourite dish. The celery sticks is crunchy and juicy to wash down the oil.

Then, we arrived back at 8pm to see the whole place full with people busy eating the fried finger food, drinking wine, Heineken beer, chatting, mingling and all so-dressed and glammed up!

C and I , having full stomachs, spotted people eating Haagen Daaz and we quickly got one each to busy ourselves while looking around at the people. We had a game called, "Spotting the Local Celebrities". Alas, our knowledge of local celebrities were limited but those I knew were like Ning Baizura, Anita Sarawak (in black top and black tights) and her husband, Xandra Oii (in a blue cobalt jumpsuit), Angel Wong, Amber Chia (in bright pink ballerina tube dress), Tony Eusoff, Stephanie Chai (in a red short dress), Angel Wong (blond hair in grey jumpsuit), Winnie Loo of A Cut Above, and many more.From your left, you can see Winnie Loo in dressed in black and the diva in animal prints is our dear Ning Baizura who serenade us to a song. ( I think.. I wasn't near the performance area because it was crowded)

The grand opening ceremony... (sorry no clearer shot as the photographers were all crowding at front with huge cameras blocking my view. I managed to capture all these pictures with my trusty Sony Ericsson)

There was a fashion show with the hair styles which wouldn't work on normal people but looked fabulous on the cat walk. I managed to take a nice video of the final walk of each model.

By then, they were bringing out all the door gift and since we are working the next day, we headed home after grabbing our goodies. At the exit, I spotted Stephanie Chai entering in a nice red dress. Since I was standing beside her, I politely requested a picture with her. :)

Here's the door gift with 2 bottles of Guardian lotion, 2 small Keratase hair products, a pack of Rimmel London make-up, some vouchers with purchases and samples.

The best item was: The Rimmel London Makeup - Rimmel Gloss Maxx Lipstick, Rimmel London 60 Seconds nail polish, Magnif' Eyes Mascara & Waterproof Extra Super Lash Mascara. Will google the review of this items later. In the mean time, beauty sleep! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow since when you've become a socialite? :-)

PiggiYing said...

It was a freebie from! My first time attending a launch! :)