Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facebook Mania

Actually I was reluctant to join Facebook in the beginning... but after getting so many invites, there I was.. in Facebook. These social networking websites have lured the crowd from one site to the other.

Rough chronology of social networking websites I joined (might have missed out some in between):
1. Six degrees (allows you to see how you are connected to people until six degrees)
2. E-circle with group forums? (Forgot!)
3. Hi5
4. Multiply
5. Friendster
6. Facebook
7. Twitter (micro-blogging)

Check out this top 10 social network sites review for 2010.

Anyway, why Facebook is such a hit?

I suspect it's the apps with all the different kind of mindless yet addictive games. There's also the ability to find old schoolmates and friends. And not forgetting, able to be nosey to read and see pictures of your friends!!

Take a look how South Park has made fun of Facebook. In fact, this morning, the deejay on the radio was exclaiming in horror if Farmville (an application in Facebook) becomes a movie! lol

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pppttoooooiiii!! Spitting day.

It's such a spitting day.

I was driving to work this cooling quiet morning when I followed behind a motorcyclist. I was thinking of how a nice weather it is and if the traffic later would ruin the beauty of the morning when..


The motorcyclist casually turn his head and spit to his right... right onto my car. He didn't even turn behind... or showed he was sorry..

Arrrgghhhh!!! EEeeewwwww!! I need to decontaminate my car!! Argghhh!!

Then after the toll, I was stuck at a traffic congestion because of a bottle-neck - no thanks to the road planners in this country.

A lorry was on the right of my car.. The passenger's window was down. Pttoooii!! He happily spit out (no.. luckily not at my car). Then he happily dropped a presumed-used lighter out of the same window.

Arghhh.. litter bug!! 

You're not an art like this!

What a spitting day! The world is just a large spittoon and garbage can to everyone. No wonder Mother Nature is retaliating now...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To use or NOT to use?

I'm tickled with this statement from my friend: You have it - so use it!

And why am I tickled? It's because the "it" he is referring to is the woman's womb!

They were having a conversation about a friend who finished her professional exam and had nothing to do. So she decided to have a baby. Hence, my dear friend suggested to the rest of us to use our womb just because we have it.

Does it mean we have something, we need to use it? Take for instant the so-called-useless appendix when inflamed will give you pain and the need of a surgery to remove it. It's not necessary every body part have to be used. In fact, it's known fact that we don't use our brain entirely.. haahah...

Hence, you have a womb - do you choose to use it just because it's there? Or it's just time to create another life here on earth?

My conclusion - my dear friend, I challenge you, why don't you go use all the wombs out there instead? Blehhh.....  end up you'll have too many of these little mini-of-you. The horror! lol.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tax on Credit Card

Oh my... my credit card is renewed this month and the RM50 tax "happily" appeared on my statement. *frowns*

Why oh why? Tell me, do you pay the RM50 or use up the meager points you have collected from using credit card (never reaches enough to get a nice gift and expires so fast)?

(RM1 = 1 point)

Most banks are offering 10,000 points for RM50 cash voucher/ rebate from the tax. It means, you need to spend RM10,000 a year to obtain the points you need to get a meager RM50 voucher. Sigh...

For a middle-income employee like me who tries not to live on credit, getting such points is a boon itself. Now I have to used it up to pay tax.

Hence, point rewards programme like Bonuslink, Realrewards, World Card and many others, are taking the opportunity to track out the public's expenditure and also encourage more spending to obtain more points in hopes of redeeming an item you want. So far, my expenditure is not enough to redeem anything nice. No goodies either through here.

What to do? The old fashion way of earning a dollar and spending a dollar. :(

And of course, maximise any savings or points you can get!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Freebie: Crazy juices working

Just decided to take a look at Nuffnang website and saw a creative comment competition to win premier tickets. I couldn't attend the last one I got.. so sad... so decided to let my crazy juices work again.

Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Killers
Courtesy of Nusantara Films, Nuffnangers will be among the first people to watch Killers on the big screen before it is released in Malaysia! Details of the screening is as below;

Date : June 3 (Thursday)
Time : 9.00PM
Venue : GSC One Utama

To win yourself invitations to watch Killers on June 3, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us what is the secret you’re afraid your other half is hiding from you. 80 most creative comments will win a pair of invitations to the Premiere Screening of Killers.

Invites will be sent out by 28 May and will require confirmation of attendance by invited bloggers. Should an invited blogger not confirm their attendance, the invite will be passed to other bloggers in line.

My entry:

What is the secret you’re afraid your other half is hiding from you?

That he is secretly fattening me up with his delicious cooking to feed me to the Cannibal Tribe, which he joined in his last self-discovery trip in Papua New Guinea. :p

(inspired by Hansel and Gretel)
Hope I'll win and it's not true!!! My other half doesn't cook at all.  Lol