Monday, May 10, 2010

Tax on Credit Card

Oh my... my credit card is renewed this month and the RM50 tax "happily" appeared on my statement. *frowns*

Why oh why? Tell me, do you pay the RM50 or use up the meager points you have collected from using credit card (never reaches enough to get a nice gift and expires so fast)?

(RM1 = 1 point)

Most banks are offering 10,000 points for RM50 cash voucher/ rebate from the tax. It means, you need to spend RM10,000 a year to obtain the points you need to get a meager RM50 voucher. Sigh...

For a middle-income employee like me who tries not to live on credit, getting such points is a boon itself. Now I have to used it up to pay tax.

Hence, point rewards programme like Bonuslink, Realrewards, World Card and many others, are taking the opportunity to track out the public's expenditure and also encourage more spending to obtain more points in hopes of redeeming an item you want. So far, my expenditure is not enough to redeem anything nice. No goodies either through here.

What to do? The old fashion way of earning a dollar and spending a dollar. :(

And of course, maximise any savings or points you can get!!

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