Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To use or NOT to use?

I'm tickled with this statement from my friend: You have it - so use it!

And why am I tickled? It's because the "it" he is referring to is the woman's womb!

They were having a conversation about a friend who finished her professional exam and had nothing to do. So she decided to have a baby. Hence, my dear friend suggested to the rest of us to use our womb just because we have it.

Does it mean we have something, we need to use it? Take for instant the so-called-useless appendix when inflamed will give you pain and the need of a surgery to remove it. It's not necessary every body part have to be used. In fact, it's known fact that we don't use our brain entirely.. haahah...

Hence, you have a womb - do you choose to use it just because it's there? Or it's just time to create another life here on earth?

My conclusion - my dear friend, I challenge you, why don't you go use all the wombs out there instead? Blehhh.....  end up you'll have too many of these little mini-of-you. The horror! lol.

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