Thursday, September 13, 2012

Countdown to Actual Day

It's 3 days left to my wedding dinner or they call it "actual day".

I've been officially married in February and still believe I've already married. This coming weekend is just the event to declare to relatives and some friends.

I believe planning weddings in Malaysia for Chinese in particular is a testing time. You need patience, understanding and obviously money to complete this process.

With some few outstanding items left, my hubby and I will stressed out the next 2 days. I hope at least by mid Saturday, I can enjoy my manicure and pedicure in peace without having to worry anything else yet..

Till then... wrinkles wrinkles from frowns please go away.. Not much time at night to do mask either. .arghhhh!!

A word of advise: If you have good friends, helpful relatives - do use them. Unlike me, we both work in out among two of us and stress away while we try not to strangle each other. Obviously it would help *ahem* if SOMEbody didn't push everything to the last minute with the house preparation.. arghh

I pray God will continue to keep me calm and give me lost of patience. Till then, bride out..