Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to myself!

It'll be a quiet birthday as I decided not to take leave from work today.
My family had a birthday cake for me which I have blown my candle and made my wish. Hoping my hubby and son will celebrate with me tonight (meaning hoping I don't have to work too late today).

I write this post not to rant or recap gifts and celebration but more of a thankful prayer to God for the many "firsts" I have experienced during the last year. I also continued to pray for more grace and many more "firsts" experiences to come.

Why am I thankful for the last year?
1. I became a wife.
2. I became a mother.
3. I experienced a happy pregnancy with a happy baby.
4. I am blessed with a handsome happy baby boy.
5. I am inspired to name him after one of the four disciples of Jesus even though I just liked the name.
6. I have my family around me supporting during this change of role.

I know I will not be using the word "I" in the next year. I imagine I would be having a thankful list that goes like this... "Matthew has his first tooth!" " Matthew learned to walk!".

In fact, I can start one now.

7. Matthew has 2 of his bottom tooth! I suspect it has been growing for 2-3 weeks plus already because when I nurse him, sometimes it is painful.
8. Matthew has learned to sit properly on his own but still need some watchful eye as he likes to fall back. Such innocence and carefree attitude a baby has.
9. Matthew has such a cheeky laugh and is very friendly to everyone including strangers. I am glad that he likes to light up the life of others even for a short moment with his infectious laugh while kicking happily.
10. Matthew has starting eating solids and seems to enjoy his pumpkin puree the most. I hope I can make more healthy food for him to start him on a good eating habit.
11. Matthew has a loving dad who is trying his best to do what is best for him.

In all, I thank God for Matthew .. as he is the best gift a new mother can ever have. God allows me a glimpse of His feelings as a Father to us and the sacrifices He had to make. Thank God for all these wonderful experiences and feelings. I pray for many more to come. :)