Monday, March 28, 2016

Weaning off the Breast

Gosh, motherhood took my life away... lol

It has been 3 years of motherhood and I do not regret any moment of it.

Just to write a note to remind myself before I forgot.

When I was pregnant, I was concerned and read up so much about breastfeeding, breastfeeding in public (under the nursing cover while he still allowed), pumping, maintaining supply, pumping at work, pumping in KTM once, pumping in the backseat while an acquaintance drive.. lol... how daring..

Finally, I stopped pumping when my baby became 2 years old..

And FINALLY, due to certain circumstances, I weaned off my 3-year-old toddler from breastfeeding.

I loved every moment of it because I practised co-sleeping. Whenever he fusses, I will just breastfeed. Whenever he doesn't want to sleep, I will force him with breastfeeding. Whenever he is hungry, I will breastfeed. Whenever he cries and feel discomfort, I will breastfeed him.

Gone are those days... lol  sniff..

How I finally manage to wean him off?

My poor baby got sick. At first we thought it was severe allergic reaction due to me eating seafood (after so many years of not eating) and breastfeeding him.

After 2 nights in the hospital, IV drip, antibiotics, unfortunately even a dose of steroid (he had steroid withdrawal syndrome the next few days), he was in the process of weaning off because my parents kept telling him, drinking mummy's milk make him sick. Sigh. Sad as it sound but he understood that. He had rashes all over his face and body and he was itchy.

Eventually, the doctor diagnose as some infection which require 10 days of antibiotics.

Anyway, this post is to recap the weaning process. Things my son says to negotiate back to my breasts.

"Mummy, please give me the pillow." (I was stuffing the pillow under my shirt; blocking my chest)

"Mummy, please give me the blanket. It is mine." (I was wrapping my chest with the blanket)

"Mummy, sleep like this. Sleep like me." (He wanted me to sleep on my back with my chest exposed. I was sleeping sideways).

After some crying for few nights from 12am, 3am, 5.30am...

We continue to cross our fingers and assumed we have weaned him off. As nature goes, the breastmilk have finally stopped.... and my baby is no longer a baby.. Snifff...