Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Courtship = Flying a kite

I can't recall if I read this analogy somewhere but I was using the analogy of "flying a kite" to describe a courtship to my friend. She asked me to elaborate here.

Why "flying a kite"?

Well, lets look at how you fly a kite vs a courtship.

To fly a kite           : Hold the kite in both hands and toss it lightly into the wind until the wind catches it.
To start a courtship: You put yourself and your heart out in the world and try your luck making contact/chemistry with strangers.

To fly a kite           : Let out a small length of kite string and, holding the string in your hand, run with the kite behind you until the wind lifts it.
During a courtship: Slowly build trust by getting to know the other person and hope the chemistry will build into something.

Keeping a kite in the air: Begin letting out the string until the kite reaches a height with which you are comfortable.
Keeping the relationship : To show trust, you have to give the other person space to do their own things. (let go of the string)

Keeping a kite in the air: Keep an eye on your kite; if it dips, run or pull in the string a bit to give it some lift.
Keeping the relationship : Occasionally to keep the fire alive, you need to pursue your partner by buying gifts and giving he/her a treat (pull the string)

Hence, to me, to maintain a relationship, you need to pull and release the string occasionally to keep the relationship flying high and on. :)

However, if... you really need to end a relationship

To bring down the kite: Bring the kite down by slowly and reach out to grab the kite before it hits the ground
To end a relationship   : Slowly bring the relationship by discussing it frankly with the other person. Don't just cut off the string and let if fly away or fall suddenly on the ground.

Hence, treat your relationship like how you would fly a kite! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Indefeasibility of Land Title

I remember reading this case a few years back and felt sad for the land owner, Sun Yok Eng @ Boonsom Boonyanit. She was a Thai national who resided in Thailand but visited Penang from time to time, who lost a plot of land in Tanjung Bungah, Penang to an imposter who forge a report that "she" lost her land title and managed to obtain a certified copy of the title from the Land Office.

This imposter then sold the land to a 3rd party, Adorna Properties Sdn. Bhd. When the real owner found out about it; it was too late as according to the law: Adorna had obtained an indefeasible title notwithstanding the forgery because it was a bona fide purchaser (not knowing it was a forgery) based on Section 340(2) of the National Land Code.

Imagine that - you can lose your land when an imposter steals it from you and quickly sells it to a 3rd party who is unaware of the forgery.

Many people advice putting your land on a caveat or using it to apply a loan to avoid anything like this to happen. When there is a caveat by the bankers, no other transfer of land title can happen without the permission of the bankers. (Did I understand the concept correctly?)

Anyway, I'm happy to read the ruling now is in favour of the original owner and if you google about these cases; this is a landmark to many other cases of forgery by transfering the land title to a third party who is unaware of the fraud.

Background story on the Adorna Properties vs Boonsom Boonyati
Other cases: Heirs fighting fraud land case , Taiwanese loses land in KL

Here is the article on the reversal of the ruling and other links.

Makeup Tips for Acne Skin

I’ve read these few useful tips on which I think worth highlighting here and reminding myself.

If your skin tends to break out easily, it doesn't mean that you have to swear off all makeup. But you do have to be more careful about what you apply on your face. With the right products, you can treat your acne while concealing spots at the same time. 5 tips to do it right:

1. Look for "non-acnegenic" makeup

When buying cosmetic products, stick to those labelled "non-comedogenic" (meaning the product doesn't clog pores) or "non-acnegenic" (meaning it doesn't cause acne). Rich, oil-based cosmetics can clog pores and aggravate your acne.

2. Keep oil at bay with mattifying products

Applying a layer of mattifying moisturizer or base before your makeup will help keep your face from re-greasing too quickly while ensuring your skin stays hydrated and supple.

Follow with an oil-free foundation and dab a little concealer to areas that require more coverage. Resist the tendency to cover up the spots with way too much makeup -- it'll end up looking unnatural and mask-like. Just dust on loose powder and blend evenly for a matte finish.

3. Use a sunscreen

The sun's harsh UV rays can darken any existing acne scars and slow down their healing process, so always wear a suncreen during the day, or choose a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Look for one that is suitable for oily or acne-prone skin and offers broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

4. Choose medicated makeup products

Try powders and concealers are specially formulated for acne-prone skin, and contain medicated ingredients like tea tree oil or sulphur to target pimples as well as soothe and fight blemishes. They're multi-tasking little workers that conceal and heal at the same time!

If your skin is also sensitive, look for fragrance-free, preservative-free makeup that minimizes the chances of break-outs.

5. Cleanse thoroughly every night

At the end of the day, remove your makeup thoroughly with a gentle yet efficient makeup remover, followed by a mild, medicated facial cleanser. Proper cleansing is essential to prevent makeup residue and grease from clogging up the pores.


My take? Wear minimal makeup if possible and keep your face clean. (double-cleansing if possible). But it's always nice to doll yourself up once a while to feel good and look great! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Penang Food Review - Day 1

I admit that I have mentioned many times to my friends that I do not fancy Penang food. In a Manglish phrase, I would say, “No Penang food – won’t die wan lah”.

Well, my recent makan-makan trip to Penang was really good that I have to take back those words – but still “No Penang food, won’t die wan lah… but got, even better!” :p

Just a highlight: Food people say you MUST try in Penang:
1. Char Kuey Teow
2. Loh Mee
3. Nasi Kandar

*Note: I’m using initials because some of my friends prefer anonymity*

1st day Penang – Tea-time Char Kuey Teow and Ice Kacang

Many people recommend different places to eat Char Kuey Teow like the Sister's char kuey teow. However, my local friend says Auntie Goggles is the best. Other opinions are like these few links.

My Penang friend, Miss A, brought us to eat the infamous “Auntie Goggles” char kuey teow at Lorong Selamat, off Macalister Road. We reached about 3pm (odd hour) but still the place was quite full.

We happened to be after a large group of one dozen people. We waited about half and hour for the infamous char kuey teow. We ordered drinks and this poh piah (is this correct?) while we waited.

Why call “Auntie Goggles”? Well, when she cooks, she wears goggles to protect her eyes from the heat or smoke. Be careful, a few stalls down, there is a man selling char kuey teow who wears goggles when he fries too. Miss A. says “auntie goggles” started wearing goggles first and her dish is nicer.

I find the portion small for RM6.50 but it was compensated with the 3 big prawns. The difference with the char kuey teow I normally eat is that this one is not too darker coloured and they fried it with lap cheong (which is a chinese sausage made from pork); making it taste sweeter. The lard they used to fry also makes it taste yummier. It’s a different style from those I normally eat. A number of char kuey teow I eat in Klang Valley is very greasy and sometimes over-fried (chau ta).

Next, we headed a few shops down to the “uncle goggles” just to eat Ice Kacang. What is so special about this? It’s the peanut ice-cream. The 4 of us shared one bowl with double scope of ice-cream which was rather small. Mmmm… Atapchi is equally divided among us. I’m reminded of Phu Chu Kang’s mother who makes ice kacang. ;) Wondered if they only sell the peanut ice-cream.

Next stop – digestion! We dropped by Botanical gardens to walk a “small round” to digest before dinner. Do take note there’s construction going on at the entrance/ carpark area of the Botanical gardens. However, they still charge parking there!

1st day Penang – Song River Restaurant Dinner

Miss A’s parents brought us down to Gurney Drive to Song River Restaurant to try a variety of hawker food. The hawker food at the end of Gurney Drive was a no-no as it was public holidays and I bet it would have been too crowded to even get a seat. Parking itself along Gurney Drive is a challenge. Song River has an open parking just next to it across the small road.

Here is the food we got to sample that night.

Braised chicken leg with black mushroom – my favourite! I can’t believe I ate so much chicken leg that weekend. Irony – I used to get grossed out eating chicken leg when I was younger because I imagined that feet stepped everywhere and I have to put it in my mouth! Ewwww… As an adult, I love it. Haha I read somewhere it’s high in cholesterol though.

The texture was smooth soft skin whereby literally you can slurp off the skin. The mushroom was soaked long enough with all the sauces. One of us just had her first chicken leg that night!

Sotong Rojak

The boiled sotong (squid?) with veggie in dark rojak sauce. Yummy. I usually eat this too as it’s one of my dad favourites.

Loh Mee / Hokkien Mee

In Klang Valley, hokkien mee is this usually thick noodles cooked in dark, blackish gravy with prawn, squid, vegetables, etc. In Penang, hokkien mee is the prawn mee we eat in Klang Valley. The yellow noodles are cooked in the clear prawn soup with other ingredients like: prawn, spinach, slices of chiken meat, slices of fish cake, or a slice of hard-boiled egg.

It’s all right for me as I try not to eat too much prawn mee to aggravate my pimples because Chinese believe prawn is “poisonous” (tok). Some will add in the spoonful of sambal and make the soup even spicier. Me … it’s enough without the sambal.

Loh bak

Basically it consists an array of fried food like fried rolled meat, fried .. .. etc. One dips the pieces into the accompanied sauce. It’s like finger food. Cripsy on the outside and soft inside.

Thanks Aunty & Uncle! They were excited to bring us out to try so many different kind of food. I felt bad about troubling A’s parents to buy for me Eno after that. (Eno helps indigestion) Sighh I got no stamina to eat so much and my stomach was on strike after that. But I learned my lesson and ate smaller portions the next day. Perhaps too many chicken legs… hahahah

Other reviews on Song River Restaurant.

The 2nd day review will be coming up next...

The Ultimate Earring Organiser & Makeup Products Organiser

Ultimate Earring Organiser

You must think I'm really an earring organiser fanatic to write about this topic again. But... somehow, I've stumbled upon the original earring organiser I've been looking for.

Ta-dah! Here it is! :)  The polycarbonate earring organiser!

opened up

folded together with the earrings


Why I love this?
1. It's made from polycarbonate and transparent. I can easily spot my earrings.
2. I don't have to worry about the material reacting to my earrings.
3. It's foldable even with earrings in it (so I don't have to expose and display it to dust). I can easily keep it in my drawers. Saves lots of place. It's 28cm (L) x 12cm (W) x 8.5cm (H)
4. It's available in Malaysia and affordable.

If you're interested, do drop me a message and I'll help you get one too. :)

Acrylic makeup storage

Wohooo!! :) It pays to wait patiently for something you want. Perhaps I should also share my other item I bought in Singapore few months .

I found acrylic drawers about 27cm (L) x 17cm (W) x 9cm (H) from Muji Ion Orchard, Singapore. What is Muji? Click on this link to find out more.

There are a few types of variation to the acrylic drawers in terms of sizes and number of drawers. They also sell the felt lining for jewellery to be added into these drawers.

This is the one I got:

acrylic drawers with my makeup stuff

how a Muji store looks like

I had to carry it all over Singapore (mind you, it's quite heavy) before I finally arrived my hotel but it is so worth it. Look at how I've stuffed all my makeup stuff in it. Weeee! :)

It's a tad expensive after conversion but good quality and so convenient to spot my items now. I love beautiful neat organisers like this. When will they open a Muji store in Malaysia??

In the meantime, I'm having extra colourful pill organiser (I bought for my earrings). Anyone wants one? lol..

My first experience with a Book Launch

I will be posting more entries suddenly because I had lots of activities end of last year. Need to blog about it before I forget.

My friend invited me to attend a book launch:Farish Noor’s “WHAT YOUR TEACHER DIDN’T TELL YOU: The Annexe Lectures Vol.1” sometime in December.

I was curious but not really interested because I didn’t know the author. I’ve not followed the local scene or updated my reading list with newer authors. (Stuck in school time.. haha) Anyone else can recommend me good books to read?

We went to the Annexe in Central Market, KL. Again – I haven’t been there ages since I don’t take public transportation to Pasar Seni / Klang Bus Station there any longer.

It started with a little cocktail – finger food, drinks and a counter with books for sale. The book that was going to be launch would be slightly cheaper on that day compared to retail. The book was being sold for RM100 for 3 books. I got one for fun – literally and it looked interesting. (Yes, this is the time I bought books I don’t need) My friend thinks I bought it because I could get the author to autographed it… haha.. what do you think? ;)

The event started with introductions to the publisher, Amir Muhammad of Matahari Books, who was also throwing in his birthday celebration that same night (cakes was served later).

There were 3 performances that night : a guitarist from Little Black Tie (sorry I can’t recall your name), a pair of performers who recited poems accompanied by music effects on the keyboard (first time watching a performance like this)

Then the person in charge of Annex read from the book. He only read the footnotes which was half a page!

The night ended with the author, Farish Noor sharing a little about his experience. One thing worth highlighting was his comment that he is surprised an academician can be a “celebrity” in Malaysia. The book was launch with a little girl, Sara known as “Fairy” who cut the ribbon to officiate the event. Cute…

My friend who was a fan, was a little shy to take a photograp with the author but I asked her to at least get the autograph. So we started queuing and created a snake line of people waiting to get an autograph from the author. Hehe. A thing to note – it was hard to decipher his writing! ;)

In short, it was interesting experience and I got hold of another book before we left because not of the author (sorry no offense intended), but I love the movies by the late and talented Yasmin Ahmad especially the movie, Sepet.  Thanks Miss A for bringing me along! :)

Then – we were off to Chawan, Bangsar for late supper and drinks. Amazingly among the 3 of us ladies,we ate 2 big portion of rice: Nasi Briyani with lamb rendang and ... another which name I have forgotten - what is this call?

Recalling this, makes me hungry for food!

p.s. I have not read the book! lol

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City Trip

Was away for a free and easy trip in Saigon. Will be posting reviews on:
1. Hotel
2. Shopping
3. Food
4. Sights

Meanwhile, a snippet of my shopping haul. hahaha Broke but happy. Most of the items are to be given away though. I've controlled shopping for the first two days before succumbing to these... ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New background colour

Aloha.. what do you think? Which kind of background should I use for my blog? Been reading this guide to customised my blogger template. I've tried the background so far and thankfully it works. :)

Blogspot was upgrading the layout template and gave me a scare. I thought my template with all the widgets and links were gone. Phew... I wouldn't want to add all those back again.

Option 1: Keeping it pink in view of the pinkiness of pigs. Lol

Option 2: Blue skies image - my first blog was on clouds and skies.

Option 3: The Wooden Fences theme. Try to take some parts of it to incorporate into the Minima Template.

Will see how it goes. Next need to find out how to edit the title for my entries. So please bear with me while I experiment a little more on the background.

Freak Accidents Happen for a Reason

Freak accidents happen when we least expect it. No matter how careful we think we are. When it happens, it’s not something we welcome but unfortunately it’s a reality we cannot change. .I, sincerely hope their loved ones will move on with their lives.

Today’s paper wrote “Baby Falls to Death at High-rise Condominium”.

Playtime for a one-year-old baby boy turned tragic after he slipped from his father’s arms and fell to his death from the sixth floor of a high-rise apartment in Pulau Tikus here. It is believed that the toddler might have struggled while the father was holding him, causing the man to lose his grip.

The man, in his 30s, had been looking down from the balcony of the medium-cost apartment at about 7pm as he showed his son the view down from their floor when the incident occurred yesterday. The father then rushed downstairs but his son, whose body landed on the ground floor, had died from the fall.

I also remember a case whereby the mother accidentally pressed the accelerator of the car and it drove over to the road kerb, over her toddler daughter she had purposely placed carefully over there. This is an example of another unexpected freak accident.

No parent would want that. Imagine the mother’s nine-month pregnancy and the bond of the parents over their child. Their agony is unimaginable for someone like me.

However, I’m told of the importance of grieving and then moving on. I just hope they can learn to stop blaming themselves and move on with their lives especially since they’re still young. It’s not easy but I know some who have done so.

This couple has lost his son to strong current of the river while he was trying to save another drowning friend. The mother shared that initially she blamed the guardians of the trip there but had learned to forgive and believe their son is up in heaven. They strongly believe that even thought they lost a son; God is giving them more “sons” to care for as now they’re working with teenagers and children.

Hence, always try to look at the silver lining and move on with your life. In fact, Christians believe that when we die, we leave our bodies (temporary vessels) and return back to God in His kingdom. Death is not the end of our lives - it marks the beginning of our lives with God. Knowing that your child is save with God would be comforting. Just a reflection...

Interview Tips

Happen to caught a glimpse of this article: Interview Myths that Keep You Landing from the Job (by Karen Noonan, Thought I'll summarise a little to share over here. :) My comments will be in blue and italics reflect excerpt from the article.

There are a number of common misconceptions related to interview best practices, experts say. Kera Greene of the Career Counselors Consortium and executive coach Barbara Frankel offer tips below that can help you stand out from other interview subjects, avoid frequent pitfalls, and secure the job.

Myth #1: Be prepared with a list of questions to ask at the close of the interview.

Frankel mimics Greene's comments. "It's a two-way street," she says. "I recommend asking a follow-up question at the tail end of your responses." 

The article says there is truth in this because you should always be prepared but the myth of waiting until it is "your turn" to speak will make it an interrogation instead of a conversation. Greene further recommends that you think of an interview as a sales call to sell yourself to the employer. Take the initiative to ask.

From my own experience, I did prepare a list of questions (in keywords) which I didn't use. But I try to ask in terms of career, growth and prospects of the company and my position.

Myth #2: Do not show weakness in an interview.

Recruiters conduct interviews all day, every day. They've seen it all and can see through candidates who dodge questions. "They prefer to hire someone who is honest than someone who is obviously lying," Greene says.

The article reassures that it is OK to have flaws as almost every interviewer would ask you. Besides, a recruiter who interviews all day would be able to see through you if you try to hide your flaw.

Myth #3: Be sure to point out all of your strengths and skills to the employer.

Frankel recommends doing a little groundwork before your interview so that you are best equipped to answer this question. She tells her clients to find out what the prospective job role consists of. "What makes an interview powerful is to give an example related to their particular needs or challenges that you have demonstrated in the past."

Provide three strengths, with examples. You will get much further with a handful of real strengths than with an unconvincing list of traits.

So far, I've always been asked what I can do for the company and I humbly share what I can do. No point promising more when you know your own capabilities. I try to answer based on the job description but it takes a while through the interview to figure out what exact strengths they are looking for. I've noticed when they piqued interest or share something similar to what you have mentioned, it might be something they are looking for.

Myth #4: Let the employer know your salary expectations.

One of the trickiest questions to answer in an interview relates to salary. Money talk can be uncomfortable, but it doesn't have to be. The fact is you don't even have to answer when asked about desired salary.

According to the book "Acing the Interview: How to Ask and Answer the Questions That Will Get You The Job!" a perfect response would be: "I want to earn a salary that is commensurate with the contributions I can make. I am confident I can make a substantial contribution at your firm. What does your firm plan to pay for this position?"

Greene suggests a similar response: "I prefer to discuss the compensation package after you've decided that I'm the best candidate and we can sit down and negotiate the package."

I did a mistake with a previous interview by not putting expected salary. I learned from that interview that it doesn't matter what the market value is, it's what you value yourself that's important. Remember to put a figure in your head before you go to the interview. At least, they can negotiate a figure you are comfortable with. Once you've got the job, your negotiation skills for higher pay will be lesser. It's more of performance based then.

Myth #5: The employer determines whether or not you get the job.

While yes, the employer must be the one to offer you the position, interviewees have more control than they often realize. According to both Greene and Frankel, candidates have a larger say in the final hiring decision than they think.

"They should call the interviewer or hiring manager and say: 'I'd really like to be part of the company,'" says Greene. "It can't hurt you. It can only help."

"Acing the Interview" encourages all candidates to conclude their interviews with one question: "'Based on our interview, do you have any concerns about my ability to do the job?' -- If the answer is yes, ask the interviewer to be explicit. Deal forthrightly with each concern."

I've encountered some companies who don't call me back after and interview. If you leave it at that, nothing will happen. I usually asked the interviewer for a time frame to hear from them. If by then, I don't hear from them I have to assume that I've been passed on. However, if you're keen on the job, do call to show your interest and you never know, they might appreciate your eagerness.


In short, after going through a few interviews again after a few years of hiatus, I find every interviewer different with an unexpected outcome. I have to admit I am rusty and inexperience but I've got to learn my own value and not to worry about wrong impression. Just be myself and leave the rest to the Lord! :)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Win RMK Creamy Makeup Base


Just wish Miu Happy Birthday and write her a slogan in this link to win a RMK Creamy Makeup Base (worth RM120)! Instruction is as below:

It's so easy to win this but only ONE Winner will be selected! All you have to do is wish me a Happy Birthday & Tell me why you love reading my blog! Remember the more you love me, (the more points u gain) the more you're going to win! (I know I know I am so vain.. neh.. it's my birthday let me do what I want to do!).

How to Win?

1) Leave your entry as a comment with the following details:

- follower ID
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Here's my entry! Wish me luck!

Birthday Slogan Wish: Wishing you joyous time during the day of your birth as presents overwhelmed you and flood your place… may you swim up to breathe in the fresh yummilicious air of your freshly-baked goodies in the kitchen learnt from your Jamie Oliver book. :p

Slogan: Reading your blog is like quick-sand. The more you read (struggle), the more you sink into the crazy world of makeup, shopping and beauty! But knowing that, you still try to stay afloat and hope the mud does wonders to your skin! ;)

P.S. Miu, do I get extra points for the "chin-chai" photoshopped picture? 

Friday, January 08, 2010

Masked People

I really dislike hypocrites. Let’s call them masked people.

I’m told that no matter what people do to you, you should be open, forgiving and never ever burn the bridges. You never know if one day you’ll meet the person again and he/she happens to be your new boss or client. What then?

Option 1: Some might say it’s so long off in the future. Why bother? When the day comes; you’ll deal it with then. So tell them to f**k off!

Option 2: But some decides to put on a “mask” and politely join the crowd to be “masked people” of politeness without showing their true emotions.

I find that when you let your emotions run, you tend to follow Option 1 and sometimes regret what you did. You’ll feel a little remorse for being curt or rude to the masked people. But it’s hard to undo as the masked people themselves are human and definitely emotional.

Then when you go for Option 2, I find that I cannot live with myself by being so fake. I can’t accept the fact that I have to lie with my fake smile (which need to be practiced to look natural) and sweetly show you are happy talking to the other person.

I don’t know.

Scenario 1

I know these few masked people who ignored my attempts to befriend them and always tried to harass me with petty issues. But suddenly, when I was going off to greener fields, they become extra friendly and suddenly want to be chummy.

My emotional side tells me this: Ohhh.. now only want to treat me so nice? It’s obvious you’re trying to find out where I am going next. (I find that certain unconfirmed information should not be revealed to masked people – never know what other devious plans they have)

My logic side tells me: They’re being nice. They want to celebrate your leaving. *rolling eyes*

Scenario 2

I meet up with this group of people once a week for some activities. During the activities, they are friendly, helpful and cheerful. However, if you meet them outside that activity, they would pretend not to see your or don’t know you. It becomes even apparent during some ice-breaking games whereby the game was to call a person’s name quickly. I know this person who had to refer to my nametag (didn’t know my name) even though we’ve met for few months. *Rolling eyes*


What then? I was reading a book on controlling your emotions. I like the analogy used of a train. Your mind (logic) is the locomotive (engine at the front) while your emotions is the baggage cart at the back which sways along.

Thinking of that, I pray that I can use my locomotive to lead the way and try to keep my emotions in check. But sometimes, that “naughty” and “rebellious” me will let loose the emotional monster in me and you’ll have a situation where the devils wins over the angels on your shoulders. lol (like this comic)

Oh well... must be one of my grouchy days... Smile! It's the weekend! :)

Monday, January 04, 2010

10 Rules to follow during a “Shopping Diet”

Potential new resolutions to help you keep to your "Shopping Diet":

1. Do not bring out any cash when you go out
2. Do not bring out any credit card when you go out
3. Do not go to shopping malls
4. Do not go to sales
5. Do not go out – period
6. Do not browse online shopping website / blogshops/ garage sales
7. Do not go online
8. Do not read warehouse sales blogs or bargain blogs
9. Do not earn money – no money, no spending power
10. Bring your other half along to your shopping outings with the complete mandate to disallow you to buy anything

Well? Sounds impossible? I’ve tried no. 3 but then I turn to no. 6 so there goes my money. (To think I wanted to sell my junk – but I bought more stuff online instead! Ha! I’ve learned to pre-order from US sprees too… oh no!)

Yesterday, I tried no. 1 and no. 2 because bf says we’re going to FRIM to check out the canopy walk. (will blog about this later). I happily surrendered my IC and driver’s license to him; thinking it’ll be easier not bringing anything.

Alas, he had the desire to look for something in Midvalley Megamall after brunch. Coincidentally it is the last day and “special hours” for HSBC cardholders to shop with 20X points. He hates going Midvalley because we take more than half hour to find a car park the last few times we went there.

Earn up to 20X Reward Points when you swipe your HSBC Credit Card at participating merchants of MidValley Megamall, The Gardens Mall and Gurney Plaza from 26 November 2009 till 3 January 2010.

I spotted a pair of Mary Janes shoes which was 50% off. I spotted some other sales which I didn’t even bother walking in to take a look. I tried a few tops and dresses which I might have bought if I had the cash/card.

In the end, I only bought a necessity I need which I had to borrow $$ from bf. (On the other hand – I guess it can be considered as a gift from him. Haha)

Hence, I survived a day without really shopping… Pat myself on my back - reluctantly!!

Comic: Pearls Before Swine

In line with the theme of my blog, I was quite happy finding a comic about a silly little pig with a brainy rat who bullies it. It’s called “Pearls Before Swine” which was created by a lawyer, Stephan Pastis (hence some lawyer jokes and jibe inside).

This comic took off when the author of Dilbert recommended it to his readers. Hence, some strips make references to Dilbert.

Side track a little, the phrase "pearls before swine" refers to the admonition "Neither cast ye your pearls before swine" that Jesus gave to Peter according to Matthew 7:6 in the Bible. According to Pastis, Rat, who considers himself a genius, casts his "pearls" of wisdom before Pig ("swine"), who is the only one naive enough to seriously listen.

Description of the two main characters: (Taken from wikipedia)

Rat is a megalomaniacal rat, and is an anti-hero. He is frequently critical of the strip's style and artwork as well as the other characters in the strip and many other living things. Often self-employed, most of his businesses involve either punishing or defrauding people for their ignorance, much in the same vein as Dogbert, though with a darker humor. Rat lives with Pig in a house somewhere in Albany, California.

Rat is an insensitive character in the strip, whose interactions with others are typically sarcastic, condescending, selfish, insulting and sometimes violent. Rat frequently breaks the fourth wall to berate his creator on his joke writing, artwork, or the general content of the strip itself.

However, Rat does have one weakness; women. Pigeta telling him that she is leaving for another character, (they are sometimes shown to be dating) his ego is crushed (in one strip, literally.) In another strip, Rat appears to have a nervous breakdown when trying to flirt with a female rat.

Pig is childlike and dim, but also well-meaning and kind, all of which leads to constant ridicule by his housemate Rat. Pig's jokes generally involve his incompetence and not knowing his true surroundings. Pig has a short-tempered girlfriend named Pigita. Pastis says that Pig is the easiest character to write for: "He just has to misunderstand everything that he hears, then when it's explained to him, he has to misunderstand that too."

Pig has a habit of talking to inanimate objects such as food, stop lights, bait, and various other things (although since in the "Pearls" universe the objects talk back, this is not as odd as it might otherwise be). His dimness is often exhibited in the strip. For instance, he once went to a Halloween party as a hostage and could not see, causing him to fail miserably at charades. Pig's least appropriate characteristic is his love of pork products; He likes bacon, ham, corn dogs, and so on, making him a cannibal, although he appears to misunderstand this. He is also sometimes able to tell which member of his family has been made into the food product.

Here are some comics of it I found from online. Take note that Pig eats BLT sandwiches which contain bacon. Haha.. Not trying to promote “cannibalism here”, mind you! Enjoy!