Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Freak Accidents Happen for a Reason

Freak accidents happen when we least expect it. No matter how careful we think we are. When it happens, it’s not something we welcome but unfortunately it’s a reality we cannot change. .I, sincerely hope their loved ones will move on with their lives.

Today’s paper wrote “Baby Falls to Death at High-rise Condominium”.

Playtime for a one-year-old baby boy turned tragic after he slipped from his father’s arms and fell to his death from the sixth floor of a high-rise apartment in Pulau Tikus here. It is believed that the toddler might have struggled while the father was holding him, causing the man to lose his grip.

The man, in his 30s, had been looking down from the balcony of the medium-cost apartment at about 7pm as he showed his son the view down from their floor when the incident occurred yesterday. The father then rushed downstairs but his son, whose body landed on the ground floor, had died from the fall.

I also remember a case whereby the mother accidentally pressed the accelerator of the car and it drove over to the road kerb, over her toddler daughter she had purposely placed carefully over there. This is an example of another unexpected freak accident.

No parent would want that. Imagine the mother’s nine-month pregnancy and the bond of the parents over their child. Their agony is unimaginable for someone like me.

However, I’m told of the importance of grieving and then moving on. I just hope they can learn to stop blaming themselves and move on with their lives especially since they’re still young. It’s not easy but I know some who have done so.

This couple has lost his son to strong current of the river while he was trying to save another drowning friend. The mother shared that initially she blamed the guardians of the trip there but had learned to forgive and believe their son is up in heaven. They strongly believe that even thought they lost a son; God is giving them more “sons” to care for as now they’re working with teenagers and children.

Hence, always try to look at the silver lining and move on with your life. In fact, Christians believe that when we die, we leave our bodies (temporary vessels) and return back to God in His kingdom. Death is not the end of our lives - it marks the beginning of our lives with God. Knowing that your child is save with God would be comforting. Just a reflection...

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