Monday, January 18, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City Trip

Was away for a free and easy trip in Saigon. Will be posting reviews on:
1. Hotel
2. Shopping
3. Food
4. Sights

Meanwhile, a snippet of my shopping haul. hahaha Broke but happy. Most of the items are to be given away though. I've controlled shopping for the first two days before succumbing to these... ;)


Miu said...

hmm which one is mine.. which one..

PiggiYing said...

hahahah u only ask for coke.. :p Will pass to u this Sat..

What else u want?
I didn't buy extra.. :p

SL said...

Hmm... I thought I saw something that looks like fake stamps...

PiggiYing said...

Really ar?? They are fake stamps? I bought those on the 2nd day (since I avoided buying anything else). I thought I'll just get stamps for fun. :p