Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New background colour

Aloha.. what do you think? Which kind of background should I use for my blog? Been reading this guide to customised my blogger template. I've tried the background so far and thankfully it works. :)

Blogspot was upgrading the layout template and gave me a scare. I thought my template with all the widgets and links were gone. Phew... I wouldn't want to add all those back again.

Option 1: Keeping it pink in view of the pinkiness of pigs. Lol

Option 2: Blue skies image - my first blog was on clouds and skies.

Option 3: The Wooden Fences theme. Try to take some parts of it to incorporate into the Minima Template.

Will see how it goes. Next need to find out how to edit the title for my entries. So please bear with me while I experiment a little more on the background.

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