Thursday, January 21, 2010

My first experience with a Book Launch

I will be posting more entries suddenly because I had lots of activities end of last year. Need to blog about it before I forget.

My friend invited me to attend a book launch:Farish Noor’s “WHAT YOUR TEACHER DIDN’T TELL YOU: The Annexe Lectures Vol.1” sometime in December.

I was curious but not really interested because I didn’t know the author. I’ve not followed the local scene or updated my reading list with newer authors. (Stuck in school time.. haha) Anyone else can recommend me good books to read?

We went to the Annexe in Central Market, KL. Again – I haven’t been there ages since I don’t take public transportation to Pasar Seni / Klang Bus Station there any longer.

It started with a little cocktail – finger food, drinks and a counter with books for sale. The book that was going to be launch would be slightly cheaper on that day compared to retail. The book was being sold for RM100 for 3 books. I got one for fun – literally and it looked interesting. (Yes, this is the time I bought books I don’t need) My friend thinks I bought it because I could get the author to autographed it… haha.. what do you think? ;)

The event started with introductions to the publisher, Amir Muhammad of Matahari Books, who was also throwing in his birthday celebration that same night (cakes was served later).

There were 3 performances that night : a guitarist from Little Black Tie (sorry I can’t recall your name), a pair of performers who recited poems accompanied by music effects on the keyboard (first time watching a performance like this)

Then the person in charge of Annex read from the book. He only read the footnotes which was half a page!

The night ended with the author, Farish Noor sharing a little about his experience. One thing worth highlighting was his comment that he is surprised an academician can be a “celebrity” in Malaysia. The book was launch with a little girl, Sara known as “Fairy” who cut the ribbon to officiate the event. Cute…

My friend who was a fan, was a little shy to take a photograp with the author but I asked her to at least get the autograph. So we started queuing and created a snake line of people waiting to get an autograph from the author. Hehe. A thing to note – it was hard to decipher his writing! ;)

In short, it was interesting experience and I got hold of another book before we left because not of the author (sorry no offense intended), but I love the movies by the late and talented Yasmin Ahmad especially the movie, Sepet.  Thanks Miss A for bringing me along! :)

Then – we were off to Chawan, Bangsar for late supper and drinks. Amazingly among the 3 of us ladies,we ate 2 big portion of rice: Nasi Briyani with lamb rendang and ... another which name I have forgotten - what is this call?

Recalling this, makes me hungry for food!

p.s. I have not read the book! lol

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SL said...

Farish Noor has launched a book? Cool... I used to read his column. Something more about him here .