Friday, January 08, 2010

Masked People

I really dislike hypocrites. Let’s call them masked people.

I’m told that no matter what people do to you, you should be open, forgiving and never ever burn the bridges. You never know if one day you’ll meet the person again and he/she happens to be your new boss or client. What then?

Option 1: Some might say it’s so long off in the future. Why bother? When the day comes; you’ll deal it with then. So tell them to f**k off!

Option 2: But some decides to put on a “mask” and politely join the crowd to be “masked people” of politeness without showing their true emotions.

I find that when you let your emotions run, you tend to follow Option 1 and sometimes regret what you did. You’ll feel a little remorse for being curt or rude to the masked people. But it’s hard to undo as the masked people themselves are human and definitely emotional.

Then when you go for Option 2, I find that I cannot live with myself by being so fake. I can’t accept the fact that I have to lie with my fake smile (which need to be practiced to look natural) and sweetly show you are happy talking to the other person.

I don’t know.

Scenario 1

I know these few masked people who ignored my attempts to befriend them and always tried to harass me with petty issues. But suddenly, when I was going off to greener fields, they become extra friendly and suddenly want to be chummy.

My emotional side tells me this: Ohhh.. now only want to treat me so nice? It’s obvious you’re trying to find out where I am going next. (I find that certain unconfirmed information should not be revealed to masked people – never know what other devious plans they have)

My logic side tells me: They’re being nice. They want to celebrate your leaving. *rolling eyes*

Scenario 2

I meet up with this group of people once a week for some activities. During the activities, they are friendly, helpful and cheerful. However, if you meet them outside that activity, they would pretend not to see your or don’t know you. It becomes even apparent during some ice-breaking games whereby the game was to call a person’s name quickly. I know this person who had to refer to my nametag (didn’t know my name) even though we’ve met for few months. *Rolling eyes*


What then? I was reading a book on controlling your emotions. I like the analogy used of a train. Your mind (logic) is the locomotive (engine at the front) while your emotions is the baggage cart at the back which sways along.

Thinking of that, I pray that I can use my locomotive to lead the way and try to keep my emotions in check. But sometimes, that “naughty” and “rebellious” me will let loose the emotional monster in me and you’ll have a situation where the devils wins over the angels on your shoulders. lol (like this comic)

Oh well... must be one of my grouchy days... Smile! It's the weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

Interesting... I have some experience to share. Let's talk when we're both online.

PiggiYing said...

Eerrrr okie.. but u r? haah Msg me then..

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. In life we'll meet all sorts of people. We can't expect everyone to be just like us. It's either you join them or ignore them.

PiggiYing said...

It's not expecting people to be the same. That is not possible. But it's people joining the crowd to be hypocrites. That's all. Sigh..