Sunday, August 29, 2010

Movie Review: Phua Chu Kang The Movie (Spoiler alert)

Two adjectives: Lame and disappointing!!

Sighh.. I am a fan of Phua Chu Kang the series but this movie really disappointed me. It is so lame and it tried to drag on many scenes with the characteristics of the characters of Phua Chu Kang.

Rough history:
Phua Chu Kang Pte. Ltd. tells the story of Phua Chu Kang (acted by Gurmit Singh) who is a typical "chinese" contractor who pronounces "parquet" as "park-kuet" and speak Singlish. He lives in a bungalow with his wife Rosie (Irene Ang), his brother Phua Chu Beng (Pierre Png) - the architect, his brother's wife, Margaret (Tan Kheng Hua), his nephew Aloysius and their mother, Ah Mah (Neo Swee Lin). The funny antics and silly rivalry with Frankie Foo is further illustrated in the movie.

The Review
Back to the movie, it starts off with Phua Chu Kang and Rosie working in Malaysia (spin-off series which was sponsored by Gamuda). Ah Mah comes for a visit and mysteriously disappeared. Chu Kang and Rosie somehow manages to track Ah Mah to an old folks home where she is suspicious with an elderly man. Somehow, the owner (Lim Lau Pek) of the old folks home needed a contractor and Chu Kang tendered for it. Ah Mah tries to deter Chu Kang by inviting his arch-nemesis Frankie Foo to come for the job tender too.

Why lame?
Because the storyline is too predictable and the lines are too corny/lame. Phua Chu Kang does the things and says all the normal things he does. He speaks loudly in broken English. He digs his nose with his long finger nails and he spats saliva when he quarrels with Frankie.

Irene Ang has lost weight (I remember seeing her as the spokesperson for a slimming company). I suspect to maintain her  aunty "Rosie" image, she was given to wear audacious flowery top in bright yellow and leopard-prints tights with rainbow coloured thick eyeshadow (reminescence of Mimi from The Drew Carey show)Amazingly, she is the women the guys are fighting for in the movie.

Phua Chu Kang and Rosie with her rainbow-coloured-eyeshadow

Mimi with her trademark cyan-blue eyeshadow

Something new is the introduction of the new enemy of the movie: Lim Lau Pek
with his flirtatious moves on Rosie and the most speechless scene is when he is frolicking by his swimming pool with his swimming attire (a well-placed flower right in the middle). Errr..

Anyhow, if you're still adamant to watch it, I suggest you wait till the DVD is out (as it'll be cheaper than going to the cinemas). Or if you still want to, go in with low expectations. Indeed, you will laugh at a few scenes but at the end of the movie, you will somehow feel the sense of loss at an opportunity to make it more memorable.

Oh why disappointing? Besides the obvious reason - bad storyline and poor lines, it is so obvious an advertisement cum movie to promote Nippon paint. There are altogether a few scenes (which were unnecessary) to talk about Nippon paint. Kind of lame to me. Examples are: the scene with Phua Chu Kang promoting the "Colourful" theme of Nippon paint during the tender interview and showing on the laptop - the options to change the colour for the facade of the old folks home. Yes, you are sponsors but can you please don't spoil the movie. *shakes head*

In the end, I shall still remember Phua Chu Kang from the series and their famous tag line: "PCK- best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Upcoming movie review: Phua Chu Kang the Movie

Yippeee!! Freebies again. Just got an sms from for winning 4 movie tickets to Phua Chu Kang: The Movie. Again, I couldn't really get instant confirmation of friends to attend the movie.

Thanks to blogger friends, I don't have to waste the tickets. Hope it'll be worth watching tonight. Afterall, I really enjoy the silly antics of Phua Chu Kang and Rosie with the whole crew! ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I wish I was an Octopus

Why, you may ask?
It's just that I wish I have that many "hands" (octopus have 4 pairs) to finish up my never-ending-work. But best of all... I wish I can eject black ink like a cloud to escape from work (lol. like the octopus). Wow... wouldn't it be cool?

Imagine.... your client suddenly approach you with a stack on work (which they want it "yesterday") to be completed. Suddenly, the whole room become dark and when it cleared, you were gone....

Imagine... you suddenly fell flat on your face in public.. suddenly the whole place turn dark and you escaped before anyone could recognise you.

Imagine..... you can see your arch-enemy approaching at the corner, you flee and squeeze through small spaces (like the octopus) to hide because you don't want to face another encounter.. well, not yet.

Ignore my insanity for a moment and let me imagine myself as this intelligent creature which can hide from its prey and escape smartly (wish I can learn from them to apply for unreasonable-deadlines)

In the meantime, isn't this image of the octopus-sushi-chef a little ironic? Do I see Nemo in there on the sushi plate somewhere? Lol (Disney-Pixar would not dare...)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Unfinished jobs

I really really dislike doing things midway. Even worse is when you work with people who do not do work properly and just leave it midway.

Arghhhhh.... Sometimes, I labelled cleaning up the jobs and fixing it up as "cleaning up other people's shit". Seriously, imagine if someone did it midway in their own way, you need time to check and look into how it was done before finishing it.

I'm tired mentally and emotionally. Too much things to do and it is unfulfilling when it is still not completed.

I pray dear God, continue to give me patience and the strength to deal with this kind of work, people and my own emotions against this.