Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I wish I was an Octopus

Why, you may ask?
It's just that I wish I have that many "hands" (octopus have 4 pairs) to finish up my never-ending-work. But best of all... I wish I can eject black ink like a cloud to escape from work (lol. like the octopus). Wow... wouldn't it be cool?

Imagine.... your client suddenly approach you with a stack on work (which they want it "yesterday") to be completed. Suddenly, the whole room become dark and when it cleared, you were gone....

Imagine... you suddenly fell flat on your face in public.. suddenly the whole place turn dark and you escaped before anyone could recognise you.

Imagine..... you can see your arch-enemy approaching at the corner, you flee and squeeze through small spaces (like the octopus) to hide because you don't want to face another encounter.. well, not yet.

Ignore my insanity for a moment and let me imagine myself as this intelligent creature which can hide from its prey and escape smartly (wish I can learn from them to apply for unreasonable-deadlines)

In the meantime, isn't this image of the octopus-sushi-chef a little ironic? Do I see Nemo in there on the sushi plate somewhere? Lol (Disney-Pixar would not dare...)


Sherry said...

if I have this many hands many things can done

Josh Healy said...

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