Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Unfinished jobs

I really really dislike doing things midway. Even worse is when you work with people who do not do work properly and just leave it midway.

Arghhhhh.... Sometimes, I labelled cleaning up the jobs and fixing it up as "cleaning up other people's shit". Seriously, imagine if someone did it midway in their own way, you need time to check and look into how it was done before finishing it.

I'm tired mentally and emotionally. Too much things to do and it is unfulfilling when it is still not completed.

I pray dear God, continue to give me patience and the strength to deal with this kind of work, people and my own emotions against this.


Jessying said...

yes i hate ppl like that too!! always have to sapu their sampah for them !!!

good luck darling :) hope u have a better day. each and every day !

Sherry said...

remind me of school days can never get all the work done.

PiggiYing said...

thanks you all!! :)