Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Movie Review: Echoes of the Rainbow (spoiler alert)

I happened to watch this movie a few weekends back and I told myself, "I HAVE to review about it". Actually, I HAVE to rave about it.

This movie, Echoes of the Rainbow is so poignant and touching that it caught me by surprise. I watched it without knowing that it has won awards, "Crystal Bear for the Best Film in the Children’s Jury "Generation Kplus"" in the 60th Berlin International Film Festival and also a number of awards in the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards by big time Hong Kong actor/actresses such as Simon Yam and Sandra Ng. (info taken from

The movie revolves around the life of a little boy, Big Ears (narrates by him) as he goes around in a fish bowl on his head; imagining he is an astronaut. The fish bowl was expertly stolen by him from a fish shop. In fact, he is a kleptomaniac that he even stole the British flag from a presumably-British school to the statue from the temple and lugs all his "treasures" in his school bag. There was a funny scene where he stole a glow-in-a-dark figurine from a cinema and hid it in his pants.

Big Ears has an elder brother, Desmond who is an all-rounder student (good grades, school's representative runner and also for quizes). In fact, love was about to blossom between Desmond and Flora before she migrate to US with her family. Spoiler alert - unfortunately, Desmond is plagued by a disease (leukemia) which the movies slowly shows how his health deteriorated; affected his students, running, and eventually life. (The movie is set in the 1960's whereby research on medical treatment was still on going).

Not forgetting their parents, Mr Law the serious cobbler and his optimistic wife, Mrs Law (the sales lady whose art of persuasion will render you speechless). They show a committed life together through the hard times making ends meet while bringing up a happy environment for their children.

Interesting scenes to note is when they were preparing for dinner. The whole neighbourhood (along that street) will come out and eat together. The children and adults can just go around different tables to share food and eat. It's good to see the closeness of the neighbourhood.

Another touching scene is when Mr.Law makes a special pair of leather shoes for his wife with a discreet hole even for her corns on her feet to "breath" which is covered up with lovely flower decoration on her shoes. 

Even when their son is sick in the hospital, this couple take opportunity to appreciate each other and breath a little. It was kind of sad to see when Desmond was hospitalised, the nurses all demanded money for every little thing they had to do for Desmond e.g. bringing a bottle of water and to take blood sample gently. (If you pay too little, they will be very rough and it will be more painful).

The scene when the Mr. Law had to rush to a pawn shop late at night to get money for blood transfusion was met with a haughty nurse who told him a higher price for fresh blood versus frozen blood for the procedure. That scene was touching because Mrs Law noticed the missing wedding band on Mr Law's finger; showing he pawned it for the procedure.

Basically, there's little memorable scenes all over which really pulls your heart. Even when Desmond is finally buried, Mr Law acted out his words during the whole movie, "The roof is very important" by giving Desmond's grave a roof in the form of a bougainvillea plant.

Oh yes, obviously the part where the tornado hit their street and only their house was flown off was a bit illogical. But afterall, this movie is focus on the Law family. So don't think, okay? ;)

Take my word for it, watch this movie and prepare the tissue box for those who are more sensitive! I don't think I cried but my eyes was glassy... lol

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