Thursday, July 22, 2010

Food Review: Boobalicious Smoothie

I'm the kind of person who would pay RM10 for a freshly squeezed juice, neat without added sugar and overflowing with ice. Unfortunately, eateries these days take opportunity to serve cordial fruit drinks for that same price. (bad experience with Eden RM10 juice some years back...)

Hence, whem I found a super smooth, thick delicious smoothie for less than RM10 in Boobalicious, Tropicana City Mall, I was kind of estatic! I try my best to have a cup whenever I'm there.

Seriously, how often do you get something that's refreshing fresh, smooth and delicious?

Here's the Passion Fruit/Mango smoothie with cream and boba (tapioca balls normally found in bubble tea). The later 2 items are optional.

Some pictures I took while sitting/relaxing on the sofa and slurping my smoothie. ;)

Wonder which combination I shall try next? Hmmm...

I think there's some other dishes and sandwiches sold there. But all I'm eyeing is the smoothie! Go try it and and quench your thirst with a creamy fruity drink! ;)

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