Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Scurrying "Lipas kudung"

In school, we used to learn proverbs and I especially remember this term " lipas kudung" in Bahasa Malaysia.

What does it mean?
It is used to describe a person who does work very fast.

I guess it describes literally the cockroach with its arms and legs scrawl over the place quickly. This reminds me of the singing cockroaches from the movie, Joe's Apartment. Lol

Why I'm suddenly reminded of this term?

Well, in the office, I noticed EVERYONE is like a "lipas kudung". We rush here and there, struggling and trying our very best to catch up and finish up the never-ending work. Everyone moves quickly; fingers busy typing, groups gather to discuss...

Unfortunately, despite all the effort, work is still overflowing. Sigh..

But then again, we try out best; scurrying around and rushing for work... what a hectic, fast-paced working life we have.

Hence, every Sunday, it's the Sabbath day for me. I've succumbed to pure laziness and rest by sleeping half a day and just bumming around.... like Sid the sloth in Ice Age. haha.. Thankfully, so far, it's enough to rejuvenate me to prepare another hectic week. But I do know I need to plan for some short trips to rejuvenate my mind and heart!

Hence, I'll transform from the scurrying cockroach to a lazy sloth and back again every week.... I just wish I'll remain human most of the time. LOL.. Have a busy week ahead!

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Sherry said...

I am sick I am lazy, flue and sort throat. :(