Monday, December 29, 2014

Surrendering to God?

What happens when you think you have too much challenges?
I love this quote which my senior pastor always says "Hard peanut makes good peanut butter".

I was down and angry last few days due to my sibling dispute. Yes, I am always the black sheep in my family because I am not a "doctor" and traditionally, my family prefers boys over girls. Boys in my family always get away with everything: don't have to do housework, get to go school excursions, get to have late night outings and never get scolded. (My parents made me wished I was borned a son when I was in primary school). At first, I thought maybe they are being over protective because I am a girl... sigh, denial is not a good thing. Even after 3 decades, the proof is still there but I got conned into this phrase my mum claims "I treat all three of you equally".

So yes, even though it doesn't make sense, even thought my brothers are wrong, my parents will always side my brothers.

I was so upset because already knowing this, I asked my father to intervene the already rudeness (no choice was told to accept it by my father to avoid a quarrel....) and now emotional harrassment from my younger brother.

My father said don't involve him and leave him alone.

I feel like running away. I feel so powerless. My hubby cannot do anything and I am forced to accept this because I NEED my parents help to look after my son.

Because I don't earn enough to get a full-time maid like most people do.

What IF I get a maid?
I don't have my own house to place the maid because I am currently "squatting" with my parents.

Why don't have my own house?
Because my hubby believed anywhere else NOT in KL is not a decent location to stay. So out place is in KL.

Why are we staying with my parents?
IRONICALLY, because my hubby got a job half hour away from my parents house.

Why didn't we get another place in Klang?
Because price has increase when my pay gets more decent and basically I have TOO much financial commitments now to afford an almost million dollar house.

Why don't I get an older house within my budget?
Because it will be too far from my parents place for them to ferry and fetch my son and I might end up needing to fork out more money for renovation.

Why am I making so many excuses?
Because I am man. I am full of sins. I am shameless and I never learn to seek God's help. So yes, God, I have never really been touched by You and now I seek your guidance in my inner turmoil.

Why oh why?
I don't know anymore. I am tired physically, emotionally.... What can I do?

I tried running away... finding another place to move out.. Finances is killing me.. My mum would say it wouldn't be a problem if you marry rich.. D'oh

Well, let me pray about it then? ....

Monday, December 22, 2014

Celebrating Christmas with a Toddler

I felt the need to bring my son to public places or where there are more people. Alas, I can’t help that he has no cousins his age to play with and is always surrounded by adults. 

The most I thought, perhaps we can bring him to the crowd to feel the festivity of the moment.

In fact, not sure about other single child, my heart aches when I see him trying to trod after other children playing in shopping malls but they never bothered with him. (why should they with an unknown kid?) We tried sending him to Kindermusic which is just a 45minutes session with some other children his age but half the time, it takes him to warm up and get used to the classes.

We haven’t manage to attend church regularly for his sake to make more friends so attending church with no friends is also a little sad for a lonely child.

However, I do hope he will not grow up feeling lonely. Young children have so much hope, joy and excitement within them that their eyes just sparkle with so much energy. I love looking into the eyes of my son and see his expression to all the “firsts” things he see and experiences he go through.

We adults have live a jaded realistic life and forgot how to sit back and experience the moment. While I am busy cleaning around my son, I try to take time and sit back and look at him smile, grin, laugh and throw a tantrum in frustration when the duplo parts doesn’t come out… and wish life was more simple sometimes.

I wish this Christmas a blessed, joyous one with lots of laughter to every single child (even adults with their forgotten inner child). Let loose your loud funny laugh. Let loose your need to run into the spray of water. Remember it doesn’t matter that you get dirty, enjoy the moment and live!

Merry Christmas to all!:)

Do take the opportunity to have your family picture taken this Christmas. I have gotten 3 free photo prints for this Christmas season from shopping malls. :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Meal strike: Picky Eaters

After a week of meal strike, I felt relieved but didn't understand why little toddlers do that. Hence, I googled reasons why they turn down meals and was given these points to ponder:

1. Miss Independent.
The toddler wants to decide on things. My mum has allowed my son to choose what shirt he wants to wear and he happily does it. I guess individuality is coming out.

2. Food taste "yucky"
I was told this "Of course, your son has been eating your plain porridge for more than a year daily."
My son was having a porridge strike.  No matter how we coax, he will divert his head, block the spoon with his hand and if you insist further, he will burst out in tears.

Healthy porridge made from vegetable and meat puree because he doesn't like to chew yet..

Solution: I started offering my food to him so he gets interested. A spoon of noodles and a spoon of porridge in between. Wonder if it is the right thing to do... But at least he is still eating.

Of course, it means I still have to eat plain not so salty, spicy food so that he can eat off my plate.

Alternatively, I started serving some noodles in the form of ramen, mee suah with soup. He seems to like it but doesn't eat much.

3. She is not hungry right now
 I find this reason very true. I can offer a meal to my son and he refuses it. Maybe 15 minutes or 30 minutes later, he will open his mouth wide to eat. Unfortunately it means keeping the food warm or serving it cold.

4. Dinnertime is too rigid
This reason is a bit hard to justify because it will not be a good habit to be eating everywhere. We try to train him to eat in his high chair at the dining table. It will not be a good habit to be chasing him around the living and dining to feed him. So yes, a little rigid but he gets some Youtube time on the highchair during meals.

5. What you are serving is boring.
Gosh... for daily meals, I couldn't help much but I try on weekends when I am not working. So far, the easier I could do is flourless banana pancakes shapes. It takes only 1-2 banana with 1-2 eggs ratio (test it out to see which texture you like).

Mash the banana, beat in the egg and pan fry it with some olive oil. Cut into the shape you desire when you are done.

I have started introducing some jam and butter with his pancakes. Thankfully he will at least eat 2-3 pieces when I do this.

Haven't started other method yet.

Good luck to other mothers of fussy eaters! Best to remember, for my case, at least he was still drinking milk when he had his meal strike. It didn't help he was feeling under the weather by vomitting everytime we tried to feed him solid.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Remembering my 2nd little one

I guess it is fated that I will never see you born.
I can remember clearly the day I suspected you were conceived.
I was full of joy when for the first time, the home test results showed positive immediately.
Little M needed at least 4 home test before I confirmed (but then I didn't use clear blue immediately)

I remember thinking God is kind because I really wanted you.
I knew of your presence near my birthday and think you were my birthday gift from God.
I knew you were different because I got headaches and evening nausea.
I knew you were firm and decisive when you made me puke specific food that you didn't like.

Only picture I have of you....

I kept track of what you liked and what you didn't.
Orange juice was out.
And so was Chattime tea.
Beef was okie this round, and so were most meat.

Nursing M was painful but I wanted you both to still be close to me
M acted up because of you
But I thought when you were borne,
He would understand you.

We wish you well in heaven with God. Even though we wanted you here to play with your brother, God has other plans for you. We shall remember you in our hearts; even though it was brief, you brought us so much joy and happiness too. We believe we will see you someday too.

Your mummy, daddy and brother M.


13 Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. 14 For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. 15 According to the Lord’s word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. 16 For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. 18 Therefore encourage one another with these words.
(1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Development milestones: Dancing to Bears now asleep (The Wiggles)

I thought I was the type to write down everything but since it's a whirlwind of nursing and trying to catch up sleep, I haven't done so! :( So didn't write down when is his first tooth etc.. arghh

So while I have time and still remember, M learned to twirl round according to a video during these past 2 weeks. Highly recommended video song by the Wiggles. They show simple movements and instructions which my 17 month old son can do. He already knows how to clap. Now he knows how to turn around and put his finger to his mouth (shh shh). :)

 Lyrics for Bears Now Asleep
(The Wiggles sway their arms from side to side on every half note beat)
Everybody clap (clap clap clap)
Everybody sing (la la la la la)
Bow to your partner
Then you turn around (Yippee!)
Hands in the air, rock-a-bye your bear
Bears now asleep
Shh shh shh
Bears now asleep
Shh shh shh
(Repeat to Beginning)
("Bear's Now Asleep, Shh! Shh! Shh!" Is repeated as the song fades out)

Children books review: Where is Baby's Belly Button & Dear Zoo.

I remember growing up reading Peter & Jane books by Ladybird and also the other classic storybooks from Little Mermaid to Rapunzel in those A5 sized hardcover book with nice illustrations.

Hence, I was quite amazed with the selection of books nowadays and found out about top list of books for babies, toddlers and children to read. It helps also that I stumbled upon a group  of mummies in Facebook who homeschool and are avid readers. They introduced to me the world of children books.

Before that, on purely the help of google, I got a few books and these turn out to be Matthew's favourite from 0-1 years old.

Lift-a-flap books
Book Review 1: Where is baby's belly button (by Karen Katz)

I found this book through recommended books when I was pregnant with Matthew. I decided to order from which ships free worldwide.

Hence, I was very happy that this became a big favourite of Matthew's. He would giggle and laugh whenever we open the flap to reveal/answer the questions where is the baby's body part.

The great thing is that it teaches Matthew where is his belly button because we will open his shirt and tickle there. He knew how to open his daddy's shirt to point the belly button too. Eventually he learn about the other body parts. Best song to learn about body parts is also "Head shoulder knees and toes".

This lift-a-flap book is a board book with sturdy hard flaps. The most is a dent or two but it is durable against a toddler who started learning to flip. The flaps is stuck on hard unlike some others paper type which can come out.

Highly recommended book to introduce and attract a baby.  

In fact, from this book, I started looking for other Karen Katz's books. She has a wide range of lift-a-flap books that is worth checking out.

Book review 2: Dear Zoo (Rod Campbell)

How does this book attracts a toddler? By opening flaps too, to reveal what kind of animals packaged inside. Good way of introducing different animals too.

You can also preview the book through this youtube video.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Lego Minifigs Simpsons

I cannot believe it but yes, I started collecting Lego Minifigs Simpsons.

Why? Well, I'm a 80's baby who grew up watching Simpsons and when I saw how detail, delicate and cute the minifigs were.. I had to at least own the family set.

So I thought, then I continued on hunting for the rest of the minifigs and finally yesterday, got the last no. 16th minifig to complete my collection. I had to go to a few Toys'rus to grope through the packaging to guess which character it was. It was lucky that the first time I spotted these minifig, the sales girls knew which character was in which packaging and I got lucky when a man searching for his own set, gave me 2 characters I wanted.

Mind you, at RM11.90 each, it is not cheap when in total it costs RM190.40! Gasp... no wonder I am overspending.

And then, I saw... there is a Lego Simpsons House set......

Thank God, it is out of stock in Malaysia and my pocket is not deep enough to make me start this hobby.... But it's so cute!! Lol

Take a look at the creative way of displaying the minifigs! Will update with my way of displaying later. :)

16 month milestone: Self-feeding

Baby M has started self feeding himself last week during dinner. He can scope his cereal and soup. Finally found the suitable spoon for the job too. :) He doesn't eat too messily yet but he does in enjoyment, dunk his whole hands into the bowl to feel the texture of the soup ingredients and pour over all his little table.

 Self feeding on the way

Messy self feeding

 Ideal way of eating : In progress? :)

On reflection, I realised I did try letting him self feed earlier but he was not ready. When he was ready, he wanted to hold the utensils (even mine) and scoop food to feed himself. Eventually, he didn't want to be fed but wanted to feed himself.

The only problem is he doesn't get all the food inside his mouth because his motor control of scooping the food and putting into his mouth. Hence, the hunt for the right spoon began. Obviously, the easiest way to ensure food goes inside his stomach is to continue feeding him in between his attempts of self-feeding. ;)

As dear M doesn't want to chew rice that much, Avent spoon works well for feeding cereal. However, when it comes to drinking soup, the spoon is too shallow. By chance, MIL introduced the typical chinese soup spoon as shown below. It works wonders as it is deep enough to allow at least 1/3 of the soup left for M to sip. :)

 Chinese soup spoon

Other milestones which I didn't manage to note was finally drinking from the straw cup by himself without any prompting.. (Hunting for the right straw cup which doesn't leak is another entry by itself!! gosh!)

Speech development

After a niggling worry that my son is not even calling me "Mummy", he finally can call out to certain objects. He goes crazy seeing banana and will shout loudly "Baaaa". Technically, he also gets excited with shoes (meaning can go out) so he will say "Sssshhhhu".

Off hand: He has named banana, shoes, puff, ice, daddy.
Sign language he uses: Tooth brush, milk, food, asking for any object by pointing.

Signing for food

Am proud that he managed the past few months by pointing and staring right at you to get whatever he wanted before this. Now, I am trying to pretend I don't understand to encourage him to speak more.

Physical development

Yes, he has finally learn to let go my hands and run ahead after seeing my friend's 2 and half year old son doing it. Before this, he always pull our fingers/ hands along (as if getting our permission and company) to go anywhere. He still does it, but sometimes he let go to explore himself. I hope he will continue to hold on to our hands because I am reluctant to use the safety harness I bought as a backup. It really works like a dog harness but with our unsecured society, is always best to be safe than sorry.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Baby product review: Yu Yee Oil

I grew up using yu yee oil when I was younger. It helped if you were having tummy ache.


Wikipedia says yu yee oil contains the following:

Now, as a mother, grandmother insist that yu yee oil also be applied to my son after every bath. Somehow it works. He will let go gas and his stomach will no longer be bloated.

Don't know what exactly is inside the bottle but since we have been using for ages for babies.. this tradition will follow on. (hopefully no ingredients changed during this duration). It doesn't really smell that strong to me and the smell will go off after some time.

So, when baby has a tummy upset or a bloated tummy, fear not. Just dab and rub a little yu yee oil around his tummy (avoid belly button), and you will have a happy baby sleeping again... 

Antenatal Classes review: Parentcraft by Jenlia Maternal Services

This is a long overdue review but after going through my delivery, I think it's worth reflecting if I should have or shouldn't attend the antenatal class.

I surveyed during my pregnancy and narrowed down to Jenlia Services Sdn. Bhd. I found out that they are the one conducting antenatal classes "Parentcraft" for 4 days over the weekend in Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC) and also Sunway Medical Centre. I also looked in KMPJ antenatal classes but was told by my friend who attended that it was conducted in bi-language and not very focused.

Based on logistics, I narrowed down to SDMC or in Jenlia itself which was in TTDI. After that, I chose TTDI because it was over 2 days in a smaller group versus 4 days in SJMC in a larger group. Felt it was tiring to attend so many sessions during my pregnancy. Plus, I was delivering in Pantai Hospital. So I felt the added topics were not applicable to me.
Comparison of Parentcraft classes

TTDI – in the shoplot
SDMC, Subang Jaya – Medical centre (beneficial if you are planning to deliver there)
2 sessions (2 Saturdays morning)
4 sessions (4 Saturdays afternoons or 4 Friday nights )
Max 5 couples a class
Maximum 18 couples a class
Brief classes but more interactive.
More detailed class inclusive of visit to the medical center labour room and admission procedure
More time for discussion and Q&A
Not sure as didn’t attend
Topics covered
Topics the same excluding topics like Admission Procedure, no ante-natal exercise but have the relaxation exercise and breathing technique, do not “visit to labour room”
1.1 Recognizing Derivations from Normal Progression in Pregnancy
1.2 Preparation for Parenthood
1.3 Relaxation Technique
1.4 Ante-Natal Exercise
2.1 Importance of Early Breastfeeding
2.2 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding
2.3 Care of Self Post Caesarean Section and Breastfeeding
2.4 Signs of Labour
2.5 Admission Procedures
3.1 Tour of Labour Suite
3.2 Husband's Role during Labour and Delivery
3.3 Preparation for Normal Labour and Delivery
3.4 Normal Labour and Delivery Process
3.5 Pain Management
3.6 Breathing Technique of Stage 1 & 2
4.1 Care and Support for Mother during Puerperium
4.2 The Newborn - What to Expect in The First

As I attended this sessions in early 2013, I might have forgotten all the details but I remember her tips on breathing and the exercises the most. I remember the transparency and projector (a bit old school) with vivid diagrams showing the delivery process and her explanation on the pain management. I remember the demonstration of how to breastfeed using a doll. How is this any difference from reading a book? 

Well, I asked her about "Asian practices" during confinement i.e. what herbs can be consumed during breastfeeding. Jennifer does do home visits limited to certain radius for RM100 a trip, the last I asked. Unfortunately she doesn't cover my area but thank God, all I needed was another friend who gave me confidence about my breastfeeding during the 4th day post delivery. :) 

It is also good to attend to hear and see other couples in the same boat with equal concerns and anxiety. It's comforting to know every parents go through this. 

Would I recommend attending the classes?
Yes - very much to first time parents. It is not only for mothers but I find it very helpful to get the daddies involve. Jennifer goes round asking questions to the daddies too and giving some tips of their role during labour. I didn't ask my hubby how it felt but I think it is a good lesson for him as he doesn't read any of the books I pass to him. ;)

Jennifer is also very realistic in saying that sometimes we do not really have to force breastfeeding by saying it is not wrong to mix with a little formula milk when she gave the scenario in the hospital. However, I did attend another breastfeeding class by another person who is more pro-fully breastfeed. Will share my breastfeeding experience in another post.  Am happy to share that I am still breastfeeding my baby and hopefully till my son's wean off himself. :)

Tips to consider:
Only attend antenatal from 28 weeks onwards. IF too early, you might not remember too.
Why Jenlia? It's because I have read reviews about the instructor (Jennifer Hor) who co-wrote the book Asian Parenting Today, which was recommended because of consideration to our local asian context in terms of "confinement", traditional believes, etc. However, since it is my first child, I didn't read finish the book from cover to cover but use it as a guide for reference only. Will try to do a book review of it later.

Sample of the content of the book:

  • 0-3 months: First Impressions, Jaundice, Breastfeeding, Bottle-feeding, Sleep, Clothing, Keeping Baby Clean, Outing, Sterilization of equipment, Prevent of Infection, Immunization, Screening of Tests, Rashes, Baby's Temperature, Crying, Colic, early Concerns, Bonding & Stimulating Baby, Playtime, 0-3months checklist
  • 4-6 months: Establishing a Routine, Sleep, Feeding Habits, Guidelines and Menu, Semi-solids, Home Safety, Milestones and Ideal Activities, Checklist
  • 7-9 months: Sleep Issues, Feeding Baby, Recipes & Schedules, Baby's Health, Milestones, How Baby Learn, Play Schedules, Checklist
  • 10-12 months: Baby's Health, Feeding Suggestions, Meals & Mealtimes, Milestones, Watching TV, Building Self-Esteem and Independence, Playtime, Checklist
  • Ways to Keep Baby Safe, Nursery Rhymes, Recipes 
  • Thursday, February 13, 2014

    Dealing with Eczema

    *Disclaimer: I do not intend to advertise any products stated here but sharing my experiences of using them on my child's eczema. From all the reading I have done, I noticed that what works for one child does not necessarily works for the next child.

    Eczema is a form of  chronic skin inflammation which is believed to be caused by hereditary and environmental factors. The dermatologist mainly mentioned that it was hereditary maybe suppressed; when I highlighted that the parents do not get eczema.

    My son has eczema since 2 months old and it flares on and off; depending on environmental or perhaps coincidentally after immunisation or some events. In the process of searching for the "miracle" cream to help soother and manage his eczema, I have bought whatever lotion/cream/supplements/medication which a slight possibility of soothing his rashes and flare. We have brought him to 2 pediatricians and 1 dermatologist in this process too.

    Infant eczema prone areas.

    Initially, I wanted to blog out stage by stage of the process of healing and discovery but then realised time is a luxury these days. Hence, here is the conclusion for 10-11 months dealing with infant eczema.

    Step-by-step of Dealing with Infant Eczema
    1. Understand what eczema is and what type your baby has.
    This will help you to understand how to manage it.

    2. Look for triggers
    - Environment: Dust? Allergy to dog? Mites? Etc... In my case, we tried to remove dust by cleaning more often and also controlling temperature by always making sure my son is never too hot and sweaty. When he sweats, it will trigger his rash and eczema; making the condition worse. The dermatologist said that eczema makes it seem like the baby is even allergic to his own sweat. In fact, with the haze, we even invested in a good air purifier and humidifier to be used in the air-condition bedroom. Yes, we also ensure wherever we go, there is always air-con. Sharp has a good range of air purifier/humidifier.

    - Food: My baby is fully breastfeed. So I had to cut down all the "highly allergic" food and control my diet. Keeping a food diary is a must to eliminate the triggers. I started by cutting down on all seafood especially prawns. Once, I tried a piece of lamb and his eczema flared. So do keep a diary to find out the effect. I also cut down on all fried stuff as once, I ate the delicious spicy sambal of ayam penyet and my son had flares. Sigh...

    - Emotional: Yes, it does worsen the symptoms. When my son gets annoy and cries, he will continue with scratching his inner elbows, necks... and IF you didn't always keep his nails short, you will get scratch marks and worse, bleeding wounds.

     3.  Maintain a disciplined skincare regime
    - Atopic eczema means the skin is unable to retain its own moisture. So it will start with dryness which will trigger itching, then flare-ups. Hence, looking for the right moisturiser is essential.

    a) Bath time: 
    - Do not use harsh products with synthetic ingredients and preservative. I've tried Baby Organics, Sebamed, Cetaphil Restoraderm, etc. At the moment, Baby Sebamed Body Wash and Cetaphil Restoraderm Skin Restoring Body Wash  seems to work. But we use sparingly.
    - Water has to be luke warm - not too hot which will aggravate eczema.
    - Bath time has to be limited to 10-15 minutes to prevent drying of skin.
    - After bath, do not rub skin with towel; instead pat dry as rubbing will aggravate the skin.

    - Some recommend adding epsom salt, dead sea salt and even Aveeno Oatmeal bath to help soothe the flare. I have only tried epsom salt bath and adding my extra unused but expired frozen breastmilk to his bath. It was not consistently done so I cannot vouch for the effect.

    b) Moisturising:

     The creams and lotion we have tried on our son from Baby Sebamed, Cetaphil, E45 cream, Four cow skin calendula remedy, Aveeno, Lucas Paw Paw Cream, Lanoline, Ezzera, Ceradan, Salcura, Dermalex, Malaleuca Renew Intensive Skin Therapy, Buds Super Soothing Rescue Lotion, Atopiclair, Moogoo Irritable Balm, Sudocream, Egyptian's Magic.... etc..

    - Apply moisturisers within 3 minutes after bath to ensure effectiveness of absorption.
    - Use creams, ointments and thicker cream. Lotion is too diluted for eczema skin. Again, look at the ingredients and find out which are the triggers.
    - My son's regime is:  Face - Baby Sebamed Protective Facial Cream, body - Baby Sebamed Lotion which will be layered with cetapil restoraderm skin restoring lotion at the flare areas (inner arms, necks, back of knees, legs). Layering the creams will help retain the moisture. Some sites do recommend letting the skin breathe and work on its own but I have yet to let that happen except for short duration.
    - Rash and itchiness: Use selected creams for itchiness i.e. Ezzera, Bud's Super Soothing Rescue Lotion, etc. These two works for my son at the moment. My son's nanny even applies chilled fresh aloe vera to his problematic part and it does calm down the itchiness.
    - Redness: This one is hard for me to find the "miracle" product... I try using Lucas paw paw cream.. it slowly helps reduce the redness but it was only recently, I found out the reason for his redness.
    - Dry thicken skin: So far only Cetapil Restoraderm Skin Restoring Lotion works to remove the thicken skin.

    c) Clothing:
    - Try to use 100% cotton loose fitting clothing. I think this is important because it might cause the skin irritants. In fact, there are some specially designed clothing for eczema prone condition which I have yet to look into and hope I don't need to.
    - Prevent scratching: Try getting something like the scratch-me-not mittens to prevent further scratching. Or alternatively, I bought from Scratch No More who is based in Malaysia.  I let my son wear scratch no more mittens only to sleep when he unconsciously scratch himself during sleep. It seems to work at the moment.

    4. Try supplements to boost immune system
    - Probiotics: Some research says that eczema could be caused by leaky gut and taking probiotics like LactoGG and BioGaia probiotics drops will help with eczema. I add in probiotics to his breakfast cereal.
    - Supplements like Olivenol (olive oil) to boost immune system. I add in the liquid form to his dinner daily.

    5. Wet wrapping: This is something I have read briefly about and hope I don't have to use it. It is for severe itching and discomfort when the eczema gets really bad.


    In a nut shell,
    We learned about the importance of bathing in the right temperature and duration.
    We learn to impose a bathing routine which incorporates slathering a bunch of lotion and ointment quickly on my son.
    We learn about his trigger foods.
    We learned that even toothpaste can contain dairy and eggs! Gosh, I only noticed that recently and eliminate the toothpaste. Then the redness subsided from my son's cheeks. (Suspecting egg at the moment - I need to do an egg allergy test next)
    We learn that a little antihistamine helps to soothe itchiness and help my son to sleep. (Even though I didn't really want to give any oral medication to my son... sigh)

     This is what my family had to go through to help my son deal with eczema.

    Monday, February 10, 2014

    Applying the values from Martha and Mary

    I know is not really that suitable to use this analogy but it serves best now to tell how I feel.

    The bible tells the story of Martha and Mary who teaches us the importance of priorities in serving God. Martha was busy preparing food for Jesus while Mary sat by Jesus's feet to listen to His teachings instead of helping her. Martha rebuked Mary for not helping her but Jesus said this:

    "Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her."
    (Luke 10:41-42, NIV)

    My role as a mother to my son is like Martha. I have somehow succumbed myself into preparing food, bath, clothes, future education, toys, books, etc for my son instead of spending time with him. Yes, he will love me still and look for me. But for the past year, as I reflect myself, I noticed I have become Martha.

    What I have missed out with my son?

    1. Waking him up in the morning to see his beautiful smiles. He has the loveliest smile in the morning after a fully rested night of sleep. (At that moment, I was busy preparing and cooking his porridge). Daddy gets this privilege and never realised it.

    2. Bathing him luxuriously without rushing him off to the nanny... (Morning is a horse-race against time to get my son ready to the nanny while getting ready to work without being even later to work than usual).

    3. Feeding him the food I made to see his reaction and new chewing skills he has towards food. (Usually during breakfast, I have to get ready to work while dinner time- I am still at work).

    4. Teaching him by reading him books, flashcards, etc. (I no longer have the time or privilege to do that as always rushing for time and if there is any spare time, I would try to get some nap due to insufficient sleep from dream feeds throughout the night).

    Yes, I thank God I still am there beside my son and running circles like a maniac near him. But I do know from his lack of smile towards to me (except cries for milk to sleep), that I am no longer close to my son.
    Can I change? I guess if daddy is willing to help me out then maybe mummy will not be like a crazy-always-looking-at-the-watch lady trying to chase against time to prepare baby's schedule like a smooth baby's bottom.....

    If only..  you know, I do look and feel like the image above. I call myself the pack-mule carrying all the stuff when that happens. Guess what daddy does?

    I haven't started talking about my role as a wife yet...Where is that book I bought that has a title like "How can your marriage survive a baby?" .... I wish I could manage to keep my earlier resolution of hubby first like how this blogger did...

    Tuesday, January 07, 2014

    Welcoming the year 2014

    Welcome the year 2014.
    2013 went by very fast and before I knew it, it's another brand new year.

    Recap of 2013
    I am thankful to God for these new experiences:
    1. Delivery of my first born child naturally with God's grace
    2. Buying and owning my very own first car (coincidentally, baby decided to come out on the day I collect the car)
    3. Being a mother and understanding God's love.
    4. Breastfeeding successfully for 10 months and still going.

    Resolutions for 2014
    1. Continue to introduce God's presence to baby.
    2. Reduce unnecessary baby-related shopping especially toys.
    3. Plan for career
    4. Find right "schoo"l for baby
    5. Find right early education for my baby either Montessori, Shichida etc
    6. Continue breastfeeding as long as possible.
    7. Find out allergy cause and right items to reduce flare.

    I wonder if I can do all the planning and researching I wanted....