Friday, August 15, 2014

Children books review: Where is Baby's Belly Button & Dear Zoo.

I remember growing up reading Peter & Jane books by Ladybird and also the other classic storybooks from Little Mermaid to Rapunzel in those A5 sized hardcover book with nice illustrations.

Hence, I was quite amazed with the selection of books nowadays and found out about top list of books for babies, toddlers and children to read. It helps also that I stumbled upon a group  of mummies in Facebook who homeschool and are avid readers. They introduced to me the world of children books.

Before that, on purely the help of google, I got a few books and these turn out to be Matthew's favourite from 0-1 years old.

Lift-a-flap books
Book Review 1: Where is baby's belly button (by Karen Katz)

I found this book through recommended books when I was pregnant with Matthew. I decided to order from which ships free worldwide.

Hence, I was very happy that this became a big favourite of Matthew's. He would giggle and laugh whenever we open the flap to reveal/answer the questions where is the baby's body part.

The great thing is that it teaches Matthew where is his belly button because we will open his shirt and tickle there. He knew how to open his daddy's shirt to point the belly button too. Eventually he learn about the other body parts. Best song to learn about body parts is also "Head shoulder knees and toes".

This lift-a-flap book is a board book with sturdy hard flaps. The most is a dent or two but it is durable against a toddler who started learning to flip. The flaps is stuck on hard unlike some others paper type which can come out.

Highly recommended book to introduce and attract a baby.  

In fact, from this book, I started looking for other Karen Katz's books. She has a wide range of lift-a-flap books that is worth checking out.

Book review 2: Dear Zoo (Rod Campbell)

How does this book attracts a toddler? By opening flaps too, to reveal what kind of animals packaged inside. Good way of introducing different animals too.

You can also preview the book through this youtube video.

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