Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Learning-working Experiences...

Working in the marketplace allows us to meet all sorts of characters in this world. Sometimes, in the smallest firm to big large corporation, there will be all sorts of colourful characters from different backgrounds, culture and upbringing who meet and work together... in the name of money and survival.

Well, I am the "happy mouse" working in a small firm, minding my own business and doing my best. Someone mentioned, "Don't be a mouse that didn't even realised someone had moved her cheese". I'm not sure if that's the case, but subconsciously I do feel it is time to move on and try different pastures (take note I wrote "different" and not greener).

Definately, people come and people go. New jobs and higher demand in the market creates greater opportunities for all who dare to venture. I have new colourful colleagues. From the typical "ham sap" guys who ogles at any sexy or revealing piece of meat to the nosy one who ask you every single detail and spreads it faster than a bush fire!! From them and myself, I learn a few things.

I learn the meaning of sexual harrassment. It comes in so-called joking teasing sexual remarks which makes one uncomfortable.
- Thank God, after warning him a few times, that stopped... and I pray it stays there.

I learn about backstabbing with people complaining directly to the boss of things you supposedly did and you being uncorporative, with other people fueling or spreading that in truth, he is MCP who doesn't like to work with women.
- Thank God, he left. But sadly, he left some trails of misconception. Ironically, I only knew about this a month after he left. Need to be more aware!!

I learn about trying to delegate tasks when I myself is unsure about the task itself. Painfully, I feel so helpless when I couldn't answer their queries.
- Thank God, with experience, time, trial and errors, I learn and improve.

I learn not to be easily offended or upset when people use hurtful words or you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
- Thank God, I realised it and am trying to control my emotions by not taking it to personally.

I learn not to be too nice or friendly to colleagues who might mistake that you are open to relationship even though I thought the label of having a boyfriend states the obvious.
- Thank God, I realised it even though a little too late and am trying to do something about it. But he still doesn't get it. Arghh!

I learn to always get instructions from clients or other consultants in black and white on any major changes in the project.
- Thank God, I have a colleague who guides me in this. But I have to learn to know it myself.

I learn to keep my opinions to myself but sometimes when provoked, they do leak out!!
- Thank God, I am still trying.

I learn that I should be improving more of myself to be more valuble because employers cannot appreciate you based on loyalty but on capabilities and performances.
- Thank God, He gives me many wonderful opportunities.

The list goes on... but I write some of them here to remind myself and review what I have learn and done. I want to make sure, I seriously learn from this to avoid any future complications. I pray He'll continue to give me strength, wisdom and guidance in dealing with people.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Sometimes, you try to avoid confrontation and conflict by minimising any conversation or even meeting the person itself. But how long and how far can you run?

How do you avoid unpleasant conversations?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Frogger Game!!

I used to play this game on this 'green 30cm X 20cm X 20cm box' with black screen and green images. It's a portable game like tetris but this one was bigger and bulkier. When I see this game. it makes me reminiscence of those days when I was young.

It takes patience as you bring the frog safely across the street. These days, I still get impatient trying to win this game. Try it! :)