Thursday, August 27, 2009

The hunt of the perfect gift

Our friend is getting married and we were having “serious” brain-storming sessions to select the perfect gift: from a one year supply of her favourite drink to an interesting idea from C. (not going to reveal in case the bride-to-be is reading this)

It was fun debating on the suitability of the presents and imagining its usage. I’ll only reveal after the wedding. In the meantime, here are the common wedding gifts I have heard being given in Malaysia
1. Money (the best and most asked for item)
2. Jewellery
3. Glassware
4. Electrical items
5. Decorative memento
6. Flight ticket (for honeymoon) – from parents or close relatives
7. Bride pampering sessions
8. Etc?

Do you have anymore ideas? Perhaps I can use it for future weddings of my other many friends.

It was a fun hunt for the present and I hope A is not too sad we didn’t decide on her idea. I can’t wait for C to marry now since she has reveal what she wants for her wedding and for the first time, it’s not about Forever Friends. Lol


I was on the receiving end of the compliment-veiled-sarcasm.

My colleague commented something like this: (Rephrased)
“You look very nice today. People who look at your fair-skinned hands and legs would think you’re very pretty until they look at your face and get a shock.”

He started the conversation by pointing to my legs and hands (so I was distracted and not prepared for the later half of the comment)


Overdraft facility

Well, I usually treat most callers courteously and give them a chance to say what they have to say (yes, telemarketers too). I just let them ramble off their script and then say I’m not interested. At least they did that part and sometimes I might learn new things.

Today, I received a phone call from a bank where I was having a fixed deposit (FD). The lady called to offer me the overdraft facility especially for me since I’m having a FD there. She explained the rates and also further added that it’s a minimum of RM10k which my FD is way less than that. Hence, she asked me to top up to the amount to “enjoy” this facility.

Firstly, yes I shouldn’t be putting in FD but it’s a small amount and I don’t know where else to invest in. The interest rate is only 2.1% now from 3.8% at one time. Yes, I tried unit trust (lose money) and no, I haven’t tried shares (not enough knowledge and $)

Secondly, IMO, if the person doesn’t even have the minimum amount, why ask them to top up and borrow more? Gosh! I mean it’s like telling you this:
Hi, I’m going to lend you RM500k at this rate XXX. But you have to give me RM500k of your savings as a guarantee. Ok?”

Well, I didn’t let her explain the concept of overdraft to me but what I understand is like that. It doesn’t make sense to me. If I have the money, why should I borrow money from “myself” and let you charge me interest, processing fees, hidden charges? *Scratching head*

I googled it and noticed it’s suitable for business short of cash? Hmmm, but this specific bank’s offer to me is annoyingly senseless to me.

Anyone care to enlighten me the point of this facility for a single working lady like me?

Movie Review: UP

I wrote a review on Up on Monday and accidentally deleted it. Sigh. I normally write in Microsoft Words in office and e-mailed to myself so I can upload it at home later. (No distraction of Facebook in the office.. ahhaha) This is the best I can recall. I like my first version. *sniff*

I can sum up the movie in a line (okay… a very long line. Tsk.)
It begins with a sweet love story of a kindred-spirit couple (Carl & Ellie) with an unfulfilled childhood promise; prompting the aging widower on a great adventure with a lonely little boy to forge a beautiful relationship and a reason to move forward in life happily.

The first half on the “love story” of the couple is very touching and endearing. Most ladies will be wondering if their relationship would end up so beautiful like that: Loving couple to the very end… I find that this would appeal more to adults.
The rest of the movie is the typical adventure in most animations catered to children with laughter and lots of fun. I missed Pixar’s personal touch in creating very adorable and branding characters like “Nemo” which has replaced the name “Clown fish” worldwide.
I paid RM19 to watch the 3d version and was very disappointed. I have to recommend that you watch only the 2d version. I found out that they do not screen the short clips which Pixar always have in all their animations only for the 3d screening. I was so disappointed. I also waited till the credits at the end to watch if there were any extra stuff (last time I left and missed the extras in Finding Nemo) but there were nothing.

Overall, as a Disney & Pixar fan, I still give it thumbs up and will continue to watch more in future. Watch it for the love story! ;)

On a side note, I watched this movie in TGV, Sunway Pyramid and was disappointed with their service. They didn’t switch off the lights in the cinema until more than 15 minutes later even though I holler to the attendee behind. He merely replied, “Wait…” So I had to watch the sweet love story with 4 glaring bright lights on each wall of the cinema, shining into my eyes. *Grumbling*

Monday, August 24, 2009

Talentime (spoiler alert)

I was literally forced to watch this movie with about 1 hour’s notice and given the wrong time of screening for this movie. It’s not that I don’t want to watch movies but I guess, I’m not such an impromptu person. However, I was proved to be silly in doing that because the movie was worth watching every minute of it. Thanks Alina! ;)

Talentime is produced by the late Yasmin Ahmad (who was popular for her movie: Sepet). It tells the story of 3 main scenarios which touches the undercurrent of racism, religion and difference of the multi-culture, racial and religion among Malaysians.

It echoes a similar style from Sepet with the love story of a Malay girl and a Chinese boy which was what started my admiration for Yasmin Ahmad’s movies. In fact, every year, I look forward to the Petronas National Day commercial which would be produced by her. But I didn’t notice any this year. *sniff* but then, I don’t really watch the local tv channels since there’s Astro.

Anyway, Talentime focuses on a Malay girl of Eurasian descent, Melur (played by Pamela Chong – made famous by her participation in The Amazing Race Asia) and a hearing and speech-impaired Indian boy, Mahesh who fetches her to school for her talentime’s practices in his motorcycle as requested by the school. Somehow, in silence, their love grows and blossoms. However, Mahesh’s mother could not accept their relationship as she was too distraught and did not want to lose his son to the other side (to the other religion).
The “reflections” were on his mother’s reaction to his uncle,Ganesh’s relationship with an Indian Muslim girl last time. The family was against their relationship because of the religion despite her being very nice to everyone. It didn’t matter. He complied with his family wishes and left the girl… harbouring the hope she might return to him but in the end, prepared to marry another after many many years later.

There's also the scene with a Malay boy, Hafiz and his Chinese classmate, Kahoe. It shows the obvious prejudice of Kahoe towards Hafiz who took over his spot of being the top student in his class. Kahoe is under the impression that Hafiz is not so smart because of his race (the generalisation of race) and even reported to the teacher that he cheated. However, when he found out that Hafiz is truly a smart and nice guy who was doing well in school despite a dying mother in the hospital. Kahoe's hate suddenly changed into respect when he accompanied Hafiz during the talentime. The scene of Hafiz singing and playing the guitar; accompanied by Kahoe playing the erhu shows the ideal scene most true Malaysians would want.

There are a few more interesting scenes to highlight but I don't want to give the entire plot away. Watch yourself!

Things to note: I like the symbolic scene of Ganesh's fiancee playfully throwing the white fabric for her wedding attire over Ganesh. This was shown as a flashback after his death. It looks like the body being wrapped in the white fabric. Deep!

Oh, I am still puzzled over this scene: Why were there suddenly babies in diapers around them in the park?

To cut it short, this movie touches the differences in religion which prevents relationships between two persons in love. It also touches the prejudice of other races which prevents friendships to blossom. Here's also another review I found online.

Whatever happens, this is a true glaring fact we are facing in our society today. No matter what happens, we might be friends today; but in the face of survival, everyone will act and side based on their same skin colour, faith and believes. ..

I quote the witch,Ursula who sang this to Ariel in the song, "Poor, Unfortunate Souls" in the Disney movie, Little Mermaid.. “It’s sad but it’s true…”

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Generation Y

This article is published today in The Star. I find it worth mentioning here because I am a Generation Y (explanation below).
For your info: (wikipedia varies a little on the precise years)

* The Silent Generation, people born before 1946.
* The Baby Boomers, people born between 1946 and 1959.
* Generation X, people born between 1960 and 1979.
* Generation Y, people born between 1980 and 1995.

The main points to highlight to me is the fact that this generation has gone through a lot of things. Despite what the older generation says about us being "lucky" because we are more educated, more aware of the worldly ways (internet), endless borders, etc - we have our own share of "new" problems for our generation.

I'm really into the virtual world in terms of chatting, facebook, blogging, etc. but I haven't really reached the stage of living my life in Second Life. Look at the comics to see the portrayal of the different "generation".

Read the following article to see how the lawyer explains further.

Thursday August 20, 2009

Working with Gen Y


We want to live for more than work. We like to feel that we are living for more than just ourselves. Corporate social responsibility initiatives make a company more attractive to us, creating the perception that by not just living selfishly, employers are somehow better people.

THE economic downturn has thrown up many challenges to employers. One of the most publicised issues is retrenchments necessitated by cost-cutting. Employers know that there is a fine balance – they have to be mindful of the immediate need to keep the business afloat while ensuring good talent is retained.

With this in mind, the ability to understand the needs of employees – keeping them happy and motivated – is more important than ever. Globally, surveys have shown that employers struggle when it comes to the younger work force.

Popularly known as “Generation Y” or “millennials”, they include those born between 1978 and 1988.

My generation is apparently a bit of a conundrum for senior management. Why is this so? Are we really that different and difficult to decipher?

In short, no – provided that employers take time to understand the context in which we grew up, and the generational uniqueness in which we continue to work and live.

We millennials in the nascency of our careers are accustomed to living life at breakneck speed. Unconvinced? Consider the following.

Things which used to take generations (or at least one generation) to change – institutional structures, economic cycles, industrial shifts, linguistics, and socio-cultural norms now happen in a matter of years, sometimes more than once.

Since we’ve moved into the workplace, we millennials have experienced two major market crashes, the biggest single terrorist attack in history, two wars, two deadly pandemics and the bursting of no less than three global economic bubbles (dot-com, property and credit).

Technological obsolescence occurs in the blink of an eye. We have collected cassettes, CDs, minidiscs and now digital music. Innovation used to be permitted an occasional breather – for millennials, essential gadgets such as the Discman, iPod, mobile phone, computers and gaming platforms rarely last longer than two years.

And I haven’t even mentioned the fastest-changing medium of all – the Internet with its blogs, Friendster, mySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Business owners and senior management from the “baby boomer” and “Generation X” era need to understand that the world that we millennials have grown up in has shaped the way that we think, live and work. In Malaysia, it is estimated that Generation Y account for a sizable chunk of the workforce at around 40%.

Broadly speaking, here are a few generalisations of what makes Generation Y tick.

> We look at the concept of a career differently. Generation Y has the highest number of qualified, skilled employees of any generation in history. However, millennials generally have a reduced sense of urgency in forging a career path.

Sociologists partly attribute this to the increased comfort level: working is no longer a matter of survival, and most graduates move back in with their parents after university, affording them the luxury of taking time to choose a job that they really enjoy.

Greater opportunities for success beyond the realm of traditional professional boundaries; huge success stories like Facebook were born straight out of college dorm rooms also contribute to the attitude that building a career can wait.

The concept of taking a year out to travel, experience new things or just relax is no longer the big black mark on a resume that it used to be.

> Work-life balance is not what you think it means. When it comes to keeping millennials happy at work, the concept of “work-life” balance is almost antediluvian. Merely being able to get off work early is not enough for Generation Y. In fact, studies show that millennials are happy to work late, provided that they enjoy their work.

Employers who display trust and grant flexibility to employees – not requiring them to rigidly work, work and work throughout the work day – in turn gain more productive and loyal employees.

Generation Y appreciates being allowed to take short breaks, come in slightly later, enjoy long lunches, or even work from home, without being judged. As long as the quality and quantity of their work is not affected, why should this concern an employer?

Surveys confirm that millennials who are granted flexibility during the week do not even mind being in touch with their work (such as by Blackberry) through weekends. Studies show that millennials view their work and life as a merged identity and look negatively upon employers who are too straight-laced.

The fun and social side of office life is valued by Generation Y, and we tend to be more willing to work hard in an office environment that is permissive of humour, concepts such as casual Fridays, office socials and is not all work and no play.

> We want to live for more than work. We like to feel that we are living for more than just ourselves. Corporate social responsibility initiatives make a company more attractive to us, creating the perception that, by not just living selfishly, the employers are somehow better people.

Statistically, more than 50% of millennials would prefer to work for a company that provides opportunities for employees to actively give back to the community.

> We thrive on overcoming challenges. Generation Y has grown up in the midst of the greatest knowledge boom in history – the Internet. It is irrefutable that information has been more widely accessed by millennials compared to previous generations.

Experts opine that the competitive and fast-paced world of millennials has evolved us into better problem solvers, able to handle big decisions quickly and properly, and even cope with failure better.

> Technology is crucial to us. We are the first generation to have built social networks online. We develop close friendships based on online interaction. We blog, tweet and update our Facebook status.

Access to technology is important to us. One consistently common theme that arises in every workplace survey done around the world is this: millennials are unhappy and unmotivated when the employer blocks access to the Internet or social networks.

Employers who do so are viewed as lacking the trust and flexibility mentioned previously.

Our grasp of technology is not purely for personal reasons – our ability to find information that is relevant to our work in a very short time enables us to be more efficient, and results in a more productive and successful company.

The above are just broad brush strokes of the Generation Y picture. Each employee is unique, and companies will need to take into account local cultures and their own corporate agenda when formulating employment policies.

But employers need to acknowledge the importance of making a conscious effort to understand and adapt to the mindset and needs of the millennials. After all, in time, we will be the ones running your businesses.

> The writer is a young lawyer. Putik Lada, or pepper buds in Malay, captures the spirit and intention of this column – a platform for young lawyers to articulate their views and aspirations about the law, justice and a civil society. For more information about the young lawyers, visit

Monday, August 17, 2009

San Remo's Macaroni and Cheese

I am proud to announce that I can make a delicious macaroni and cheese. My secret? Instant pasta by San Remo. Lol. I know I shouldn't be proud of this but I really love these yellow packets when I have discovered them since few years back? (not too sure)

I especially love San Remo's Macaroni and Cheese. (I know... the calories and the cheese but I just can't help it). Normally, the only time I have macaroni and cheese is the side dish for the quarter chicken in Kenny Rogers. Mmm...

Now, with a packet of these little magical packets, water, milk, butter and you can add in extra cheese or goodies, you can make yourself a delicious feeling, fattening meal. Mmm....

KFC Cheezy Chickaroni Review

KFC is offering this option for their set meals at RM5.90. I had to try it since I am into macaroni and cheese. Unfortunately, it was a tad too dry for my taste. They placed the whole set onto the warmer with the rest of the fried chicken. I felt this has made the cheese dried up. In fact, I don't think plastic containers should be placed there because it looks like it's going to melt! Imagine that, instead of cheezy wedges, you can get meltzy plastic! :p

The set includes a softdrink and Cheezy Chickaroni (cheese macaroni with chicken ball). Despite the cheese, for a large eater, I think this will not be enough to satisfy one's stomach. But for me, it was enough to last through the night.

Hence, San Remo, you're still the best Macaroni and Cheese to me! Yummy!

Cockroaches in Love

Remember Joe's Apartments? Those cockroaches infested the entire apartment Joe was staying - with singing, dancing, swimming and partying around. Gross?

Well, I admit, I am squeamish about cockroaches too but not as bad as lizards or the household gecko (not too sure of the exact name). Lizards are cold blooded and I really don't like feeling its skin when I accidentally step on it. It's interesting to see it separating from its moving tail but the feeling of the cold skin... eeeeeee...

Cockroaches? I hate it when they suddenly climb and crawl over your leg without realising it. The worse is when you have to kill it with a smack of a rolled up newspaper or other weapon.. it will emit a hideous odour. I know I might sound cruel but a pest is a pest to me.

Hence, what did I find in the kitchen one day? A pair of cockroaches in the process of multiplying. I could even take a picture of it without them being alarmed. In fact, I took sometime locating the pest exterminator aerosal spray, Ridsect to spray at the pair.
They move a little but didn't want to part. In the end, I gave up and leave them alone. (I know, I shouldn't... I don't want to live in Joe's Apartment!!)

When I showed this picture to my colleague, do you know what they said?
"Wah? Jahat-lah you. Mereka ni tengah stim. Buat apa kacau mereka?"
Translation and my interpretation of their words: Why are you so bad? They are having a steaming hot session. Why do you disturb them?

No, I'm not jealous. *rolling my eyes* I'm just grossed by cockroaches itself. What about you? Do you look at this picture and see the act? Or like me, just feel grossed out by the pest themselves? Or you look at wonder at nature's work in continuing the circle of life...

I wonder...

Darabif Burgers

I noticed there's a new fastfood outlet: Darabif in Damansara Uptown. Miraculously, I managed to grab a few colleagues to join me to sample their food. (It's way the other end of Uptown from our office for us to walk.. about 5-10 minutes? Usually, my colleagues never want to walk far and it was also raining. Amazingly, we managed to find ourselves there).

Oh yeah, according to its website, Darabif supplies halal beef locally. Just google about it for more information. But I thought it was mainly selling beef products from the name "bif" in its brand name.

Hence, here they are. I ordered the Chick Combo (thinking it was the only Combo on promotion). Look below the flyer: it says "RM2 off for ALL Combo Items". Why didn't I read below the flyer? I was thinking of trying the beef burger because the picture looks delicious and I haven't had a nice juicy beef patty in a while.

The combo set consist of the Chicken Burger, fries and soft drinks. The other combo were like the beef burger, lamb burger and even a salad set. Sorry, forgot to scan the flyer showing all the options. Maybe later on this week.
Overall, the food was all right as it is supposedly healthy meat (less fat) and we know what that means. It's not like our Ramly Burger which tastes yummy but is super unhealthy and oozing with fat.

My friend who ordered the Beef Burger said that it was not beefy enough but being a less fat meat, he further informs me that it is supposed to taste like that. (Is it? I guess so, if not it would added with artificial flavouring?)

Service was mediocre as the staff must be still new. The ketchup and chili sauce dispenser was empty. We had to personally go to the counter to ask for the smaller packets. The delivery of food to our table was non-existence. After noticing several customers who came after us getting their food when they were at the counter, we decided to walk over and collect our items from them.

Overall, I wouldn't mind trying the food for RM6.90. However, I might not pay RM8.90 for a meal which doesn't really linger in my mind to tempt me again. On a side note, the healthy theme is enhanced with fruit juices and salad available for order.

Go on and try it, then share with me your feedback on the other food on the menu. I'm curious on their juices though but am too lazy to walk over again. Tsk tsk..

Saturday, August 15, 2009


My friend, Alina... just told me about this Malaysian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and ukulele player named Zee Avi who is currently touring US.. I was curious, who is she?

Have a listen to one of her Manglish song.. and enjoy! :)

Her other song "Monte" was featured in the second season finale of Private Practice. Click on her name to link for more details or just search in youtube for her other songs.

I really like how she sings in a little teasing, naughty way. Plus when she plays with ukelele, it's just too adorable not to listen! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What happens....

What happens when life gets dull?
What happens when the thrill in your life subsides?
What happens when you feel down and depressed?
What happens when you just don't think it's fun doing what you love anymore?

Well, the first step is give yourself a smack on your face.. yes, I'm serious.

Second, repeat after me outlod, "I am fortunate to be alive and healthy with all my body parts intact."

Thirdly, just yell out loud (as loud as possible) in your room, in your car or anywhere acceptable to do so to vent out your frustration.

Fourth, call a few close friends out for a simple outing : window shopping, a walk around, drinks and gossip, etc.

Fifth, dress to the nines for your outing..

I tell you, somehow, it'll just boost yourself a little and you'll be back on your toes in no time. In the meantime, while doing your activity, you might find a spark back into your life! Good luck!

Soothy's Goodie Bag

Miu is giving freebies again for her loyal readers and that's one of the good thing about reading her blog.
Picture kidnapped from her blog. :P

The Sothy's Relaxing Treatment Package consists of:
1 x Pre-facial anti stress & tension release theraphy
1 x ampoule treatment facial
1 x active eye treamtment

To win this, all you have to do is this:
1. follow Miu's blog [pls leave your follow id for her to check]
2. introduce yourselves! [silent readers here's your chance!]
3. leave your email for her to contact u!
4. and tell her why you follow her blog!
5. blog about this contest & your winning chances increased!
[don't forget to give her your blog link!]

Coincidentally, small world.... I used to study in the same school as Miu.. hah! She recognised me... and so sorry, I couldn't recognise her despite us having common friends.

Why do I follow Miu's blog?

Well, it started from me googling about "stila workshop" which led to her blog with precise clear description of the workshop. :) Then I found out about her updates on goodies during sales. Hence, since the Stila clearance sales, I'm hooked on makeup. Don't know to thank you or not for enticing me to be broke with all these sales.. ha ha...

The best thing about Miu, is that sometimes you don't have to trouble yourself to go to warehouse sales. She can help you scout out the items your heart desire with a low fee. But since she's overwhelmed with requests these days, I normally check out her "little shop" for any goodies she's willing to let go.

Yes, I'm one of her loyal readers to who will open her blog few times a day to check out if I missed any good bargains around.

Well, dear Miu, I hope all the retail (e.g. Stila, RMK, Clarins) out there realised how much you have contributed to their increased sales and reward you according. ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Body Shop Makeup Brush Set

I’m broke.. from indulging my sudden obsession with makeup brushes. Ha! You should see my collection now. (Will blog about it one of these days). Yet, I only use about 3-5 brushes only.

Well, I can control my expenditure since my pocket has a hole but my eyes have no restriction! ;)

I was in Bangsar Shopping Complex last Friday for lunch and I noticed a tremendous difference to the place. I couldn’t find the eatery I ate AGES ago… and settled down for Chilli’s which was well located in front.

However, I noticed new outlets in the newly-renovated portion like Kiehls, Body Shop, Locotaine.
Guess what I spotted in Body Shop? Some promotion for the opening of the store and a set of brushes I have never seen before in a pink coloured brush roll. I decided to google about it and found this:Imagine that! The people in the States can buy it for only USD19 from the normal price of USD90 with any purchase during a duration in March!

Sighh… how I wish Malaysia can have similar bargains… Shall I sneak the urge to have a second look or just close my eyes and try to find another obsession to replace this? (Preferably a cheaper one with no need to “buy”) tsk tsk..

Gladiator Heels

I guess I've been suppressing my shopping urges and trying to go to the opposite direction: Declutter, downsize, removal, donation, reselling, anything to reduce my stuff...

From a booklover (I only go to bookstores in my teenager years) to clothes I've somehow accumulated these few years (must be a suppression of not shopping in my younger years). I have TOO much stuff like most people do. Storage places are overloading and my dad repeatedly mentioned that my room is like a store room.

I've started an inventory of each of my item and my goal is to reduce 50% of my belongings (Can I succeed??)

However, my eyes caught something I was eyeing early last year but never found the right one- a pair of lovely gladiator heels which is eye catching and makes a lady walk with a swing!

After a few weeks of controlling the urge, I tried it on and fell in love with it. Alas, the shoe size was not right and it is out of stock! Sob!

Sigh! So how now? Shall my search quietly continue (and then the trend would have fizzled off) or back to my initial goal of NOT-buying (like a fasting from buying altogether)....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Air Optix Aqua Breathable Contact Lens

I managed to get a free pair of Air Optix contact lens yesterday during their roadshow in Berjaya Times Square. I have been wanting to try this "upgrade" version of contact lenses from their previous one: O2 Optix contact lens, and thank God, I got the opportunity! :)


Well, somehow, after a few months of not wearing contact lenses, my eyes cannot take O2 Optix anymore. I can only wear for few hours before my eyeball become a red irritated eyeball. Hence, I've kept them to occasions like weddings, dinner and special events- interviews... This newer "model" is supposedly made from a better material which is more permeable to allow more oxygen into your eyes.

What is the difference?

My current contact lens: O2Optix

It's O2OPTIX, breathable contact lenses that transmit up to five times more oxygen versus traditional soft contact lenses - for whiter, healthy-looking eyes, no matter how long you wear your lenses each day. They're so breathable, you can nap in them or even sleep in them for up to six nights extended wear

Do take note it is a fortnightly contact lens and not a monthly one. I even called up Ciba Vision to reconfirm this because the optometrist who sold me my first pair of O2 Optix told me they were monthly lenses! (Arghh to think my eye have been overwearing those lenses)

The new Air Optix Aqua

CIBA VISION introduces its latest silicone hydrogel innovation – AIR OPTIX™ AQUA breathable contact lenses*, which deliver an advanced combination of oxygen and moisture for a healthy, natural feeling. The lens also offers excellent initial as well as all-day comfort.

This new lens can be worn up to 4 weeks (according to the website).

Well, I can do a review of it since I've just got myself a pair. Perhaps I'll share with you all when I've tried it later. Meanwhile, here is the picture showing the freebies I got during the roadshow: 1 pair of contact lens, 1 box of Solo Care Aqua multi-purpose solution 60ml and 2 packets of Lid-Care sterile wipes (interesting).

I guess it's really important to remove all the eye makeup carefully or wipe your eyes before you remove your lens too. Will try out the wipes to see if they are just ordinary wipes or more for the sensitive eye lids. This solution comes with a contact lens case inside which is really handy for traveling.

Something to note, there was a free cornea eyetest during the roadshow which needed me to remove my contact lens. A table was provided with mirror, new contact lens case, solution and hand sanitizer for people to remove their contact lens for the test. I used the sanitiser and it irritated my eye! Don't think it's a good idea to expect people to clean their hands like that. In fact, somehow when I put on my lens, it wasn't in place properly and I couldn't find it. After asking the sales assistant around to look into my eye, they insisted I have dropped my lens and pointed to a broken one on the floor....

I shouldn't have believed them and should have believed the annoying feeling in my eye. After few hours; back home.. I discovered my lens somewhere hidden around my eyeball.. :P

Told you, it's still in my eye! Naughty lens!!

Post-exam blues

Well, been kind of lazy and not bothered to do much in the name of "post-exam blues"!

2 weeks have passed and the feeling of "merdeka" has long gone with our lunch buffet on Saturday. Some of us were rather grim, while others don't care as it'll be a long wait before the results will be out. But it was a memorable day with the presence of one of our friend's bubbly little son - who so loves the camera! He would smile happily when anyone takes a picture of him.

Since I'm done with the exam, what shall be my next goal? Kind of feel a sense of loss from the energy and stressed needed to study weekly. Ha!

Study again? Nahh... but don't mind continuing the momentum to catch up on lots of reading. The books I've bought these past few years lay untouched. Time to do a marathon of reading! (I did so.. slept at 3am this morning. Amazingly, the coffee I had this morning still keeps me awake till now.)

Saturday, August 01, 2009


My office do not provide calculators. So I am happy using the calculator in Windows for any of my calculation. However, my colleague decided to bring his calculator to work and it's worth showing you all! ;)

Compare it with the safety helmet and handphone.. see how huge it is.. :p

Random pictures of drinks

Just some thoughts since I have taken pictures of these drinks during the past year.

Aik-Cheong Kopi-O

I'm not a coffee-holic but I do enjoy a cup of coffee once a while; besides the need to drink to prevent sleeping when staying up late (although I don't know if it works because I normally can stay up late without caffeine.. hehe)

My best local coffee would be Aik Cheong Kopi-O. I really love the aroma of the just-brewed coffee... Mmmmm.... I know perhaps there are better coffee around but so far, this will do for a quick cup of coffee.

Kickapoo Joy Juice

When I was in primary school, a packet of soft drinks was only 20 cents. Now, how much do they sell in the canteen? Anyway, we would get them in a transparent plastic bag with a straw. I could easily sipped finish a packet by the time I walk from the canteen to the main gate of the school. It was a luxury to get to drink soft drinks then. I don't really recall drinking straight from the glass bottle though... but remember drinking from plastic bags.

The soft drink that brings back yesteryear's memories is Kickapoo Joy Juice. Despite being tease because of the word "joy" in the drink, I really liked it. I think some people say Mountain dew can come close to it... but ask any early 80's and late 70's babies about Kickapoo Joy Juice - it will sure bring a smile to their face. (Trivia: the drink was named after the citrus-flavoured soda in the comic strip 'Li'l Abner')

Hence, when I do come across it, I'll just grab a can of it and have a nice sip with a silly grin on my face. :p

Celebrity-inspired drinks

We have designer-inspired bags and also celebrity-inspired drinks. ;)

I remember the first time I saw a menu with a drink called "Michael Jackson" more than half a decade ago. I was puzzled. By now you all would know that it is actually soy milk with cincau which was widely marketed by Yeos with a big pack of soy milk and 2 cans of cincau attached to a pack. The individual items are seen in the pictures below (first pic: cincau, second pic: soy milk).
Another drink I stumbled upon is named after the Hong Kong actor, Koo Tin-Loc in Char Char Teng. Is there a resemblance? :p

Well, so what's your fancy? What would be your drink? :)

Short fingers vs Long fingers

Have you noticed that some people have longer thin fingers, while others have short stubby ones?

Well, I'm one of those people with short, stubby fingers. It is so unfair... because my brothers have long slender fingers!! Girls would prefer those slender fingers!! I do anyway..
Not my palm, googled this image.

So, what's the big deal? When I was younger, I always asked my parents, why are my fingers so short? It's definitely from their genes. (childish me then.. blaming parents.. hah!)

It was really annoying when I had to play the piano. My fingers can reach an octave maximum, and I really had to stretch my fingers! Tried playing the guitar few years back... difficult maneuver (my fingers had to do yoga. lol)

I used to think short fingers also don't really look nice wearing rings. So, pity my poor little fingers.. I always leave it bare and look down upon them; wishing I had fingers like my brothers... :P

Then, God made me realised that at least I have fingers. Some don't... but then when I noticed some other people's fingers, I tend to be thankful of my fingers.

I noticed my fingers is short, stubby and consistent. Some people have stubby fingers with shorter tips - very obvious difference. Some have even shorter fingers!

Conclusion; I don't really get so irked with my short fingers as I did when I was younger. (Despite being laugh at by people with longer fingers and bigger hands.. ahem) I'm just thankful for fingers to type these few words and hope when I do have a daughter, she'll get longer fingers so she doesn't have to complain like me. Ha!

Oh yeah, googled a bit on fingers.

"Generally, short fingered people don't need, or want, as much information from their world around them as do long fingered people. Short fingered people operate on a small amount of information plus their own "gut feelings". They are more inner directed than people with long fingers. " - Is it?? Never noticed

"Long fingers are seeking more contact with, and information from, the outer world. Long fingered people love details, need more data before forming opinions or decisions, and are outer directed. They are interested in the details of stories and events. They like to mentally take ideas and things apart, and put them back together again to better understand them before taking action."