Monday, August 10, 2009

Post-exam blues

Well, been kind of lazy and not bothered to do much in the name of "post-exam blues"!

2 weeks have passed and the feeling of "merdeka" has long gone with our lunch buffet on Saturday. Some of us were rather grim, while others don't care as it'll be a long wait before the results will be out. But it was a memorable day with the presence of one of our friend's bubbly little son - who so loves the camera! He would smile happily when anyone takes a picture of him.

Since I'm done with the exam, what shall be my next goal? Kind of feel a sense of loss from the energy and stressed needed to study weekly. Ha!

Study again? Nahh... but don't mind continuing the momentum to catch up on lots of reading. The books I've bought these past few years lay untouched. Time to do a marathon of reading! (I did so.. slept at 3am this morning. Amazingly, the coffee I had this morning still keeps me awake till now.)

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