Monday, August 17, 2009

Darabif Burgers

I noticed there's a new fastfood outlet: Darabif in Damansara Uptown. Miraculously, I managed to grab a few colleagues to join me to sample their food. (It's way the other end of Uptown from our office for us to walk.. about 5-10 minutes? Usually, my colleagues never want to walk far and it was also raining. Amazingly, we managed to find ourselves there).

Oh yeah, according to its website, Darabif supplies halal beef locally. Just google about it for more information. But I thought it was mainly selling beef products from the name "bif" in its brand name.

Hence, here they are. I ordered the Chick Combo (thinking it was the only Combo on promotion). Look below the flyer: it says "RM2 off for ALL Combo Items". Why didn't I read below the flyer? I was thinking of trying the beef burger because the picture looks delicious and I haven't had a nice juicy beef patty in a while.

The combo set consist of the Chicken Burger, fries and soft drinks. The other combo were like the beef burger, lamb burger and even a salad set. Sorry, forgot to scan the flyer showing all the options. Maybe later on this week.
Overall, the food was all right as it is supposedly healthy meat (less fat) and we know what that means. It's not like our Ramly Burger which tastes yummy but is super unhealthy and oozing with fat.

My friend who ordered the Beef Burger said that it was not beefy enough but being a less fat meat, he further informs me that it is supposed to taste like that. (Is it? I guess so, if not it would added with artificial flavouring?)

Service was mediocre as the staff must be still new. The ketchup and chili sauce dispenser was empty. We had to personally go to the counter to ask for the smaller packets. The delivery of food to our table was non-existence. After noticing several customers who came after us getting their food when they were at the counter, we decided to walk over and collect our items from them.

Overall, I wouldn't mind trying the food for RM6.90. However, I might not pay RM8.90 for a meal which doesn't really linger in my mind to tempt me again. On a side note, the healthy theme is enhanced with fruit juices and salad available for order.

Go on and try it, then share with me your feedback on the other food on the menu. I'm curious on their juices though but am too lazy to walk over again. Tsk tsk..

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