Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gladiator Heels

I guess I've been suppressing my shopping urges and trying to go to the opposite direction: Declutter, downsize, removal, donation, reselling, anything to reduce my stuff...

From a booklover (I only go to bookstores in my teenager years) to clothes I've somehow accumulated these few years (must be a suppression of not shopping in my younger years). I have TOO much stuff like most people do. Storage places are overloading and my dad repeatedly mentioned that my room is like a store room.

I've started an inventory of each of my item and my goal is to reduce 50% of my belongings (Can I succeed??)

However, my eyes caught something I was eyeing early last year but never found the right one- a pair of lovely gladiator heels which is eye catching and makes a lady walk with a swing!

After a few weeks of controlling the urge, I tried it on and fell in love with it. Alas, the shoe size was not right and it is out of stock! Sob!

Sigh! So how now? Shall my search quietly continue (and then the trend would have fizzled off) or back to my initial goal of NOT-buying (like a fasting from buying altogether)....

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