Monday, August 17, 2009

Cockroaches in Love

Remember Joe's Apartments? Those cockroaches infested the entire apartment Joe was staying - with singing, dancing, swimming and partying around. Gross?

Well, I admit, I am squeamish about cockroaches too but not as bad as lizards or the household gecko (not too sure of the exact name). Lizards are cold blooded and I really don't like feeling its skin when I accidentally step on it. It's interesting to see it separating from its moving tail but the feeling of the cold skin... eeeeeee...

Cockroaches? I hate it when they suddenly climb and crawl over your leg without realising it. The worse is when you have to kill it with a smack of a rolled up newspaper or other weapon.. it will emit a hideous odour. I know I might sound cruel but a pest is a pest to me.

Hence, what did I find in the kitchen one day? A pair of cockroaches in the process of multiplying. I could even take a picture of it without them being alarmed. In fact, I took sometime locating the pest exterminator aerosal spray, Ridsect to spray at the pair.
They move a little but didn't want to part. In the end, I gave up and leave them alone. (I know, I shouldn't... I don't want to live in Joe's Apartment!!)

When I showed this picture to my colleague, do you know what they said?
"Wah? Jahat-lah you. Mereka ni tengah stim. Buat apa kacau mereka?"
Translation and my interpretation of their words: Why are you so bad? They are having a steaming hot session. Why do you disturb them?

No, I'm not jealous. *rolling my eyes* I'm just grossed by cockroaches itself. What about you? Do you look at this picture and see the act? Or like me, just feel grossed out by the pest themselves? Or you look at wonder at nature's work in continuing the circle of life...

I wonder...


Miu said...

I actually love that movie! the singing n cockroaches singing is so cool!

your pic.. =_= what were u even thinkin when u snap them in action!

truthfully.. i have never seen them in ACtion b4! it looks kinda weird?? which one is male n which is female??

i saw on National Geography yesterday, it says mate 1 time.. n the female forever... can lay eggs already!!! just 1 time!

n u're lucky to catch this 2 in action (for the 1st n last time)

PiggiYing said...

Miu.. is i t? I haven't been watching national geography lately.. haha Mate 1 time can lay eggs forever? wow..

Ermm.. I didn't really look at them in detail.. kind of embarassed.. weird.. haha Think the male one is on your left and female on your right? :p