Thursday, August 13, 2009

What happens....

What happens when life gets dull?
What happens when the thrill in your life subsides?
What happens when you feel down and depressed?
What happens when you just don't think it's fun doing what you love anymore?

Well, the first step is give yourself a smack on your face.. yes, I'm serious.

Second, repeat after me outlod, "I am fortunate to be alive and healthy with all my body parts intact."

Thirdly, just yell out loud (as loud as possible) in your room, in your car or anywhere acceptable to do so to vent out your frustration.

Fourth, call a few close friends out for a simple outing : window shopping, a walk around, drinks and gossip, etc.

Fifth, dress to the nines for your outing..

I tell you, somehow, it'll just boost yourself a little and you'll be back on your toes in no time. In the meantime, while doing your activity, you might find a spark back into your life! Good luck!

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