Saturday, August 01, 2009

Random pictures of drinks

Just some thoughts since I have taken pictures of these drinks during the past year.

Aik-Cheong Kopi-O

I'm not a coffee-holic but I do enjoy a cup of coffee once a while; besides the need to drink to prevent sleeping when staying up late (although I don't know if it works because I normally can stay up late without caffeine.. hehe)

My best local coffee would be Aik Cheong Kopi-O. I really love the aroma of the just-brewed coffee... Mmmmm.... I know perhaps there are better coffee around but so far, this will do for a quick cup of coffee.

Kickapoo Joy Juice

When I was in primary school, a packet of soft drinks was only 20 cents. Now, how much do they sell in the canteen? Anyway, we would get them in a transparent plastic bag with a straw. I could easily sipped finish a packet by the time I walk from the canteen to the main gate of the school. It was a luxury to get to drink soft drinks then. I don't really recall drinking straight from the glass bottle though... but remember drinking from plastic bags.

The soft drink that brings back yesteryear's memories is Kickapoo Joy Juice. Despite being tease because of the word "joy" in the drink, I really liked it. I think some people say Mountain dew can come close to it... but ask any early 80's and late 70's babies about Kickapoo Joy Juice - it will sure bring a smile to their face. (Trivia: the drink was named after the citrus-flavoured soda in the comic strip 'Li'l Abner')

Hence, when I do come across it, I'll just grab a can of it and have a nice sip with a silly grin on my face. :p

Celebrity-inspired drinks

We have designer-inspired bags and also celebrity-inspired drinks. ;)

I remember the first time I saw a menu with a drink called "Michael Jackson" more than half a decade ago. I was puzzled. By now you all would know that it is actually soy milk with cincau which was widely marketed by Yeos with a big pack of soy milk and 2 cans of cincau attached to a pack. The individual items are seen in the pictures below (first pic: cincau, second pic: soy milk).
Another drink I stumbled upon is named after the Hong Kong actor, Koo Tin-Loc in Char Char Teng. Is there a resemblance? :p

Well, so what's your fancy? What would be your drink? :)

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