Thursday, August 27, 2009

Movie Review: UP

I wrote a review on Up on Monday and accidentally deleted it. Sigh. I normally write in Microsoft Words in office and e-mailed to myself so I can upload it at home later. (No distraction of Facebook in the office.. ahhaha) This is the best I can recall. I like my first version. *sniff*

I can sum up the movie in a line (okay… a very long line. Tsk.)
It begins with a sweet love story of a kindred-spirit couple (Carl & Ellie) with an unfulfilled childhood promise; prompting the aging widower on a great adventure with a lonely little boy to forge a beautiful relationship and a reason to move forward in life happily.

The first half on the “love story” of the couple is very touching and endearing. Most ladies will be wondering if their relationship would end up so beautiful like that: Loving couple to the very end… I find that this would appeal more to adults.
The rest of the movie is the typical adventure in most animations catered to children with laughter and lots of fun. I missed Pixar’s personal touch in creating very adorable and branding characters like “Nemo” which has replaced the name “Clown fish” worldwide.
I paid RM19 to watch the 3d version and was very disappointed. I have to recommend that you watch only the 2d version. I found out that they do not screen the short clips which Pixar always have in all their animations only for the 3d screening. I was so disappointed. I also waited till the credits at the end to watch if there were any extra stuff (last time I left and missed the extras in Finding Nemo) but there were nothing.

Overall, as a Disney & Pixar fan, I still give it thumbs up and will continue to watch more in future. Watch it for the love story! ;)

On a side note, I watched this movie in TGV, Sunway Pyramid and was disappointed with their service. They didn’t switch off the lights in the cinema until more than 15 minutes later even though I holler to the attendee behind. He merely replied, “Wait…” So I had to watch the sweet love story with 4 glaring bright lights on each wall of the cinema, shining into my eyes. *Grumbling*

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