Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Movie review: Tenshi no Koi (My Rainy Days)

Just watched a very poignant meaningful Japanese movie which I thought I would like to share. :) Warning though: spoiler alert...

The movie is called My Rainy Days or Tenshi no Koi in Japanese. The movie starts with the scene in the hospital which relates back to 3 years ago and coincidentally strangers in the same place again.

But you wouldn't realised it yet. It revolves around a young 17 years old girl named Rio who seems to be the life of the high school as the leader of the popular pretty group. She seems manipulative by recruiting girls to be part of her "escort group"; having a luxurious life staying in a high-end condo with a "sugar daddy" and unlimited credit card expenditure.

As you watch, you get to know that she was scarred badly with an incident 3 years before where she was raped and impregnate. She was forced to have an abortion and from that moment on, she decided to hurt others before getting hurt again with prostitution, extortion and manipulation.

Somehow, by a twist of faith, she received wrong developed photographs from the shop and fell in love with the guy in the picture. She met up with the 35 year old professor who actually took the photographs for his own funeral when he found out he was diagnose with terminal brain cancer 3 years back.

She is happy to share an umbrella with Kouki after giving away her LV umbrella to a guy who tried to picked her up.

She slowly changes to "good" and want to change to be perfect love for the professor, Kouki. You get laughter here and there with her daring moves to move his heart and make him smile like scenes at the underground train and in the library. She even asked him to wait for her while she is legally allowed to be with him and even forgives him for seeing any other women in between. Lol

Cute scene where she made a commotion in the library while Kouki is busy reading. He punishes her with the post it saying "Baka".. lol

 This is her afterglow reaction after he cheekily gave a her a kiss in between row of books... Very cute scene.

Later on, she received more sadness and blow with one of her friend's suicide in front of her (who was molested by her mother's boyfriend and she just murdered him when she couldn't take it anymore) and Kouki disappearance.
A good friend manipulated to joining the clique.. drew them.

All this while, she wasn't aware that Kouki was dying..

Anyhow, to cut it short, Kouki was planning to die peacefully but never expected a young high school girl courting him and making him wish he has more time to live. Hence, Rio manages to get Kouki to try a 2nd operation to remove the tumour with high possibility of loss memory...

The movie ends with the scene showing Rio has graduated from high school and returns to find Kouki..

Not telling you exactly what happens but this is definitely a sweet ending. ;)

Happy watching! :)