Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prevention IS better than cure

I learned my lesson well. After few injections of local anesthetic, it still hurts when she pulled it out.

The story? Well, my right pointer finger got an infection and ballooned up. There was inflammation and redness. I didn't really paid much attention to it except occasionally put on some antiseptic lotion. That was either on last Thursday or Friday. On Saturday, I was out the whole day with classes and at night, a wedding to attend.

Finally, Sunday came. I bought some antiseptic cream from the pharmacist and obediently applied 3 times a day as prescribed. By then there was a tinge of greenness near my finger nail and I frantically sms-ed my brother for advice. He adviced I took half MC off the next day to visit the doctor. He said it's most likely paronychia. I didn't take his advice and waited till after work. (Even though he scared me with stories of my finger turning black-gangrene and needing to be amputated. Sounded too "kwaa cheong" to me.)

Monday night, the doctor gave me MC (medical leave) the next day and advised that the doctor the next morning will help me do a small incision to remove the pus. Sounds ok to me.

Tuesday morning, the doctor looked at my finger and told me she had to removed the entire finger nail so the pus can flow out completely. No point cutting the nail half. Might as well pull out the whole nail.

Panicked... but proceeded. It hurt!! I think I sort of panic at the idea of mutilating my little finger nail but it had to be done. Somehow, I felt the anesthetic didn't flow from the base of my finger to the finger tips. So when she pulled out the nail, I was whimpering from pain. Now, I need to go to the clinic daily these few days for dressing.

I sms-ed my colleagues about it- they pitied me. I sms-ed my dad, he replied, "You should have gone to see the doctor earlier." I sms-ed my bf, he called around lunch time and gave me a response equivalent to "serves you right".

It is so true when "If one part suffers, every part suffers with it..."(1 Corinthians 12:26a) Because of this finger, I have to be careful with what I eat. I cannot let it get wet. I cannot really write nicely. Thankfully can still type with the other fingers. I'll be driving to work tomorrow with a finger pointing upwards. Ha!

Therefore, in short, I am guilty of negligence on looking after my finger. I've posted the pictures I took of my inflamed finger (pre-minor surgery) and bandaged finger(post surgery). If I dare later, when the bandages are taken out, I'll post the progression of how my finger nail grows back. :P

p.s. My mum saved the nail for me... err i'm not in the mood to take pictures of that yet... and I was wondering, if my bandaged finger was the middle finger, when I show everyone my finger, does it mean I'm showing them a bad sign? :p

June 9, 2008. This is how my nail looks now. It looks deformed and most likely, I suspect my nail is smaller than its original size now. :(

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Japanese Animation

I wasn't really into the anime craz. My younger bro was and is more into it then I am. But there are a selected few which caught my attention.


In secondary school, Sailormoon was aired. This is the first series that I followed closely till Sailormoon had a child (the pinked haired girl). Can't really recall much of the storyline now. Ohhh, do remember the guy Sailormoon was into to.. Tuxedo Mask. Ha..
Daddy Long Legs
I remember watching My Daddy Long Legs (Watashi No Ashinaga Ojisan). A cute orphaned girl sponsored by a man whom she nicknamed Daddy-Long-Legs. It is based novel on the novel Daddy-Long-Legs written by Jean Webster. I vaguely remember reading the book... or maybe not because I watched this series. More information can be found here.

Studio Gibli animations
Then I graduated to Studio Gibli animations when my bf introduced them to me by lending me his precious collection of the heart-touching Grave of the Fireflies, Laputa, My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, etc. This was went I started hunting for the collection of DVD's. A few years down the road, Disney bought the rights to screen Spirted Away and Studio Gibli boxsets movies could be found everywhere. I'll write an entry especially on these animations the next time. ;)

Law of Ueki

Last year, Law of Ueki was shown in Animax Channel. With the right screening timing, I managed to follow it closely. It was funny how this guy had very environmental-friendly powers. He could change garbage into trees!! The antics of the people around him is equally entertaining.
God? Save the King
Next, I started watching God? Save the King (Kyou Kara Maou!). At first, I was puzzled why on earth the "king"'s fiancée was a man then I found out he got slapped on the left cheek which is equivalent to a marriage proposal. The story starts out with him being flushed down the toilet bowl into another world: the demon world. Since he has black haired and black eyes, he is now the new Maou (King of Demon). Anyhow, since the timing clash with the TVB series my parents were watching, I decided to buy my first DVD box set series of anime. Afterall, Speedy was selling it at 50% off (but it was the VCD quality.. sighh better than nothing) :)
Colourcloud Palace
I happened to stay up till 1a.m. few weeks back and caught this series in channel Animax. Colourcloud Palace (The Story of Saiunkoku) is about this young girl who wishes to be a government official in a time when women were not allowed to take the exam (set in a fantasy world reminiscent of ancient China). She happens to be appointed to help the new emperor to buck up and rule his kingdom. Then the story goes on with how she helps people around her and finally, circumstances allowed her to be the government officer. etc. Of course, a little now and then there were advances on this lady by men around her. Funny to watch when that happens.

Monday, May 26, 2008

First property

When I just started working, my parents told me not to commit to anything yet. They provided me with a car and a roof over my head so that I can concentrate on my job. They allowed me the freedom to switch jobs if I needed to without worrying about any financial burden.

Now, as I start my 3rd year of working and looking at the property market around, I am tempted to jump into the crazy world of owning a property. I have stumbled upon several interesting forums which extensively discuss properties even before they are official launch. I was so surprised as how young some of the “expert speculators” there got their first property (24 years and below) and at how some of them can buy a few of a same property at the same time.

With the horrendous traffic clog going into my hometown, I am sorely tempted to move out and away from home. It’ll take another 1 and a half years at best before all the road construction of the main road be completed. Sigh.

Anyway, during the past few years, I have been window-shopping and browsing the show houses and showroom in the market. There were 2 properties which caught my attention but not enough to push me out of my comfort zone to purchase one.

Saffron Condominium by YTL Development.
I first saw Sentul Park about 5-6 years ago when the firm I was working in, did the show unit for Maple Condominium… or was it Tamarind? I forgot. As a trainee, I was surprised and amazed to find such a nice place. (In fact, that was the ONLY time my boss allowed me out of the office!! Meaning, my then-colleagues jokingly said that was our office trip.)

3 years ago, I dropped by again to visit Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac), the Koi Pond and restaurant. It’s amazing how the place has changed and grew. There were many activities and performances.

One day, I went to the launch for Saffron Condo. I merely browsed to see the architecture in the market and asked for brochures. Tempted I was then, alas my companion was in the opinion it was a bad location with the squatters behind. *shrug*

My friend bought one unit then and he is laughing now. If he sells it now, he loudly tells me it is enough for the down payment for 2 units of Capers Condominium!

Changkat View by Plenitude Development.
2 years ago, I received a small leaflet with their advertisement for Block B at the toll. For something around 200k in Kuala Lumpur, near Duta area, I thought it sounded promising. Again, after few weeks of badgering my bf, we drove there and found the place. He liked the location but I didn’t like the unit. It felt small and the kitchen was tiny. Again, I wasn’t really looking but window-shopping only, so I passed it.
Now, they launched last one, Block D early this year. It was sold quickly at 260k above. I am very tempted because this condominium is near the premises of my future office. And, the potential of growth in that area is tremendous. Plus their attractive package and arrangement only requires you to pay RM1k for booking and no 10% deposit as they arranged it as a rebate. So that’s all you have to pay plus the interest based on the construction. However, as reality sinks in, I know that I have not enough money to pay the monthly installment!! Arghhh

I have also visited Putra Heights (loved the finishes… practically can just move in without much major renovation), Kemuning Utama (finishes also equally competitive but access was questionable), USJ homes (old.. old… old…), Bukit Rimau (tempted by the environment of the gated community and another house outside the community which was beyond my budget.. around 300-400k!) and a so-called semi-d in Bandar Botanic (more like a corner-lot terrace house) just across Jusco Bukit Tinggi plus free club membership! Sigh.. all a little out of my budget or not approved by the other chief-in-command of my future household.. haah.

Another YTL project
Then, I diligently read the developers’ website and property forum. YTL is about to launch a condominium around 200-300k in Sungai Besi. My bf agrees the location is ideal. I agree YTL is reputable. We in agreement, decided to book it immediately when it launch.
I said, “Whenever you drive around the area, please drop by and take a look if it's launch. If needed, pay the 1k booking fees.”

How naïve I was…

One Friday, he called me and told me the condominium is launched. He was at the sales office and 50% was booked.
“Ah?? So fast?? I thought you told me the soft-launch was on Saturday”, I told him.
“Want or not?? Want or not? But need to pay 10k for booking”
Wahhhh… how to decide?? Do you even have 10k on hand to pay the booking? Is it legal to collect booking fees when you don’t have a advertising license and building submission approval yet?? All those thoughts ran through my mind. To think I thought I only need 1k to book like the other condominiums I saw earlier.

On the soft launch day, I'm told the sales gallery was like a market place. Everyone was busy booking as if it was on sales! By then he told me more than 75% were sold. Looking at the forum now, I realized the units finished fast because investors bought not 1, but a few units!! Meaning, if they bought 3 units, they needed a booking fee of 30k to sign the earnest deposit agreement.
How?? How can people just buy so many for investments? If everyone does so, the average income people like me have to settle for the cheaper designs or less popular developers. The investors will just buy and sell to earn a quick buck. In the end, it’s the real home-occupiers who have to fork out more to get a place they truly want to call home. The risk of unimaginable tenants staying there is high.

Honestly speaking, I truly believe it is a good investment. But to fork RM330 as maintenance fees, on top of the monthly loan installment, it is high to stay there. Not forgetting, your Astro bill, TM streamxy bill, phone bill, electricity bill, water bill….. I will need to pay at least 2k just to stay in that condominium. But if I do so… I have no money to feed my car, feed my stomach… or even feed the toll plazas… let alone to feed my shopping desires. Sighhhhh…..

I wonder if I should continue looking for another place I can call home… Somewhere landed, freehold, minimal traffic congestion and within my budget… preferably in pj.. (I continue to dream…)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have grown up with 2 brothers; commonly described by me as sandwiched between the 2 brothers. We squabbled, waged war and quarrel as kids do. We take turns taking sides of another to go against one sibling-the triangle war. Whatever happens, blood grows thicker than water. We are still siblings.
When we meet up after studying away from each other, we still tend to quarrel for the sake of it. This drives my mum mad but my dad is indifferent for he knows we are just like that. We are siblings who quarrel for no apparent reason; perhaps the lack of it while staying away from home. Ha ha ha..

Then, I was observing unintentionally the families with a single child. This one person (who will be reading this) grows up with 2 working parents. I noticed he grew up very independent and is kind of a loner. He doesn’t talk much unless needed or provoked by me… :p.

Me? I crave for conversation. If I work a whole day long without talking much, when I go home, I have all this pent-up conversation to let go either by yakking away to my parents or my bf.

I also noticed another 2 families with a single child each. Their parents loved them and always entertain their children. One of them is still in primary school. I see both her parents always playing with her at home. You can notice all sort of board games, toys and anything which the whole family will play together with her. When relatives or friends visit, she’ll bring out all her toys to play. Sadly, at the end of the day, she looks forlorn and sad when everyone leaves. (My heart goes out to her and reminds myself if I ever have children; I hope to give them siblings to play with…)

The other family has a teenager daughter. Her parents love her dearly and also play with her whenever she wants to. One can see that she is showered with love and has grown up without any lacking. Unless the little girl who gets sad when everyone leaves, this teenager goes back to her book, handphone or just bugged her dad for attention. (how cute… )
There are similar attributes to the parents of a single child but then depending on their intentions, the effects are different. Every parent loves their child. Sometimes they just don’t know how to show it. I pray that God will provide me with His wisdom and patience when my time comes. I pray His love will overflow so that I can pass on all the love a child needs to grow into an independent adult to serve Him someday.

With the higher living expenses and expectation these days, many tend not to have many children. I pray that somehow this will not be a deterrent as children are a blessing. I am very sad when I see newspaper article writing about fathers raping their daughter or even unnecessary deaths in the national service. This feels me with fear of the future, but I pray that I’ll not worry for I have God with me to overcome all this. (of course, and the father of my children too who I pray is God-fearing and walking in God's ways)

Beach activities

Resorts with beaches usually have the swimming pool, water sports and beach events to keep the guest occupied. As this beach was facing directly to the South-China Sea, the waves were bigger and stronger. Hence, the red flag was out which indicates no one was allowed to swim in the sea. With that, we concentrated on the facilities provided by the resort.

I had the opportunity to ride a tandem bike. It felt fun and I even had the time to take a video while riding it. My bf will beg to differ for he claims I didn’t cycle at all and he did all the work. :P It might be true but I peddled too!!
The other new experience I tried was the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) or sometimes known as the quad bike. I wasn’t really interested as no. 1 – the price and no. 2 – no interest. Anyway, since my bf looked like a little kid at the candy store I agreed to try it too. It felt nice with the wind blowing at my face. I was the passenger so no stress to me to control the atv. In fact, I assumed it will be safer than a motorcycle since it is four-wheeled. But of course, nothing will thrill guys if they didn’t speed!! Swimming was relaxing as usual. It was fun watching non-swimmers practicing to swim. Even though some got lazy and didn’t really practice. Still, it was good to know he can swim a little except not breathe in water. “Breathe in through your mouth outside the water and breathe out through your nose in the water!!” was my advice.

There was a jacuzzi separated from the pool in a little hexagonal gazebo by itself. The jacuzzi was hot!!! I thought the hotel was trying to boil the guest. After some time, it got more comfortable and relaxing but with a few little kids jumping around, it was hard to enjoy or relax.

There was the small reflexology path which only warrants 2 rounds as the longer you walk on the stone, the more pain you have to endure. It means we are not healthy anymore according to the reflexology. As a kid, I used to walk quickly without feeling anything and wondered why my parents complain it was painful. Now older, it’s my turn to suffer.. hahaha

Another attraction would be the giant chess and giant snake-and-ladder. As the latter requires us to go to the counter to borrow dice, chess was chosen. Unlike another place I went, this chess set was slightly smaller and lighter to carry. The tough part is seeing the whole board and trying to outwit your opponent. Since, chess was not my cup of tea, I ended up being the spectator and tried being smart by shouting out ideas for moves or warnings.
In the end, I would say, resorts by the beach actually thrive more on their beach and indoor activities. The sea is just and added view with only a few frolicking there for a walk, a sun-tan or making sand-castle.

To be honest, the last time I went to the beach is in Phuket, whereby the only time I set foot on the beach was the morning before I left for the airport. I guessed I’m already accustomed to man-made activities. ;)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just keep swimming...

My parents taught me to swim when I was young. Basically, my siblings and I know how to swim the breaststroke and float. :) Then, they sent us to swimming classes and we picked up most of all the strokes except for the butterfly stroke. The swimming instructor left!! :(

Nothing beats swimming. However, I "endured" more than 2 years of gym which gave me some muscles . I enjoyed gym at the beginning with the various classes and also joined their personal training programme. However, I can always remember the first time I used the treadmill. I imagined myself as the human hamster!! :P I still feel that way, but it's better than jogging on uneven tracks and breathing it unhealthy air from the heavy traffic around the field. There is such thing a thing called the human hamster wheel. Check it out as a school project, an art, prank and also furniture!

Anyway,I have since stopped going to gym (cost is also a factor) and back came all the flabby arms and wobbly flesh. Since some form of exercising is a must in my list, I'm back to swimming!! Yippee!

Benefits of Swimming:
First of all, you don't strain any of your body parts with your strenuous exercise or weight e.g. my knees!! The water carries your weight.

Secondly, the water even massages your stress, ache and pain away!! Float above the water and close your eyes.. imagine you're by the sea... Ignore the noise and waves the children are creating. Even the sudden warmth of the water from someone's urine!! Ha!

Yesterday evening, I happen to coincide my swimming time with my parents. They have just finished when I came after work. My parents decided to wait for me to swim finish and patiently sat by the pool while I swam. I felt like a child again.
At first, I felt embarrassed in the sense that I am troubling my parents to wait for me. But they insisted. I hurried on the swim and got done with it. It really felt nice with someone watching out for you though. Sometimes as an adult, I missed the feeling of my parents' watchful eyes. But too much can be suffocating too! ;)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Job Hunting

I have been very tempted to hunt for a new job. People told me from middle of last year that the market is good for my field since lacking of them! However, I stayed on...

Now, after some petty misunderstanding and got blown-off by the secretary, I am tired. Emotionally tired. I am tired of petty arguments from unclear procedures. I am tired of mollycoddling the clients and doing things beyond the job description because "They are the client. Anything goes." Sigh.

So then I start my mantra again... dreaming that I can run away from all this.. far far away to Neverland. Poof! There goes that dream..

In the heat of anger, I started asking my friends for contacts of firms who were hiring. Here I am now, tempted to apply new jobs just because I am emotionally tired. Wouldn't I be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire? I know most firms are hiring because they have work to do beyond their current capacity of staff. In other words, I'll be jumping straight into a frenzy of work.

If I kept on thinking and worrying, I'll never decide or do anything. I'll have to trust that God has a purpose for me wherever I am destined to go. So here I am, finally after 1 year of wondering, I am sending my cv out to other firms.

The finality of my decision creeps me out!!

p.s. I have yet to send out any cv till today (13/5/2008)... *hesitant*

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mixed or Pure?

No.. I'm not talking about the pedigree of dogs.

I am talking about us, humans. Long time ago, when we still live up in the trees without the internet (note that I am being sarcastic), we humans are pure; as in we marry and interbreed within the same state or country. Some immoral ones would breed within the same family.

Anyway, my point is I have noticed that the number of mixed marriages and mixed children is at a rise. In Malaysia itself, being multi-racial, one can no longer be sure if a person who looks like a Malay is a Malay or one who looks like a Chinese is a Chinese or even an Indian who is 100% Indian. We normally think twice of gossiping a stranger in our mother-tongue as the chances of anyone knowing any languages is high.

This topic came about because I was casually telling my friend that I wished I could meet a kwai loh to have mixed babies (they sure look adorable with mixed features). Then somehow, I realised this combination is already common place. In future, I told her it'll be hard to find someone who is 100% of the same ethnicity. So perhaps I should be glad I am still in Malaysia and dating a typical Chinese. *ahem*

Anyhow, I still urge my friend to find an Irishman while she is in Dublin. But ironically, somehow, my friends who go overseas still end up with Asians. Not many of them favour the western flavour and I wonder why?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wisdom Tooth

"When you get your wisdom tooth, it means you are very wise." We have always heard that but who said so? :p Hmmm, has the mythbuster looked into this? ;)

I still have no signs of getting any wisdom tooth. What does this mean? Does it mean I'm forever young and immature? Or is it just some case of nutrient deficiency?

One website mentioned that wisdom tooth is the four molars, two on the upper jaw and two on the lower jaw, that are the last teeth to emerge in the mouth. These teeth are associated with wisdom because they appear during the late teens or early twenties, when a person is physically mature. Often, the wisdom teeth may not rise above the gum line, but remain impacted in the jaw, causing inflammation. If this impaction occurs, or if they pose a threat to other teeth, the wisdom teeth may need to be removed.

My colleague just related to me his wisdom tooth story. Basically, the picture shows the condition of his tooth then. His wisdom tooth grew into his other molar creating pain and agony for him for a week!! He could only open his mouth big enough to suck porridge through a straw! (Wonder why he didn't go to the dentist immediately? He was waiting for his appointment at the government dental clinic which only cost him RM5 per visit!!) FYI, a normal extraction in a private dental clinic would cost minimum RM300.

Finally when my friend met the dentist, the dentist pried open his mouth like opening a durian! My friend can always remember that horrible pain. He told me he had to bend over from the pain and desperately requested painkillers. The painkillers were so effective that when he was riding his bike home, he could not even feel the wind blowing on his skin.

When all this ordeal was over, he remembered to extract his other wisdom tooth before it grew into the other molar as it was in the same conditions. A lesson to everyone who has wisdom tooth growing: please go to the dentist to check if there are any complications before it's too late!

In a way, when I hear all those extraction and pain stories plus the exorbitant expenses, I don't care if I have no wisdom teeth or the wise label. At least I'm pain-free!! :p

Friday, May 02, 2008

Twenty Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

Found this topic from Oprah's website. It touches the topics I was always thinking of discussing with my bf if only I could get him to sit still and long enough to discuss everything!!

1. What percentage of our income are we prepared to spend to purchase and maintain our home on a monthly or annual basis?

2. Who is responsible for keeping our house and yard cared for and organized? Are we different in our needs for cleanliness and organization? Is one or both of us neat? Messy? A "pack rat?" An organizational wizard?

3. How much money do we earn together? Now? In one year? In five years? Ten? Who is responsible for which portion? Now? In one year? Five? Ten?

4. What is our ultimate financial goal regarding annual income, and when do we anticipate achieving it? By what means, and through what efforts?

5. What are our categories of expense (rent, clothing, insurance, travel)? How much do we spend monthly, annually, in each category? How much do we want to be able to spend? Now? In one year? Five? Ten?

6. How much time will each of us spend at work, and during what hours? Do we begin work early? Will we prefer to work into the evening?

7. If one of us doesn't want to work, under what circumstances, if any, would that be okay?

8. How ambitious are you? Are we comfortable with the other's level of ambition?

9. Am I comfortable giving and receiving love, sexually? In sex, does my partner feel my love for him or her?

10. Are we satisfied with the frequency of our lovemaking? How do we cope when our desire levels are unmatched? A little? A lot? For a night? A week? A month? A year? More?

Health and Food
11. Do we eat meals together? Which ones? Who is responsible for the food shopping? Who prepares the meals? Who cleans up afterward?

12. Is each of us happy with the other's approach to health? Does one have habits or tendencies that concern the other (e.g., smoking, excessive dieting, poor diet)?

13. What place does the other's family play in our family life? How often do we visit or socialize together? If we have out-of-town relatives, will we ask them to visit us for extended periods? How often? For what length of time?

14. If we have children, what kind of relationship do we hope our parents will have to their grandchildren? How much time will they spend together?

15. Will we have children? If so, when? How many? How important is having children to each of us?

16. How will having a child change the way we live now? Will we want or be able to take time off from work, or work a reduced schedule? For how long? In the months or years following the birth of our child, will we need to rethink who is responsible for housekeeping?

Community and Friends
17. Are we satisfied with the quality and quantity of friends we currently have? Would we like to be more involved socially? Are we overwhelmed socially, and do we need to cut back on such commitments?

18. What are my partner's needs for cultivating or maintaining friendships outside of our relationship? Is it easy for me to support those needs, or do they bother me in any way?

Spiritual Life
19. Do we share a religion? Do we belong to a church, synagogue, mosque or temple? More than one? If not, would our relationship benefit from such an affiliation?

20. Does one of us have an individual spiritual practice? Is the practice and the time devoted to it acceptable to the other? Does each partner understand and respect the other's choices?

Only You by Flying Pickets

I had the song of this lyrics stuck in my head for so long.. couldn't find the song till I decided to look for it again. :) RTM2 used to play it for movies shown for Mother's Day many years back. Somehow it stuck.. It's called Only You by a-capella group named Flying Pickets. Enjoy!


When I was young, visiting Toys'R Us was a big thing. The toys all lined up the shelves neatly and I was awed by the numerous choices there was. Now, I find the magic gone but somehow, certain toys still managed to capture my inner child.

Before computer became so common place, my friends and I played the board games. After our exams, we had free time and so out came all the board games from: typical snake and ladder, checkers, chess, cards, to the more sophisicated games: monopoly, cluedo and the ever popular uno! I wonder what kids these days play during their free time in school. PSP? Nintendo? We only had tetris then but board and card games were a whole lot more fun!

Looking through the shelves in Toys'R Us, I saw some of these games' attempt to diversify their products. For example, Uno card has Uno stacko or various versions. My favourite game, Monopoly now has a local version-Malaysia version, Disney version and Now-and-then version (with updates places and more recent cost of properties)! There's also a girl's Monopoly version in a pretty little pink clothed box with pink dainty cards.

I don't like playing the computer version of Monopoly. I can't feel the roll of dice, shuffling of money, anticipation of opening the cards and also feeling the characters you get to choose to represent you when you move them! I usually choose the terrier!! :) This reminds me... I still want a dog!!

Fancy a PSP?

When my bf got one.. I thought, "Good... that'll keep him occupied!!" (While he waits for me when I shop or do something.. hehe) Then my brother got one... I got to use it for 2 weeks before he came back to get it from me. I was hooked!!

There's the basic, classic black psp, the white psp, the light coloured ones, limited edition red psp and also the Simpsons yellow psp. Sorry, I'm more into the colours than the specs! For more details, just google.

Two cute games got me hooked within seconds!

Loco Roco
First is Loco Roco... their cute yellow ball characters hopping and singing away (I have their song as one of my ringing tone!) were irresistible!

Second is Patapon! Infuriating as it gets when I am out of the beat and have to wait till I get fever again, I still play them!! ;) These blackish fighting figures dance to the beat to war!!

*note the similarities in these games and you'll realised I like simple games with simplified,cute characters!*

Alas, since I don't own a PSP, I have to be at the mercy of two "men" to lend me their psp for me to continue and finish any of these games!! No, I won't buy one because they'll get obsolete before I can enjoy and flaunt my new gadget! I'd rather be at the mercy of anyone who is feeling generous! :) (Or wait till they get a new gadget and pass on the old one to me.. haha)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes...

Since I'm off today, I'd better blog all the topics I have been thinking of the past few weeks but I don't have the time to blog about.. :P

I was reminded of one of my favourite comics recently. A visit to MPH bookshop showed me a special C&H collection!! The Complete Calvin and Hobbes worth RM 599.95!! I was salivating but that's too much to pay from my puny pay!! Sighh... I can just dream about it.

I remember I googled about C&H a time back and thankfully, the website is still around. This is the summary of the characters (based on Bill Watterson's comments which I have excerpted from the website on the link in the right. Enjoy!

Calvin is named for a sixteenth-century theologian who believed in predestination. Most people assume that Calvin is based on a son of mine, or based on detailed memories of my own childhood. In fact, I don't have children, and I was a fairly quiet, obedient kid -- almost Calvin's opposite. One of the reasons that Calvin's character is fun to write is that I often don't agree with him. . . .

Many of Calvin's struggles are metaphors for my own. I suspect that most of us get old without growing up, and that inside every adult (sometimes not very far inside) is a bratty kid who wants everything his own way. I use Calvin as an outlet for my immaturity, as a way to keep myself curious about the natural world, as a way to ridicule my own obsessions, and as a way to comment on human nature. I wouldn't want Calvin in my house, but on paper, he helps me sort through my life and understand it.

Hobbes. Named after a seventeenth-century philosopher with a dim view of human nature, Hobbes has the patient dignity and common sense of most animals I've met. Hobbes was very much inspired by one of our cats, a gray tabby named Sprite. Sprite not only provided the long body and facial characteristics for Hobbes, she also was the model for his personality. She was good-natured, intelligent, friendly, and enthusiastic in a sneaking-up-and-pouncing sort of way. Sprite suggested the idea of Hobbes greeting Calvin at the door in midair at high velocity.

The so-called "gimmick" of my strip -- the two versions of Hobbes -- is sometimes misunderstood. I don't think of Hobbes as a doll that miraculously comes to life when Calvin's around. Neither do I think of Hobbes as the product of Calvin's imagination. . . . Calvin sees Hobbes one way, and everyone else sees Hobbes another way. I show two versions of reality, and each makes complete sense to the participant who sees it. I think that's how life works. None of us sees the world exactly the same way, and I just draw that literally in the strip.

Calvin's Parents. I've never given Calvin's parents names, because as far as the strip is concerned, they are important only as Calvin's mom and dad. Calvin's dad has been rumored to be a self-portrait. All my characters are half me, so it's true in some ways, but Calvin's dad is also partly a satire of my own father. Any strip about how suffering "builds character" is usually a verbatim transcript of my dad's explanations for why we were all freezing, exhausted, hungry and lost on camping trips. These things are a lot funnier after 25 years have passed.

Calvin's mom is the daily disciplinarian, a job that taxes her sanity, so I think we get to see her at her best. I regret that the strip mostly shows her impatient side, but I try to hint at other aspects of her personality and her interests by what she's doing when Calvin barges in. . . .

. . . As secondary characters, I've tried to keep Calvin's parents realistic, with a reasonable sense of humor about having a kid like Calvin. I think they do a better job than I would.

Susie is earnest, serious and smart. . . . I suspect that Calvin has a mild crush on her that he expresses by trying to annoy her, but Susie is a bit unnerved and put off by Calvin's weirdness. This encourages Calvin to be even weirder, so it's a good dynamic. Neither of them quite understands what's going on, which is probably true of most relationships.

Miss Wormwood. As a few readers guessed, Miss Wormwood is named after the apprentice devil in C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters." I have a lot of sympathy for Miss Wormwood. We see hints that she's waiting to retire, that she smokes too much, and that she takes a lot of medication. I think she seriously believes in the value of education, so needless to say, she's an unhappy person.

Rosalyn. Probably the only person Calvin fears is his baby-sitter. I put her in a Sunday strip early on, never thinking of her as a regular character, but her intimidation of Calvin surprised me, so she's made a few appearances since. Rosalyn even seems to daunt Calvin's parents, using their desperation to get out of the house to demand advances and raises. Rosalyn's relationship with Calvin is pretty one-dimensional, so baby-sitter stories get harder and harder to write, but for a later addition to the strip, she's worked pretty well.

Moe is every jerk I've ever known. He's big, dumb, ugly and cruel. I remember school being full of idiots like Moe. I think they spawn on damp locker room floors.

Cloud obsession

I started focusing on clouds because of this pre-conceived image in my mind... Lazing under the sky. Most of the time when I am stuck in a traffic jam, I take this opportunity to stare at the sky. The most interesting time I get is in the evenings during sunset. Every evening is a different scenery. A different hue and tone every second of that moment. I'm amazed of the painter of our sky. :)

Anyway, ever wondered or even remembered the names of the type of clouds? Basically they are divided according to the different level. See some of the attached images I found online.

Opps, forgot to save the original link. Anyhow, the ones we normally see is the fat,roundish,fluffy-like cumulus clouds, which you wish you could hug! :) Then when you're on the plane above this cumulus clouds, you get to see the cirrus or cirrocumulus clouds!

When I think of clouds, I will always think of this favourite scene of mine from Hercules where King Zeus creates a little Pegasus for baby Hercules!! :)