Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Japanese Animation

I wasn't really into the anime craz. My younger bro was and is more into it then I am. But there are a selected few which caught my attention.


In secondary school, Sailormoon was aired. This is the first series that I followed closely till Sailormoon had a child (the pinked haired girl). Can't really recall much of the storyline now. Ohhh, do remember the guy Sailormoon was into to.. Tuxedo Mask. Ha..
Daddy Long Legs
I remember watching My Daddy Long Legs (Watashi No Ashinaga Ojisan). A cute orphaned girl sponsored by a man whom she nicknamed Daddy-Long-Legs. It is based novel on the novel Daddy-Long-Legs written by Jean Webster. I vaguely remember reading the book... or maybe not because I watched this series. More information can be found here.

Studio Gibli animations
Then I graduated to Studio Gibli animations when my bf introduced them to me by lending me his precious collection of the heart-touching Grave of the Fireflies, Laputa, My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, etc. This was went I started hunting for the collection of DVD's. A few years down the road, Disney bought the rights to screen Spirted Away and Studio Gibli boxsets movies could be found everywhere. I'll write an entry especially on these animations the next time. ;)

Law of Ueki

Last year, Law of Ueki was shown in Animax Channel. With the right screening timing, I managed to follow it closely. It was funny how this guy had very environmental-friendly powers. He could change garbage into trees!! The antics of the people around him is equally entertaining.
God? Save the King
Next, I started watching God? Save the King (Kyou Kara Maou!). At first, I was puzzled why on earth the "king"'s fiancée was a man then I found out he got slapped on the left cheek which is equivalent to a marriage proposal. The story starts out with him being flushed down the toilet bowl into another world: the demon world. Since he has black haired and black eyes, he is now the new Maou (King of Demon). Anyhow, since the timing clash with the TVB series my parents were watching, I decided to buy my first DVD box set series of anime. Afterall, Speedy was selling it at 50% off (but it was the VCD quality.. sighh better than nothing) :)
Colourcloud Palace
I happened to stay up till 1a.m. few weeks back and caught this series in channel Animax. Colourcloud Palace (The Story of Saiunkoku) is about this young girl who wishes to be a government official in a time when women were not allowed to take the exam (set in a fantasy world reminiscent of ancient China). She happens to be appointed to help the new emperor to buck up and rule his kingdom. Then the story goes on with how she helps people around her and finally, circumstances allowed her to be the government officer. etc. Of course, a little now and then there were advances on this lady by men around her. Funny to watch when that happens.

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