Monday, May 05, 2008

Mixed or Pure?

No.. I'm not talking about the pedigree of dogs.

I am talking about us, humans. Long time ago, when we still live up in the trees without the internet (note that I am being sarcastic), we humans are pure; as in we marry and interbreed within the same state or country. Some immoral ones would breed within the same family.

Anyway, my point is I have noticed that the number of mixed marriages and mixed children is at a rise. In Malaysia itself, being multi-racial, one can no longer be sure if a person who looks like a Malay is a Malay or one who looks like a Chinese is a Chinese or even an Indian who is 100% Indian. We normally think twice of gossiping a stranger in our mother-tongue as the chances of anyone knowing any languages is high.

This topic came about because I was casually telling my friend that I wished I could meet a kwai loh to have mixed babies (they sure look adorable with mixed features). Then somehow, I realised this combination is already common place. In future, I told her it'll be hard to find someone who is 100% of the same ethnicity. So perhaps I should be glad I am still in Malaysia and dating a typical Chinese. *ahem*

Anyhow, I still urge my friend to find an Irishman while she is in Dublin. But ironically, somehow, my friends who go overseas still end up with Asians. Not many of them favour the western flavour and I wonder why?

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