Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beach activities

Resorts with beaches usually have the swimming pool, water sports and beach events to keep the guest occupied. As this beach was facing directly to the South-China Sea, the waves were bigger and stronger. Hence, the red flag was out which indicates no one was allowed to swim in the sea. With that, we concentrated on the facilities provided by the resort.

I had the opportunity to ride a tandem bike. It felt fun and I even had the time to take a video while riding it. My bf will beg to differ for he claims I didn’t cycle at all and he did all the work. :P It might be true but I peddled too!!
The other new experience I tried was the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) or sometimes known as the quad bike. I wasn’t really interested as no. 1 – the price and no. 2 – no interest. Anyway, since my bf looked like a little kid at the candy store I agreed to try it too. It felt nice with the wind blowing at my face. I was the passenger so no stress to me to control the atv. In fact, I assumed it will be safer than a motorcycle since it is four-wheeled. But of course, nothing will thrill guys if they didn’t speed!! Swimming was relaxing as usual. It was fun watching non-swimmers practicing to swim. Even though some got lazy and didn’t really practice. Still, it was good to know he can swim a little except not breathe in water. “Breathe in through your mouth outside the water and breathe out through your nose in the water!!” was my advice.

There was a jacuzzi separated from the pool in a little hexagonal gazebo by itself. The jacuzzi was hot!!! I thought the hotel was trying to boil the guest. After some time, it got more comfortable and relaxing but with a few little kids jumping around, it was hard to enjoy or relax.

There was the small reflexology path which only warrants 2 rounds as the longer you walk on the stone, the more pain you have to endure. It means we are not healthy anymore according to the reflexology. As a kid, I used to walk quickly without feeling anything and wondered why my parents complain it was painful. Now older, it’s my turn to suffer.. hahaha

Another attraction would be the giant chess and giant snake-and-ladder. As the latter requires us to go to the counter to borrow dice, chess was chosen. Unlike another place I went, this chess set was slightly smaller and lighter to carry. The tough part is seeing the whole board and trying to outwit your opponent. Since, chess was not my cup of tea, I ended up being the spectator and tried being smart by shouting out ideas for moves or warnings.
In the end, I would say, resorts by the beach actually thrive more on their beach and indoor activities. The sea is just and added view with only a few frolicking there for a walk, a sun-tan or making sand-castle.

To be honest, the last time I went to the beach is in Phuket, whereby the only time I set foot on the beach was the morning before I left for the airport. I guessed I’m already accustomed to man-made activities. ;)

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