Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just keep swimming...

My parents taught me to swim when I was young. Basically, my siblings and I know how to swim the breaststroke and float. :) Then, they sent us to swimming classes and we picked up most of all the strokes except for the butterfly stroke. The swimming instructor left!! :(

Nothing beats swimming. However, I "endured" more than 2 years of gym which gave me some muscles . I enjoyed gym at the beginning with the various classes and also joined their personal training programme. However, I can always remember the first time I used the treadmill. I imagined myself as the human hamster!! :P I still feel that way, but it's better than jogging on uneven tracks and breathing it unhealthy air from the heavy traffic around the field. There is such thing a thing called the human hamster wheel. Check it out as a school project, an art, prank and also furniture!

Anyway,I have since stopped going to gym (cost is also a factor) and back came all the flabby arms and wobbly flesh. Since some form of exercising is a must in my list, I'm back to swimming!! Yippee!

Benefits of Swimming:
First of all, you don't strain any of your body parts with your strenuous exercise or weight e.g. my knees!! The water carries your weight.

Secondly, the water even massages your stress, ache and pain away!! Float above the water and close your eyes.. imagine you're by the sea... Ignore the noise and waves the children are creating. Even the sudden warmth of the water from someone's urine!! Ha!

Yesterday evening, I happen to coincide my swimming time with my parents. They have just finished when I came after work. My parents decided to wait for me to swim finish and patiently sat by the pool while I swam. I felt like a child again.
At first, I felt embarrassed in the sense that I am troubling my parents to wait for me. But they insisted. I hurried on the swim and got done with it. It really felt nice with someone watching out for you though. Sometimes as an adult, I missed the feeling of my parents' watchful eyes. But too much can be suffocating too! ;)

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