Friday, May 02, 2008

Fancy a PSP?

When my bf got one.. I thought, "Good... that'll keep him occupied!!" (While he waits for me when I shop or do something.. hehe) Then my brother got one... I got to use it for 2 weeks before he came back to get it from me. I was hooked!!

There's the basic, classic black psp, the white psp, the light coloured ones, limited edition red psp and also the Simpsons yellow psp. Sorry, I'm more into the colours than the specs! For more details, just google.

Two cute games got me hooked within seconds!

Loco Roco
First is Loco Roco... their cute yellow ball characters hopping and singing away (I have their song as one of my ringing tone!) were irresistible!

Second is Patapon! Infuriating as it gets when I am out of the beat and have to wait till I get fever again, I still play them!! ;) These blackish fighting figures dance to the beat to war!!

*note the similarities in these games and you'll realised I like simple games with simplified,cute characters!*

Alas, since I don't own a PSP, I have to be at the mercy of two "men" to lend me their psp for me to continue and finish any of these games!! No, I won't buy one because they'll get obsolete before I can enjoy and flaunt my new gadget! I'd rather be at the mercy of anyone who is feeling generous! :) (Or wait till they get a new gadget and pass on the old one to me.. haha)

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