Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cloud obsession

I started focusing on clouds because of this pre-conceived image in my mind... Lazing under the sky. Most of the time when I am stuck in a traffic jam, I take this opportunity to stare at the sky. The most interesting time I get is in the evenings during sunset. Every evening is a different scenery. A different hue and tone every second of that moment. I'm amazed of the painter of our sky. :)

Anyway, ever wondered or even remembered the names of the type of clouds? Basically they are divided according to the different level. See some of the attached images I found online.

Opps, forgot to save the original link. Anyhow, the ones we normally see is the fat,roundish,fluffy-like cumulus clouds, which you wish you could hug! :) Then when you're on the plane above this cumulus clouds, you get to see the cirrus or cirrocumulus clouds!

When I think of clouds, I will always think of this favourite scene of mine from Hercules where King Zeus creates a little Pegasus for baby Hercules!! :)

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