Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have grown up with 2 brothers; commonly described by me as sandwiched between the 2 brothers. We squabbled, waged war and quarrel as kids do. We take turns taking sides of another to go against one sibling-the triangle war. Whatever happens, blood grows thicker than water. We are still siblings.
When we meet up after studying away from each other, we still tend to quarrel for the sake of it. This drives my mum mad but my dad is indifferent for he knows we are just like that. We are siblings who quarrel for no apparent reason; perhaps the lack of it while staying away from home. Ha ha ha..

Then, I was observing unintentionally the families with a single child. This one person (who will be reading this) grows up with 2 working parents. I noticed he grew up very independent and is kind of a loner. He doesn’t talk much unless needed or provoked by me… :p.

Me? I crave for conversation. If I work a whole day long without talking much, when I go home, I have all this pent-up conversation to let go either by yakking away to my parents or my bf.

I also noticed another 2 families with a single child each. Their parents loved them and always entertain their children. One of them is still in primary school. I see both her parents always playing with her at home. You can notice all sort of board games, toys and anything which the whole family will play together with her. When relatives or friends visit, she’ll bring out all her toys to play. Sadly, at the end of the day, she looks forlorn and sad when everyone leaves. (My heart goes out to her and reminds myself if I ever have children; I hope to give them siblings to play with…)

The other family has a teenager daughter. Her parents love her dearly and also play with her whenever she wants to. One can see that she is showered with love and has grown up without any lacking. Unless the little girl who gets sad when everyone leaves, this teenager goes back to her book, handphone or just bugged her dad for attention. (how cute… )
There are similar attributes to the parents of a single child but then depending on their intentions, the effects are different. Every parent loves their child. Sometimes they just don’t know how to show it. I pray that God will provide me with His wisdom and patience when my time comes. I pray His love will overflow so that I can pass on all the love a child needs to grow into an independent adult to serve Him someday.

With the higher living expenses and expectation these days, many tend not to have many children. I pray that somehow this will not be a deterrent as children are a blessing. I am very sad when I see newspaper article writing about fathers raping their daughter or even unnecessary deaths in the national service. This feels me with fear of the future, but I pray that I’ll not worry for I have God with me to overcome all this. (of course, and the father of my children too who I pray is God-fearing and walking in God's ways)

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