Monday, October 09, 2017

Routine vs Change

And so, here I am ranting again.

We are never satisfied but sometimes a glimmer of hope radiates through the dark gloomy day.

Routine is safe.
Routine is comfortable.
Routine can also be draining.
Routine can also be tiring.

Change is new possibilities.
Change is outside your comfort zone.
Change is scary.
Change is challenging.

So pray God tell me what to do?
I am so mentally, physically and spiritually drained..


Tuesday, March 07, 2017

3 words for your child

I briefly glanced a post about summarising your expectation of your child in 3 words and this came to my mind.

My son, I pray you will learn to be Godly, Respectful and Kind.

My daughter, I pray you will learn to be Humble, Independent and Wise.

These were the words that popped up in my mind and I pray they will be close to their hearts in their growing years.