Monday, November 11, 2013

Development Milestone as of 8 months

Baby M has always surprised us by being eager to grow up. He has learned to tripod sit by 6 months and standing supported before 7 months... and happily "walking around" not long after that. A first time mum like me was a little concerned that he didn't really learn to crawl and slowly progress to walking (as if he skipped a step).

Well, I didn't need to worry. Baby M has surprised me again by finally crawling forward yesterday around. Previously he was crawling only backwards. I guess, all babies will have their own timing (like God's own timing) to do things they want and need to when it is the right time.

I thank God always for this happy, eager-to-discover, cheeky-smiling child of mine.

Checklist of his accomplishment to date:
1. Sitting without support
2. Standing steadily without support for almost a minute
3. Crawling forward and backwards

4. Crawling backwards down the bed/sofa (taught by me! Yay.. maximising the fact he could only go backwards one month ago).
5. Looking at objects named e.g. fan, grandpa, palm tree. (courtesy of Nanny Irene, grandma and grandpa's teaching)
6. Eating without fuss
7. Eating a biscuit (a few bites) by holding himself.
8. Vocalising himself
9. Smile/beam when you yawn.
10. Looks for the doggies when calling their name. (this has been for some time already)
11. Flip story books when read to (this is already been a month).
12. Kick in the water and hit the water when swimming. He has swam 4 times with me and attended his first swimming class yesterday. He enjoyed it very much!
13. Matthew has the 5th teeth coming out; his top left canine teeth!

 Stay tune as this is a reminder to myself how fast Baby M grows..