Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Food Review: The Uma Balinese Restaurant

I have to admit, this will be brief as I was there after a whole day's work on Saturday! So all I could think of was.. foooooddd!! ;) Means I just gobble gobble... like a turkey.. hah!

We were celebrating our dear Alice's birthday and this place was highly recommended by her mother (which is a big deal as she is particular about food)

The Uma Balinese Restaurant

We found this place after rounding the area for a while. It is the same row as the furniture shops, a Nikon academy, etc. The Uma proves to be a small quaint little cosy place with yummy food and a nice environment to catch up with friends. We were early and snacked on this pork satay before the birthday girl arrives.

Sate Celeng Asem (Assam Pork Satay)

The typical satay would be dainty and juicy. I personally find chicken Kajang Satay too huge and dry. This assam pork satay was super-yummilicious! The tenderness of the meat with its succulent marinated sauce makes it just right to eat without any gravy. In fact, it is clearly stated in the menu that this is eaten without any sauce but you can request for the chilli sauce (which is out of the bottle).

My friend C thought the chilli was something special and specifically requested for the sauce. The owner patiently explained that it is a normal chilli sauce out of the bottle. Lol

We, 4 girls shared 3 sets of the following and could barely finish it:

1. BEBEK MEGORENG Crispy Fried Duck

Each set is served with different kind of rice which suits the main dish and different vegetables with a fish satay. Crispy Fried Duck is served with a fragrant rice with raisin. There is the non-spicy chilli, fried onions, kangkung, some other vegie and another side dish. Look at the picture. I forgot what it was now.  The duck is fried crispy and not too hard with crunchy skin and meat.

Bebe Megoreng (Crispy Fried Duck)

2. BE CELENG BASE MANIS Babi Kecap Manis
Like its name, the pork is served in a dark sweet sauce. The meat again is tender and sweet. Somehow, I prefer the Pork Satay too this. Lol. But it's nice still the same in a different style.

*opps... will upload the picture later*

3. LEMPET BE TONGKONG (Grilled Tuna in banana leaf)

This was the birthday girl's choice. At first taste, the steamed tuna might remind you of Otah-otah (steamed fish/prawn in coconut milk with sambal). But it was more on the milder side with more tuna-ish taste. Still nice for those who are afraid of spicy food.

Lempet Be Tongkong (Grilled Tuna in banana leaf)

Alas, was too busy eating to take picture of my drinks! I remembered I tried something unique which was not too sour for a fresh fruit drink. ;)

The location
No 7-G ; 7-1, Jalan PJU 5/21
The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR
Opening hours:
Lunch : 12pm – 3pm
Dinner : 6pm – 10pm
Closed On Tuesday

If you're up for some non-halal satay and something reminiscence of ayam penyet, do drop by and try The Uma. (I'd better try their fried chicken one day too! ;) 

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Remembering the King of Pop

It is the 1st anniversary of the MJ's death. The radio airwaves has been playing his songs non-stop all day.

The younger generation might wonder.. what's the big deal? Who is he? Michael Jackson

I grew up listening to him as he sang songs like:"Black or White", "Beat it" and "Bad". Then I watched as the tabloids change the focus from his singing career to turmoils of skin change (literally), rhinoplasty and children scandals. Try not to focus on his later years of life but notice how he has evolved from the little brother in Jackson 5.

I don't think much words can justify how he has impacted the music scene. Just watch and listen to his songs and I hope you will know why he is and shall always be the King of Pop to many people like me, with his shimmering jacket and single studded glove.... and a shout of "Ow" as he moonwalks.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10,000th Visitor Giveaway

Wow.. my humble personal blog managed to get quite a number visitors. I guess I should organise a giveaway then! :)

For the 10,000th Visitor... please capture screen of the live traffic feed when you drop by my blog. A special gift awaits you... which is a H20+ Aquatics Bath Set worth RM59!

 From your left: Natural Spring Shower & Bath Gel (1 fl oz), Natural Spring Moisture Boosting Body Balm (1 fl oz), Poolside Shower & Bath Gel (1 fl oz), Poolside Moisture Boosting Body Balm (1 fl oz) , Clearwater Shower & Bath Gel (1 fl oz), Clearwater Moisture Boosting Body Balm (1 fl oz)

There are 3 sets of sampler: Poolside, Clearwater and Natural Spring which comes in a handy clear bag (which can be used as a cosmetic bag for traveling too!). Each set has body bath and a body balm. Additional details on the ingredients can be found here. I will post to you by Pos Laju (only within Malaysia only). Good luck!

*Additional goody: Blog about this giveaway and I might throw in a surprise gift for you!! ;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Upcoming food reviews

Been swamped with work.. hence I've been neglecting to post up reviews of all the delicious food I had for some time.. stay tune.. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A hectic week

It's kind of ironic. I've told myself many times now to work so much but enjoy life. Somehow, I made up my mind end of last year to work for the dough and I'm officially a workaholic. Lol

It does keep your mind and body busy working through the night, day in and day out. It makes the days go by even faster. You tell yourself you are working for the dough but then... when there is a short break in between, you realised... "How long can my body and mind do this?"

Hence, I need a retirement plan!! I need a backup plan. Is there a way to balance both work and relaxation? Is there a way we can grow maturely and healthily in this crazy field we are in?

Oh well, as I am "babysitting" the plotter and feeding paper to eat... I stare out the window and enjoy my packed "tau fu far" with worship music playing at the background... ignoring the fact that I still have minutes to type, correspondance to reply and drawings to check. *groan*

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Book Review: The Body Shape Bible

I stumbled upon this book by Trinny and Susannah while browsing in BookXcess in Amcorp Mall and just thought I’d get it. Why?

Well, we all know the 4 basic body shapes of apple, pear, hourglass and banana (rectangular). But somehow, it’s not exactly like how they describe per se. Your body do not conform to the typical specification of the basic body shapes.

Hence, the Body Shape Bible elaborates further with 12 types of body shapes: hourglass, cello, vase, bell, skittle, goblet, pear, lollipop, cornet, apple, column and brick (literally taking the object’s outline to describe your body)
Images googled online

In each body type, Trinny and Susannah got models in undies to show their body type . It is defined as follows: (a summary of this can be found here with images)
1. HOURGLASS – big tits, small waist, short waist, big hips, generous thighs
2. CELLO – big boobs, short waist, big hips, big bottom, big thighs, slim lower legs
3. VASE - big tits, gently curving longer waist, hips equal tits, slim thighs and legs
4. BELL – small shoulders, small tits, small waist, big thighs, big bottom
5. SKITTLE – average tits, slim waist, ok tummy, big thighs, chunky calves
6. PEAR – small tits, long waist, flat tummy, saddlebags, heavy legs
7. LOLLIPOP – big tits, slight waist, slim hips, long legs
8. CORNET – broad shoulders, small boobs, no waist, slim hips, long slim legs
9. GOBLET – broad shoulders, big boobs, no waist, narrow hips, long legs
10. APPLE – average tits, tummy bigger than tips, quiet flat bottom, OK legs
11. COLUMN – shoulder width the same as hips, slight waist, longer legs
12. BRICK – Broad shoulders, no waist, average tummy, flat bum, chunky thighs, chunky calves

Images googled online

In each type, they show how the model is dressed to illustrate the do’s and don’ts in dressing their body type; from the right top to pants and even shoes. It’s a little disappointing that the additional dressing advice is not standardized with some body types having more tips. (Coincidentally which is not mine! ☹ )

However, a word of caution, sometimes God just made us different and despite all these types and descriptions created to describe a body shape – I still can’t find the right one to describe myself. I’ve looked in the mirror and find myself under a combination of 2 types here.

Hence, I’ll try out the advice on what to wear and not’s… instead. As that was initially the intend of me getting this book! ;)

Another review of this book is worth checking out to see other readers' comments.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Humiliating Moments

Be honest - have you ever fell or trip down in public before?

Well, if you are those few fortunate ones who haven't - good for you! If you have, don't worry, everyone has had their turns.

Banking Hazard

Me? I was wearing long slacks with court shoes for work. One early morning before work, I decided to drop by the ATM at the bank to withdraw some cash. Typical of my country, the road kerb in front of the bank was not properly done with gravel in between the corridor and the road.

Ok-lah.. plus my extra long slacks, somehow my legs became a tumble with my slacks as I walked over a kerb and then I tripped over. Luckily I avoided falling flat on my face with my knees and palms supporting me.

It was about half an hour before the bank officially opened but there were a few people around too. I casually, got up and proceed into the bank and atm to withdraw my cash, as if nothing happened.. (I was soooo embarasssedd!! An adult tripping in front of a bank!! Arghhhh!!)

Tell-tale sign
My friend had an unfortunate fall which sort-of-advertised itself. How?

To differentiate, you had to be there to see me tripped to know it happened. But for my unfortunate friend, even after his fall, you didn't need to be there to know it happened.

He was crossing over a drain (don't know how big is the drain) when somehow he tripped and fell flat on his face. Hence, there was a vertical red mark from his forehead down to his nose for a few days after that fall.

So whenever, anyone saw him - everyone would ask... "What happened to your face?" Lol...

Popcorn Tumble

My colleagues and I had free tickets to watch a movie today courtesty of our office. I presumed our client booked the entire cinema and got our office to contribute and attend the screening.

Hence, there were no advertisements before the movie and the cinema was kind of dark.

Suddenly someone fell down the steps next to my seats. The cinema had extra deep tread for their steps (unlike a typical staircase). Hence, in the dark, my poor colleague tripped and fell with her popcorn tumbling all over.

Another colleague got up to help while exclaiming her name.

I couldn't move because I was holding a drink and popcorn on a hand each.hum

During this commotion as my colleague tried to get up, suddenly the cinema lights were switched on.

My colleague was aghasted and felt so humiliated because now everyone could see who fell!!

In the end..
Conclusion? There should be signs like this all over the place! It is such a hazard walking around. Besides hurting yourself, your pride and getting humiliated, it should not be published in blogs like this! Lol..

Hazards of Speed Bumps

Have you ever wondered why they bother making speed bumps?

Firstly, it's mainly to slow down the drivers on the road or reduce traffic. Especially, if the area is accident-prone, dangerous slope, high pedestrian crossing or in the housing estate.

Secondly, it's to annoy the hell out of drivers. For example, there's a rather long road behind my house which is in the housing estate. Over night, suddenly there were about a dozen road bumps along the road. It IS so annoying to accelerate and decelerate for such a short distance. To be exact, it has 8 speed bumps from one end of the road to my house. Luckily I missed the other few more. It is not even a main road! Sigghhh!! Tempted to just drive through all the bumps but that will spoil my car.

In fact, do you know that there are illegal speed bumps? Those which appeared suddenly at my place are illegal in the sense that there is no road sign to warn you about it. Initially, it was not even painted with the typical yellow stripes! How dangerous it is! *shakes head*

Anyway, why am I painsakingly writing about speed bumps all of the sudden?

My friend shared an interesting story today. It seemed someone had tripped over a speed bump (I wondered how.. if it's a small road kerb - I get it.. but a speed bump on a road? Hmm...)

And... after he fell down, he lay there for a few seconds on his face...

Hence, that concludes the rough summary of speed bumps. How hazardous it is even to pedestrian!! Ahem.. lol