Saturday, June 05, 2010

Humiliating Moments

Be honest - have you ever fell or trip down in public before?

Well, if you are those few fortunate ones who haven't - good for you! If you have, don't worry, everyone has had their turns.

Banking Hazard

Me? I was wearing long slacks with court shoes for work. One early morning before work, I decided to drop by the ATM at the bank to withdraw some cash. Typical of my country, the road kerb in front of the bank was not properly done with gravel in between the corridor and the road.

Ok-lah.. plus my extra long slacks, somehow my legs became a tumble with my slacks as I walked over a kerb and then I tripped over. Luckily I avoided falling flat on my face with my knees and palms supporting me.

It was about half an hour before the bank officially opened but there were a few people around too. I casually, got up and proceed into the bank and atm to withdraw my cash, as if nothing happened.. (I was soooo embarasssedd!! An adult tripping in front of a bank!! Arghhhh!!)

Tell-tale sign
My friend had an unfortunate fall which sort-of-advertised itself. How?

To differentiate, you had to be there to see me tripped to know it happened. But for my unfortunate friend, even after his fall, you didn't need to be there to know it happened.

He was crossing over a drain (don't know how big is the drain) when somehow he tripped and fell flat on his face. Hence, there was a vertical red mark from his forehead down to his nose for a few days after that fall.

So whenever, anyone saw him - everyone would ask... "What happened to your face?" Lol...

Popcorn Tumble

My colleagues and I had free tickets to watch a movie today courtesty of our office. I presumed our client booked the entire cinema and got our office to contribute and attend the screening.

Hence, there were no advertisements before the movie and the cinema was kind of dark.

Suddenly someone fell down the steps next to my seats. The cinema had extra deep tread for their steps (unlike a typical staircase). Hence, in the dark, my poor colleague tripped and fell with her popcorn tumbling all over.

Another colleague got up to help while exclaiming her name.

I couldn't move because I was holding a drink and popcorn on a hand each.hum

During this commotion as my colleague tried to get up, suddenly the cinema lights were switched on.

My colleague was aghasted and felt so humiliated because now everyone could see who fell!!

In the end..
Conclusion? There should be signs like this all over the place! It is such a hazard walking around. Besides hurting yourself, your pride and getting humiliated, it should not be published in blogs like this! Lol..


David R said...

lol :p thanks for sharing funny stories

PiggiYing said...

Lol.. welcome? Thanks for dropping by.