Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Remembering the King of Pop

It is the 1st anniversary of the MJ's death. The radio airwaves has been playing his songs non-stop all day.

The younger generation might wonder.. what's the big deal? Who is he? Michael Jackson

I grew up listening to him as he sang songs like:"Black or White", "Beat it" and "Bad". Then I watched as the tabloids change the focus from his singing career to turmoils of skin change (literally), rhinoplasty and children scandals. Try not to focus on his later years of life but notice how he has evolved from the little brother in Jackson 5.

I don't think much words can justify how he has impacted the music scene. Just watch and listen to his songs and I hope you will know why he is and shall always be the King of Pop to many people like me, with his shimmering jacket and single studded glove.... and a shout of "Ow" as he moonwalks.


munchoong said...

It's been one year since his passing? Damn. Still missing him though, MJ is consistently at the top of my iTunes/iPod playlists.

Sherry said...

I remember watching MJ on tv and I do homework